10 useful tips to travel low cost

viaggiare low cost


Did you always think travelling low-cost is impossible or stuff of rich? Would you leave but the high prices retrain yourself? Do you think the pricing errors of the airfares don’t exist?

10 useful tips to travel low-cost

It will be enough to read our 10 useful tips to travel low-cost to change your mind. They are a few little tricks we use to save travelling, all tasted directly by us.

But don’t waste time and let’s start immediately to travel saving with the 10 base rules.

1- Choosing the period and destination

To cancel all the bonds of periods and destinations to travel low-cost is one of the main tips to catch in a flash the real offers. It’s true, this is not always possible, but perhaps the idea to keep apart a few days in August to have a long weekend in an out of season period it’s one of those things to which not always we think.

Example: in Summer a flight to Cyprus is very expensive, instead at the end of September, October or November a return flight can cost only 40 Euros all inclusive. A long weekend at the seaside on a warm island where you can still bath and enjoy summer.

2– Do the pricing errors really exist?

Absolutely yes. You don’t have to go crazy over trying and simulating the lowest fares. It’s enough to know the websites where you can find more often the pricing errors and those ones specialized on particular destinations. It’s one of the working better ways to travel low-cost.

Example: return flight Rome-New York at 282 Euros. Of course to purchase in a flash because these pricing errors last very little.

viaggiare low cost

3- Avoid always the concomitant purchases

Never purchase the flight ticket together with the hiring car, the hotel or any other offer or service. They are never real offers and they don’t allow to travel low-cost, even when they guarantee the lowest price. Always remember that nobody does anything for nothing and if you won’t find the lowest price elsewhere, certainly you will find some service more at the same price or some limitation less.

Example: hiring the car together with the flight ticket to Cyprus provides for the full-to-empty formula instead of the classical full-to-full one. You pay a crazy and out of the market amount for the obligatory initial fuel and you must get back the car with the empty petrol tank. It’s a quite impossible thing so the amount of the hiring rises several times.

4- Modify the geo-localization

One of the little tricks with the most explosive effects to travel low-cost. Every country, every place, every area has its own airfares. Is the flight ticket to the Easter Island very expensive? Try to geo-localize you in Chile. Do you want to pay half the flight ticket from Colombo to Maldives? Geo-localize you in Sri Lanka.

Example: a 10 days cruise to Hawaii for 3 people can cost 1.704 Euros less if you purchase on the American price list instead on the Italian one. Practically, one person travel free. Sometimes also the most expensive experiences allow to travel low-cost.

5- Searching for the lowest prices

Everyone knows that searching on a website translated into Italian is the most convenient and handy thing for everybody. But it’s not often the cheapest one to travel low-cost. We don’t know why our price lists are among the highest ones in the world and not only compared to poor destinations, but even compared to the USA, for example. With very little technical tricks it’s possible to get these price list at lower prices and really booking and travelling low-cost.

Example: a 5 days cruise to the Bahamas, all inclusive, the beverage on board, too, cost 100 Euros each. The same cruise with the same ship, the same company and the same leaving day, on the Italian price list cost 499 Euros.

viaggiare low cost

6- Booking 5 stars hotels even at 70% off

Wait for late in the afternoon when the hotels have the unsold rooms by now and search for a room for the night and only for one night. Many luxury hotels, rather than stay with the unsold rooms than will sell them in offer even with a 70% off. Isn’t it the perfect way to travel low-cost?

Example: we slept in 3 with a buffet breakfast in a very nice 3 stars hotels, just behind St. Mark’s Square in Venice, with 49 Euros total. Yeah, you got it right: a little more than 16 Euros each, to sleep in Spring in one of the most expensive towns in the world included the very good buffet breakfast.

7 -Planning the excursions in loco

Are you having an on the road journey or a cruise and the excursions suggested on board have crazy amounts? No problem: by now there are many websites offering personalized low-cost excursions at more lower prices. Or it will be enough planning the hiring car for few hours and you will have saved, yet!

Example: In Palma de Mallorca the excursion to Dragon Caves not only will cost you much less than the one advertised on board cruise but if you will be able to plan it for a little group of other passengers, your excursion will be free.

viaggiare low cost

8- The Tourism Agencies are a resource

If you are going to an unknown or little crowded destination, the local Tourism Agencies will be a great resource. They are often there and they don’t have much to do, other times they are pleased to help the foreign tourists having a tour of their destination and make it famous. Other times maybe they will have never met the Italian people because no one never went as far as there. Ask them something typical, unusual, distinctive and travelling low-cost will be a piece of cake. They will be able to help you at the best.

Example: so I met Inge and her Weller in Norway. She made us enjoy unique experiences sailing by private boat among Norwegian fjords. Yeah, you got it right: we were a little group of friends and we were the only ones on the boat and everything cost little more than a classical excursion with other thousand people on the boat.

9- How to save with the App and the online resources

Before spending any amount to enter a place, to attend a performance, to book a tour or an excursion or any other thing you have in your mind travelling, stop a second. Surf the net and your App Store. Do you know how many times it exist dedicated discount codes or how many times the shopping online is cheaper? It’s necessary a check to travel low-cost.

Example: in Oslo the ferry to Bygody peninsula, the one where there are the museums, costs less if you buy online and don’t print the ticket but use the qr-code to go aboard. The same it’s worth often for the purchase of the railway ticket in the northern Europe.

10- Exploiting the change Euro/Dollar to travel low-cost

Today the Dollar is worth almost like the Euro. Are not far the times when the change was even at 1.40. Don’t underestimate this chance neither to buy dollars to keep apart for the journey nor to choice how currency use among Euro and Dollar to buy the domestic currency for the daily expenses.

Example: I bought a bit of Dollars at 1.40 and I spent them in Florida when the change was 1.05. It means to have saved about 35% on the expenses. More than a third! Not bad for any amount, don’t you think?

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