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I’m Liliana. I was born in 1973.

I sharing, posting, twitting, surfing, chatting, thinking, trying … I’m doing everything together! I love internet and technology in all its forms, its applications and especially its potential.

family travel blogger liliana

I’m collaborating with airlines such as Lufthansa and TAP Portugal to tell live the experience of flying on board, with different italian and foreign travel agencies, with Visit Visit Denver and Massachusetts to promote destinations telling the journey, live on social and on blog in words, photos and video.

I’m Working with Tour Operators and Travel Agents. I don’t organize trips, but I’m inspiring destinations driving readers to travel to the destinations that I telling.

As a storyteller I’m working in tourism promotion telling small and large organizations around the world. I also work with many small agencies in far countries, from Nepal to Ghana, to support the local economy through new channels that aren’t present and show the beauty of the place, for those in search of new destination for next trip.

I personally organize and plan my trips from A to Z and I’m not a maniac of programming. Normally I purchase only the flight and I let the destination to plan the trip, day by day, in total freedom: a white page to be written.

With the right tips to low cost you can continue to travel in family. The way we travel, however, isn’t a savings at all costs, but to have the best spending as little as possible, which is why you will find in the blog many post of luxurious and expensive experience, but with all the tips and suggestions to buy them at incredible low prices.

I travel since I was 17 years with my husband Roberto, who make pictures and with our daughter Valeria, passionate about robotics and technology that, together, we have always get around the world.

I write in Italian and English on the blog, that now become a point of reference for travelers. I have a space on a local radio themed trips and numerous public podcast with lots of helpful tips for traveling.

The excellence of my life: my family!

Always happy, never satisfied!

family travel blogger liliana

Valeria is my daughter. She was born in 2001. She writes in her Valeria’s world. She also writes both in Italian and in English.

travel blogger valeria

Hello everyone. I’m Valeria and I was born in 2001.

Obviously, I love travel and with two parents like mine… it couldn’t be otherwise!

My favorite thing in our travels, especially when they are adventurous, I follow my mom in her madness. If you read this blog, you know very well what I mean, and above all you will find that there are so many! For her it is normal pull at full speed a snowmobile in Finland, at night on the frozen lake, with me behind, while my dad cries in vain to slow down. Or visit us on a beautiful deserted beach of the Atlantic in Britain at the end of October and sporgliarci and run for a swim, without even a swimsuit and towel with us while my dad lists unnecessarily (from the beach) all the possible diseases that we would definitely taken!

I love skiing and in this case, for the fun of it seriously, I do it with my dad because my mother always makes us lose a lot of time and never comes. He takes me to beautiful descents in the mountains, but only when we can finally convince my mother to “rest” a little ‘! Because obviously is not able to follow us in certain places!

travel blogger valeria

My passion for excellence is gymnastics rhythmics that practical since I was three years old. No one in the family agrees with me also my parents just can not understand how he can please me so much. Every year they try to convince me to try some other sport. Poor things! Haven’t resigned, even after all these years, but have not yet realized that they will never change my mind!

I like everything that is new and technologically advanced, and when I finally managed to buy a ipad all my putting together for almost two years various gifts and ice cream, I found a beautiful world.

And now it’s time for this new adventure with the section of my mini-blog. I hope you like it and especially I waiting for your comments!

travel blogger valeria


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