The most beautiful animal in the world: the elephant! Sri Lanka.

During my trip to Sri Lanka I went on the elephant and I made some great photos that I like a lot.

It all started when we went near to Sigiriya and they made us climb on a sort of tree house; the elephant arrived and we climbed on top of him on a kind of basket.

The elephant is then set in motion and it was advanced to the jungle and I had a chance to go up front, right on his skin. It has many bristly hairs that  scratch you but the thrill of being up there is really indescribable.

I loved the elephant ride. I would have stayed on all day!

One by one, all drove  the elephant. Even though my mom did not want to, they finally obliged . What a laugh! At one point the owner of the elephant made ​​me go down on a huge rock behind the elephant to do the photos.

It was very difficult to get off because I had to jump on the rock at several meters in height. But I must say that this photo was just beautiful!

The elephant was passing through the forest and he closed his ears on your feet to protect them from the leaves. My mum kept saying it smelled and was sweaty. It just does not understand anything of the elephant!

After we even went into a lake of water lilies and elephant sprayed water into the air. Look how beautiful this photos. Really speak for themselves.

I had lots of fun and it was for me the most beautiful moment of the holiday.

I would love to go there again because it lasted far too little, even though in reality we’ve been away for almost two hours.

It was a fabulous day full of entertainment. The Sri Lanka is beautiful and the elephants are really the most beautiful animals in the world!

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