The fabulous animals of Yala (Sri Lanka)!

During our holiday in Sri Lanka we went to the park of Yala.

They came to the hotel to take us with a jeep fully open. I loved it right away! I really liked.

On the way to the park we immediately spotted some buffalo near the road .

When we finally got there we reviewed, but this time they were much nicer, because they were in the puddles of water and mud.

We also spotted many birds of all colors and all sizes including green parrots and kingfishers.

At one point our driver sped up and began to drive strong. He thought he saw a leopard, which is very difficult and almost impossible. Between us we joked in Italian, so he could not understand, that we teasing and we did not believed.

Instead, around a bend, there it is! Beautiful! The famous leopard so hard to see it was there in front of us and was drinking in a puddle. The view is unfortunately short-lived because on our arrival was immediately go  back in the thick vegetation. However, even if for a few moments, it was really wonderful to see him so close.

During our tour of the park we saw lots of animals like two mongooses that were chasing, the herds of deer that were close to the road, many peacocks and also one that made the wheel, hidden under bushes some hares, grouse, however, very away, a mother elephant with her ​​puppy in the middle of a lake with water lilies. These were really beautiful … I really like elephants!

Another wonderful experience experienced was when a very large crocodile when we crossed the road in a stretch where there was plenty of water. E ‘was great, although a little’ awesome seeing him come out of the water suddenly while we quietly watched the birds.

Towards the end of the day, as we were returning, we saw other jeeps and much farther than the first, we managed to spot another leopard who was crouched quietly to rest in the shade.

This day was beautiful because I saw so many new animals that I had never seen before except in documentaries.

Mongooses are among the animals that I liked the most. My parents continued to tease me for this, but … for me it is!

I’m really looking forward to returning in a real Safari Park.

It ‘s wonderful to see so many strange animals,

live free in nature!

For more information:
94/A Kurunegala Sri Lanka
Cap 0094
Telefono +94 77 74 04 516
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