There is a world of fun on the playground in Austria!

After having been told of the playground to the Island Faroe, now let’s go to another playground.

I spent a few days holiday in Austria for the long bridge. We were in a valley near Innsbruck where there was a beautiful glacier that we went to see. It really beautiful there and you can ski all year round!

Coming back I wanted to stop to touch the snow even on the road but no one listened to me. At one point my mother has stopped and parked in a space where there was no snow and I did not understood why.

From the street you could see only the forest, but my mother still did not say anything. We got off the car and went on the trail. After a few steps I finally understood what we were doing there: there was a beautiful playground. The Austria I really like.

I immediately ran away. I had to try everything!

The first game I tried was a path where we had to climb and walk on the ropes which was not very easy.


At the end there was a beautiful chute on which you went fast.

Here’s another game: the screw of Archimedes. Turning it pulls out some water and then through a drain, it goes into a tank and then turns a wheel.

A lot of fun was this beautiful raft crossing the lake and you moved by pulling a rope.

I then tried to walk out of the trunks in the middle of the lake. It wasn’t very easy and I had to be very careful not to lose your balance, but the location really gave the impression of venturing into a lake .

After I went to the most beautiful thing around the playground: a pulley that ran through the entire lake. Fantastic!

It passed very close to the water. When the feet touched the water was freezing. I went back and forth a lot of times it was really beautiful! Next to the playground there was also an adventure park but it was closed.

This playground was fabulous and fun, such as the playground at Faroe Islands, of which I had already told, though very different.

Here also I tried to climb, but I found that it is very difficult and you makes an effort absurd.


However, I enjoyed it so much, I would have stayed there all day and I would to also back the next day!

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