Go! In boat on Lake Orta!

lago d'orta

This summer I went with my cousins ​​and my uncles on Lake Orta, in Pella. We had dinner at a pizza place on the lake shore and away immediately after a small boat with seven seats fully open, a friend of my uncle, who was fast. It was so much fun!

lago d'orta

But the real fun of the evening had not yet begun, because the purpose of our trip so special was going to see the fireworks: in fact took place, as every year, 14th World Championship of Fireworks.

When we arrived in Omegna from the lake, the location of the fires, they are immediately initiated. It was a beautiful sight.

There were fireworks of all shapes and colors, cascading, heart, … even gold color. I had never seen so many and so beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves a lot!

On the way back, the boat that was speeding because he was late, it was very cold, but it was worth withstand a little to a show like that.

It ‘was a fun evening and very eventful on our boat and we laughed a lot. The event was beautiful and is repeated every year, I recommend a trip right here, in this beautiful scenery of Lake Orta.

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