Boat tours: in the lagoon with bragozzo

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You know that in Eastern Venice you can take boat trips very special?

While I’ve blogtour, paths in the Eastern Venice, I was lucky to have an experience in boat very particular: I go on a bragozzo, the typical boat lagoon.

boat tours bragozzo

Boat tours

In the morning we went for a ride in the lagoon, beautiful navigate these placid waters. Few tourists and other vessels that meet and the show that you admire is a pristine nature, it is really beautiful and interesting.

boat tours swans

During the boat trips you can spot many birds, also very close, and it’s beautiful admire them in their natural habitat.

Do you think that a pair of swans followed us for a while !

boat tours lagoon

The discovery of casoni

For lunch we arrived in a casone. It a kind of hut with a thatched roof from the typical form. Were once so many buildings built with this architecture and people lived inside.

boat tours casone

The lagoon wasn’t a very hospitable territory, don’t imagine it when you do boating as now, imagine it a time full of mosquitoes and swamps.

But a lot of people lived here because it was the best way to defend against the invaders who came from the north, knew nothing of this land and were not able to move or orient.

People were hiding it inside the huts and lived because thanks to fishing, the lagoon provided the need to live on.

boat tours canal

Today, unfortunately, are only a few the casoni, and the majority are for tourism and can be seen during the boat trips.

Think about that one where we stopped for lunch it doesn’t have even have electricity. Luckily I have lent a solar charger for my iphone completely discharged.

 Tourism fishing

Finished the excellent lunch, we left the casone. This time with two boats: in addition to bragozzo there was a smaller boat that was meant to make us live a tourist fishing in the lagoon.

boat tours small boat

I am obviously immediately go on on the smaller boat one because I helped to fish. You know, do you, that I love it!

If you have children and pass through this area, I highly recommend you don’t forget the beauty of the boat excursions in the lagoon and organize a trip like ours, because it is really fantastic. Will have a blast!

boat tours fishing

The method of fishing in the lagoon is very special.

You put  into water a network in a circular way, I had never seen fishing so. We did not have enough time to wait for the right timing and, we fishing only a small fish.

boat tours oyster

I immediately take it over and the fisherman was amazed that I have touch it without effect.

But he did not know how many times I have already made boat trips around the world, of how many times I’ve caught it, for example in Norway, and how i am able to remove the hooks and catch fish!

The fish caught was only one, too small to be eaten, therefore, after some usual photos, I have thrown back into the water!

boat tours adventure

The lagoon like the jungle

Another point of boat trips that really like is when you enter, with bragozzo, channels closer. The banks are right next door and you can even touch.

It was one of the most beautiful because it all seemed very adventurous and reminded me a few times when I sailed in Sri Lanka in the Negombo lagoon.

Luckily here there aren’t crocodiles and monitor lizards, and we must not be afraid of malaria, but the feeling experienced during the boat trips is really very similar! You will see that your children will be thrilled to play the pirates in these situations.

Alone in navigation

For me it really was the best day of the whole blog tour organized by I’ve, paths in the Eastern Venice because I lived experiences very similar to our style of travel.

boat tours talking

I wanted to really, in the following days, rent a small boat (you know that you can and don’t cost a lot?) And navigate the three of us in solitary in the lagoon among the thousands of channels and the thousand labyrinths. They are so beautiful boat trips!

Unfortunately we did not have enough time to do it,

but it certainly is a great excuse to return.

boat tours finish

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