Carnival in Venice one night lowcost. Tips how to do.

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Carnival is perfect. Think crazy for a moment. Think that Venice is located just over 350 kilometers from Alessandria, our town. Think a crazy friends and in a no time we left!

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We have done so. In a short time a bit crazy proposal, which of course I accept always, a quick web surfing and the next day we jumped in the car and we started to live our magic Carnival in Venice. Obviously super lowcost.

We started in the late morning of Monday before the Tuesday of Carnival from Alessandria. A quick sandwich by the way and in less than four hours we were at the car park Piazzale Roma, the one just before Venice, where we  parking at the top floor.

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The atmosphere from the top is already nice: boats, the pedestrian bridge so mistreated, masks around …

Just a time of the ticket and we go through the maze of what is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and with the carnival, it’s even more!

Liliana Monticone

Elegant and refined masks at each corner. A true paradise for all lovers of photography.

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Contrary to expectations, the city, aided by the cold, it is not full of people this afternoon and live with this atmosphere, with calm and tranquility, getting lost in its maze is simply delicious.

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Obviously we haven’t had time to get dressed and wear mask, but Valeria has pulled out of I do not know which drawer her mask! By the way, Venice is in her head!

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She is literally speechless everytime meets some masks. She runs because he wants to get in a hurry to Piazza S. Marco.

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Obviously she has already been several times but, just as obviously, it was too small and don’t remember! Even for us anyway, with the atmosphere of the carnival, is the first time.

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The masks that walk and pose to be photographed are wonderful.

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There are beautiful ones who walk around here and there. There are wonderful store windows all decorated in their elegance known all over the world.

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I love these houses and these canals.

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Although Valeria continues to run because we have to go. Where then … who knows! But she must see everything, and we have a little time!

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Could you let me a short time for a picture, stopping you for a moment, please?

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We obviously don’t have a time for a gondola tour. Not even for a romantic gondola so.

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Ok! Roby write. These things we will do when she – unfortunately short – not travel with us anymore!

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The clothes are stylish and lovely. Each of them deserves a dedicated time.

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We reach the square and the show has already begun.

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Valeria careless continues to be photographed with each mask present and constantly ask to be photographed with all masks of the square!

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Some really deserve!

carnevale venezia (20)

The shops. The true craftsmen who worked tirelessly to achieve unique patterns have now, unfortunately, left the field to import masks, but some small venues still look intact to preserve at least the memory of tradition.

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Explain, tell, they do touch and Valeria is in her world.

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She is very vain and she wants try them all!

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Darkness falls, close the shops and the town is even more beautiful. The masked people running everywhere to their party. In the intricacies of the city, the festivities in the old palace are a lot. Security entrance and entry strictly by invitation. I have to admit that all costs are impossible! Our program for the evening instead provides an original and much cheaper navigation with the galleon. I had already spoken. You can find here all the information.

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It was an enjoyable evening, with music and good food, and considering the location, while not lowcost, the price is affordable.

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What could be more beautiful, when we down from the galleon at the end of the evening, to walk in a deserted night, under a persistent drizzle, in the most beautiful city in the world when all are gone now or they dancing in the finest palaces?

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This none travel bloggers in the world can never fully describe it, but I think the photos below can make a good idea!

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carnevale venezia (23)

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carnevale venezia (28)

carnevale venezia (29)

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At 4 am we left to Alessandria, we obviously change to drive and at 8 we are at work like any other day. I raccomended this experience to everyone!!!

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