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Norway. A wonderful destination. Fjords, nature, sea, fishing, islands and the extreme dream: Cape North. Useful tips for an unforgettable journey. We reached also the Svalbard Islands, a so furthermost and charming land! Routes and tours among fjords that will make you experience the journey bt an unforgettable way, without forget the Postal of Fjords, the Hurtigruten.

Excursions to Svalbard Islands: Pyramiden

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People can take many excursions to Svalbard Islands, vary and unlike each other to satisfy every taste. One of the most beautiful we took was that one to Pyramiden: the inhabited centre, today abandoned, was the scene of exhibitionisms that … Continue reading

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Where going on holiday: 10 journeys not to be missed!

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Where going on holiday? Have you ever thought what are the 10 most beautiful places in the world you have seen? Those ones where you felt alive, satisfied, relaxed, fun of excitement or deep in who knows what kind of … Continue reading

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Not to miss in Norway: train from Oslo to Bergen

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When I talk about Norway – always too often, I know! –  and I mention to people who want to confine themselves in the South (a mistake, according to me) not to miss the train Oslo-Bergen, the reaction is usually … Continue reading

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What to see in Norway. Routes and tours among fjords.

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A thousand of posts wouldn’t be enough to answer the question “what to see in Norway”, but here I’d like to give some information and suggestion to help you plan a journey and decide the route, above all if it’s … Continue reading

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Excursions to Svalbard: the Zodiac in the Arctic is adrenaline.

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If you are going to plan a holiday in one of the furthermost and wonderful places of the world, the northernmost, and you can’t decide what Svalbard excursions choose, this post will certainly help you. The Zodiac After read it … Continue reading

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Svalbard, 12 reasons to choose them.

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The Svalbard Islands. An archipelago unknown to most or fascinating and dreamed by a long time for a few travelers, a little crazy like us, who love the extreme north, the cold and the adventures. I begin with this post … Continue reading

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LillyOnTheRoad in Norway and then as far as Svalbard

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Svalbard. An idea born quickly from nothing. An unscheduled holiday, a friend asking for help to buy a ticket for another destination, Iceland, a sudden change in the programme and here we are leaving for a journey towards the great … Continue reading

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Travel in Norway. Bergen. 23 pictures to inspire the trip.

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Norway seen from the sea gives the best of himself. As I said for the Netherlands, which expresses the best by channels, you can’t see the Norway if you can’t admire from the sea. I have been several times. B car is beautiful, … Continue reading

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Northern Light. Tips for all!

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A post about the northern lights to answer at all questions that I receive often, especially in this period of year when the winter of the far north, with its winter sports and the ever popular Santa Claus, fascinates young and old. Northern … Continue reading

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