Chitwan: my adventure in the national park!


Chitwan  is one of Nepal national park  which today I want to tell. After seeing the Himalayas from the top flight, we went here.


My visit to Chitwan park was very interesting adventure because it allowed me to see for the first time the rhinos during the safari with elephants.


Do you think that we are even passed  near some crocodiles long five metres.


I wanted to tell you in detail of a meeting that has rested in my heart. I have known in Chitwan a girl who lived near the place where we slept.


Her house was very poor, built with earth and reeds and lived in the same house with his family and also to his grandfather. She was very nice to me and invited me to his house for tea.


She spoke English very well, chatted happily and made ​​me a lot of questions about Italy. Do you think he even asked of which caste are you. She don’t believed who really in Italy don’t exist castes!

I do not remember his name because it was very difficult. She even brought us around the village. We have seen strange things and completely different from our own habits.


At Chitwan we also went for a ride with a canoe floating on the water and we saw about  thirty crocodiles a few meters from us.


It ‘was really impressive to see so large and dangerous animals within walking distance from us.


After the canoe we went out walking in the forest and we saw so many different birds and deer who running  fast on our arrival. Even the monkeys were everywhere. I  was went  too close to a mother with this puppy and it tried to attack me. You have no idea of the fright that I have taken! I launched a loud scream and I started to run faster than light!


I really enjoyed this adventure, even though my parents kept saying they were not very convinced of what they were doing. We even walked on bridges made ​​of wood and paths full of tall grass just like in the movies.


The walk was very interesting even though it was very hot and we walked all afternoon, but the thing I liked most was undoubtedly the encounter with the girl.



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