Coderdojo Alessandria has arrived!

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina

Coderdojo Alessandria

Coderdojo has arrived in Alessandria, too!

On Saturday February 28th took place the first meeting at Casa di Quartiere in Alessandria.

To me it was a really great reached goal I had been having in my mind since always and certainly my appointment as Digital Champion helped to connect people.

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina first meetingFirst meeting

The event referred to children between 7 and 14 years old. When they arrived we gave them a brooch with their name and a little card to write down the attendance. After have attended 5 meetings they will be given a very beautiful prize.

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina brooch little card

The children have turned on their computers without know well why they were there, so we as mentors guided them to the installations of Scratch on their computers and taught them the base controls.

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina and mauro cattaneo

We gave them some simple tutorial which every child started to execute with his own speed and his own method.

The bigger ones uses them up quickly and started to create some new animations, while it took a bit more to the little ones and then they modified the colours of the sprite and desktop at their likes.

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina scratch simple tutorial

To me it was really a wonderful event which had a good success thanks to everyone’s collaboration: I have been dreaming this moment since I met Coderdojo in Milan for the first time.

The ninja, the children who gave the push with their enthusiasm, the mentors, high level professional people who gave their free time, the Assessor for Innovation Mauro Cattaneo and the Lab121, the co-working centre of Alessandria who gave their support and then the full Alessandria OpenData group.

Even the mayor of Alessandria, Rita Rossa, came and visit us at Coderdojo Alessandria!

coderdojo alessandria rita rossa mayor of alessandria visit coderdojo alessandria

A particular thanks to Luca Pantano, Alessandria Coderdojo Chjampion: with his helpfulness and patience made whole this real.

coderdojo alessandria luca pantano champion coderdojo alessandria

At last but not least, the parents who believed in this project, maybe without know well what it was at the beginning, but they were really satisfied after seen their children creating by themselves the animations on the computer.

Everyone with really a lot of willingness to learn, to play and to enjoy himself, because in every computer field, everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.

Everyone satisfied

At the end of the meeting, before going home, parents and children were happy and unanimous stating the next time they would have come again and would have taken some friends. Everyone asked us to open more seats, a thing we’ll try to do with all our strength!

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagninaWe are already thinking about the future

The next meeting will deal about the creation of a real videogame that the children can create by themselves following their imagination. Don’t you think it’s a good reason to take also your children?

We’ll begin to deal about other programming languages for the bigger children.

My next goal is Coderdojo for children who cannot read and write between 4 and 6 years old with ScratchJR for ipad. A very intuitive version of Scratch which allows the children who cannot read and write, to write some real programs moving pointers, recognizing and choosing colours.

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina

In short, a unique experience of participation and learning in a creative way. Remember: Coderdojo is not a school and here you can, in fact, you must copy!

Above all an event opened to everyone: if you, too, have any level computer skills, you can join our mentors and spend with us a bit of time enjoying yourselves.

Here it is the video of our Alessandria Coderdojo experience:

The enrolments can be done only on Eventbrite website, searching for the event Coderdojo Alessandria.

Next appointments:

  • 28th March at 3pm at Lab121, via Verona
  • 29th March at 3pm at the parish recreation centre in S. Michele (AL), the first parish recreation centre 2.0 of the town!

We waits for you!

coderdojo alessandria valeria cagnina


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