Ice hotel! The coldest hotel in the world is in Finland!

Last year, during our trip to Finland, I had the opportunity to visit an ice hotel beautiful.

Everything was completely realized with ice. I had already heard about it, but I did not think that in reality it was so big and so beautiful.

The hotel gives you the chance to visit it during the day and sleep at night. We have not slept because it was really too cold, but  any case visited the rooms. The beds were made ​​up with sheets of ice on top of the blankets made ​​of reindeer fur.

To me the part I liked the most was the one with all the cartoon characters made ​​completely of ice. The lighting then gave a touch of elegance of its own.

There were, for example those of the Ice Age, Fantastic Four, Garfield and most of the cartoons that might come to mind.

We then made ​​a stop at the bar. Here, too, it was very cold, but it was absolutely worth visiting. A nice hot drink then do a lot better withstand the cold.

The outside was big enough. There were descended ice where you could slide with inflatable boats. Do not tell you the thrill! It was beautiful and I did a lot of up and down times. In this photo I’m doing the race with my mom … I know that he enjoys more than me!

It ‘been a wonderful day that I will remember forever!

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