The philosophy of my travel blog is to tell in a genuine way our wonderful world, for this we offer a range of collaboration.

I travel everywhere in the world, also extreme, with my husband and my daughter and I try to demonstrate that you can travel anywhere with the children, and that the children make each trip unique and fascinating.

My followers grow in parallel with my influence online making my channel a great opportunity and occasion advertising: in Italy thanks to the penetration of the blog supported on Fanpage (over 1.2 million of fans!) and abroad on this travel blog.

I offer here a variety of services and I’m willing to consider any form of collaboration.

Are you interested in my photographs and / or my travel articles?

Do you want to invite me as a speaker, guest or for an interview, or some particular event?

Do you want to promote your business and your destination through personal travel blog tour or with other bloggers? Or through social networks?

Do you like to invite me to review on my social way your business, hotel, B&B, camping, tours or other?


Are you a traveler who has touched on special sites, endangered peoples and far far away lands? Or simply travels off the normal tourist circuits and you be able to see a special things around the corner of your home?

Do you have some beautiful pictures to share? Or stories that you want to see published? From some time you have in your mind the idea of the travel blog, but you have not yet had the courage to make it?

Do you like what and how I write and would you like to have my cooperation like a family travel blog?

You are in the right place! Contact me and you will see your post and / or your photos published in my blog.

I examine offer of travel and projects around the world and of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact me directly to purpose it.

My contributions cover a wide range of options from the promotion in real time on social networks wherever possible to have a connection and the dedicated post on my channel.

My intent is to ispire a destination and provide to give all the actual information of experience to help you plan your trip, how to travel and go together in the world through photos and travel reports, if you’re unable or unwilling to move from home.

The travel blog is a unique resource for all travelers: singles, couples, families, looking for places or extreme comfort, luxury and close to home.

I inspired you with my pictures and my stories ? Would you like more information? Don’t hesitate to ask me. I respond to all for free and with pleasure. If you want to “repay” me, write a comment, a tweet or a share, it will be greatly appreciated.

Here you will find all kinds of useful information and inspiration.


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