Denver Union Station, the elegance of the past

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

The Union Station in Denver is become the fulcrum of Denver, after a masterly restoration and re-evaluation. It’s impossible not to pass by here and above all not come back to spend a bit of one’s own time in its atmosphere.

Eat and drink in Denver, Union Station

Denver Union Station is not only a station, not only a passage place, not only a place of waiting. It’s a mix of all this and much more.

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You reach it easily from the Denver International Airport by the Airport Rail Line in 37 minutes with $9.

To Denver with Lufthansa

It’s in the heart of Denver. It boasts a wide and famous choice of places, cafés, restaurants an stores where to get lost: from particular souvenirs to the local handicraft, the florist, the Terminal Bar, to the wonderful Tattered Covered Book Store branch.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to go for a stroll in the historic seat in the 16th street. A charming and not to miss place.

Denver Union Station, Tattered Covered Book

Each of these places recalls the train, whether it is a huge mural (like at Snooze’s) or something much more discreet and particular.

Denver Union Station

At Denver Union Station is simply beautiful to sit in the great central room to look around.

Of course it’s a room with quick and working Wi-Fi (you connect to it with a click), recharge positions and sockets.

Denver Union Station, flowers

There are people studying, talking, meeting, waiting, watching. A myriad of eclectic characters to watch, taking a bit of that time always lacks travelling.

Some people even play a very particular game with the fiches: you’ll admire them at the two huge tables provided at the center of the main room.

Denver Union Station, Visit Denver desk

Inside Denver Union station it’s possible to take part, too, into organized tours which last one hour about, to discover many unknown curious issues about this place.

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There’s also a Visit Denver desk to help travellers planning their own stay.

Denver Union Station

The whole theme of old days journey is recovered with a masterly skill in this station: from the welcome to the hospitality, to the care of details like the very beautiful original plan of the station which are hung to the walls along the stairs.

Do you know that the 105th terrestrial meridian passes right through the Union Station?

Denver Union Station, murals, train

California Zephyr

The California Zephyr, realized by Amtrak, is described by travellers like one of the most beautiful journey by train in the whole North America. It’s possible to get on right here. There’s a separate check-in desk and a baggage service similar to the airport’s one.

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What’s the route of California Zephyr? Here it is: Chicago-Denver-Glenwood Springs-Emeryville (San Francisco).

The complete route of California Zephyr lasts 4 days with daily leavings. Obviously it’s possible to get on and off when you want, stop for activities and excursions and take it again the following day or to have longer stays.

Denver Union Station, California Zephyr

There are several accommodations and purchasable tickets, from the cheapest ones to the most luxury ones, for any need. The cars have the panoramic rooftop and make the experience a total wrapping.

The California Zephyr winds for almost 4000 km, from the heart of the Rocky Mountains to the snow-covered Sierra Nevada and it allows to admire by the windows the desert of Utah. It’s a unique journey among breathtaking views. The longest route of Amtrak.

It’s planned to cross the most wonderful landscapes by day and just left from Denver Station it goes up the Rocky Mountains.

Denver Union Station

Crawford Hotel in Denver Union Station

The Crawford Hotel in Denver Union Station shows itself immediately in a particular way: “like any other hotel” and I assure you…trust it. But let’s go in order.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel

First of all it’s the only hotel inside the Denver Union Station: a luxury hotel combining the historical elements of the past splendors and the modern comfort and convenience.

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It’s in Denver downtown and just around the corner there’s almost everything, to explore on foot or by bicycle: the hotel is a right stop, a break in the frenzy of a visit in Denver.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, pullmann room

Here time flies by slowly. The different typologies rooms are cared in details and the art with its features delights the customers.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, pullmann room

The hall is on the first floor and the Pullmann Rooms combine the idea of a luxury sleeping car and the art deco: all with avant-garde solutions like the TV set turning to be comfortably watched from every perspective or the techno station offering online services and more than 4000 international newspapers usable by guests.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, techno station

Every room has one or more vintage advertising or original furniture historic pieces.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, bus room

The loft rooms are divide into Superior, Deluxe and Premium. A loft with an original historic touch, a bricks vault, some wood beams perfectly integrated in the furniture and then some touches of modern art perfectly fit in.

Then the pride of the hotel are the LoDo Suite and the Crawford Suite: space, luxury, art and design merge respecting the original architecture of the spaces and combining with a masterly skill the modern comfort.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, Suite room

What you realize immediately going in is the silence: you abandon the buzz of the station and of the lively district where the hotel is to enjoy the peace and the calm.

Denver Union Station, Crawford Hotel, Suite room

Whether you stay in lively summer days full of people or you do it in the depths of Winter, maybe with a harsh weather, you’ll enjoy the possibility to go out without go outside to walk among stores, places and people crowding the Union Station.

It couldn’t miss, of course, the SPA that has an agreement, with a wide offer for every need, just there around the corner.

Denver Union Station

The Cooper Lounge

The Cooper Lounge inside the Denver Union Station is a timeless place. One of the most elegant and calmest rooms of the Union Station.

Denver Union Station, the Cooper Lounge

The furniture bewitches with the mix of the past periods, the seats recalling trains, then style suitcases and lamps.

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The furniture bewitches with the mix of the past periods, the seats recalling trains, then style suitcases and lamps.

It will be enough to sit at a little table and enjoy a cocktail in this place to immerge in the Orient Express atmosphere. Or in the California Zephyr atmosphere (it passes right by here).

The elevated terrace allows to the look to range over the central room of the station or to observe calmly the outside thanks to the wide windowpanes.

Denver Union Station, the Cooper Lounge

A unique style where everything is a really high level in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.

It is opened every day from 4pm: reservation is required (you can book directly on the website, too).

Denver Union Station, the Cooper Lounge

I already widely talked you about Snooze, the ideal place for breakfasts. Then another place not to miss, always inside the Union Station, is the Mercantile restaurant, elegant and informal, which deserves a calm dinner.

Denver Union Station, Snooze, breakfasts

Outside the Union Station

Outside the Denver Union Station, you are already directly in the heart of the city with stores, fashion streets and really many places.

Denver Union Station

The urban furniture is created to be lived during more than 300 sunny days in the year that Denver boasts.

It’s a city whose downtown is to enjoy on foot. What are you waiting for to leave in exploration?

Denver Union Station


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