Discovering a different playground at Faroe

playground at Faroe Islands

How I found playground at Faroe Islands? We journey to discover the Faroe Islands. The views are really beautiful, but traveling in the car so I do not particularly like.

Today there are little rain and then the time we spend out of the car without go out it even more. And I want to run!

At one point we pass next to a beautiful playground, you could understood even from far away.

I ask the flight to stop and my parents do not want. Just because it was raining… but I know that the real reason was that they wanted to go first to see the cliffs below.

On the way back, however, insisting a bit ‘(I only repeated for about two hours and two million times that the playground was beautiful!) I was able to make them stop.

playground at Faroe Islands

Just parked the car immediately I run to see how it was. I’m especially curious about the huge colorful inflatable half basement.

In addition to being very beautiful from a distance was also very fun from near.

Next to it was also a game where you attacked us with a large buoy attached to a pulley and they threw us running.

This was even more beautiful. Fantastic!

playground at Faroe Islands

I had already had time to try almost all games when it finally arrived and calmly even my parents. Do you think that they were the only adults around the playground. None of those children, even the youngest, had mom and dad together.

All to play alone and sometimes the smallest to the largest asking for help.

playground at Faroe Islands

On one side of the playground at Faroe there was even a pond with boats and oars. It was a real lake and it took me a while ‘to understand that it was part of the games.

Boat at playground at Faroe Islands

When I saw a lot of kids go near the water I approached two little girls (because the males were all wet and there was wind and seemed to me that there was not the case to wet!).

playground at Faroe Islands

I did signal if I could get in the boat with them and I have now done nodded smiling.

Every time they spoke in their own language, and of course I did not understand anything, but try to drive a real boat with an oar was real fun!

playground at Faroe Islands boat

I would have been there still quite a lot of time, but my parents after a while’ they called me. It was time to go.

With a little ‘difficulty we approached the shore, on the other hand was the first time that I rowed a real boat!

playground at Faroe Islands boat

I greeted these my two new friends with whom I haven’t exchanged words while playing a long time together and we left.

It was one of the playground most fun games I’ve ever seen in my life!

playground at Faroe Islands boat

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