Digital Champion as guest at Salotto del Mandrogno in Alessandria

salotto del mandrogno valeria cagnina digital champions

Digital Champion as guest at Salotto del Mandrogno in Alessandria

Last Wednesday in Alessandria there was the usual appointment “Salotto del Mandrogno” presented by Massimo Brusasco, a journalist of “Il Piccolo”, the local newspaper where I run my column to answer to the questions about web and digital.

Salotto del Mandrogno

As it was to be expected, my so young appointment as Digital Champion, arouses interest in my town so Massimo thought inviting me as a guest to tell about my experience.

You have to know I have known him for a long time: he acts very good and writes really funny comedies. My parents and I often go and see him on the stage.

salotto del mandrogno valeria cagnina digital championsMassimo Brusasco invites me as Digital Champion

So it was a great honour to me to receive his invitation.

Salotto del Mandrogno is a talk show taking place in Alessandria at “La Casetta”, a cultural set; it’s a way to talk and tell about our town through events and guests.

So I went to tell about Arduino, my little robot, school, Coderdojo and about many other things in a light and joking way. In short…I went to bed really late but I enjoyed myself enormously!

After my serious intervention at school, it was really beautiful to experience this different way telling about things. If anyone reading me wants to invite me…I begin to enjoy it!!!

Do you want to know how it was? Here it is the registration of my intervention. Have a good showing!

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