Digital Champion, Coderdojo and Arduino entered a Junior High School

Junior High School of felizzano valeria cagnina talk

Last week I had the great honour to be invited by a teacher, Luisella Tribbio, telling about my experience to two third classrooms in Felizzano, a village near Alessandria.

My intervention at the Junior High School

The subject ranged starting from my short thesis for which I used Facebook to my appointment as Digital Champion at Coderdojo we just made start in Alessandria, as well as the things I like most: 3D printers and Arduino with my robot.

The youngsters that was listening to me were practically of my age: I attend a further class, I’m in the First Year of High School, because I went to school when I was 5 years old.

I uploaded my slides on the LIM of the class and  after have been introduced by the teacher I began my presentation.

So I told about how my adventure in digital started. I told about Luca Parmitano, about my talk at the Idcamp and how a wonderful chance it was to me to attend it in Todi.

From here the talk turned on my robot realized with Arduino and my meeting with Riccardo Luna in Rome at Codeweek and my appointment as Digital Champion.

They asked me several information about Coderdojo that just started in Alessandria thanks to the interest and the collaboration of the Assessor Mauro Cattaneo, the Lab 121, the OpenData Alessandria Group…

Interviewed by the journalist

To me it was exciting to go over all what happened in a such short time and the youngsters were struck with pleasure by my robot when I showed it working to them.

Junior High School of felizzano valeria cagnina interview

I tried to explain them it is not expensive or difficult to realize it and that they can find online any information. Here in our  realities the most part of people never heard these things mention.

Web, blog and travels at the Junior High School

They paid attention and were very interested in what I was telling and they asked me lots of questions even when I showed my blog and my travels to them. They asked me, a bit astonished, if I was onboard Zodiac in the Arctic. It was difficult to explain them it’s not dangerous but really funny!

At the end of the meeting, Sveva Faldella who was at the meeting (she is a journalist of “Il Piccolo”, the local newspaper) made an interview and asked me further questions. This is the wonderful article she published about me!

Junior High School of felizzano valeria cagnina interview


The video of my intervention

In short, it was a nice and a different afternoon. Interesting to me and to the youngsters: above all, as the teacher said, listen to these things from a person of the same age, is different without any doubt and it makes understand the computer is not only games and internet is not only Facebook.

Here it is the video.

Who knows, maybe after this first experience, people will invite me in other schools. I am available of course, and it would be really a great pleasure to me!


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