Excursions to Svalbard: the Zodiac in the Arctic is adrenaline.

excursion to Svalbard

If you are going to plan a holiday in one of the furthermost and wonderful places of the world, the northernmost, and you can’t decide what Svalbard excursions choose, this post will certainly help you.

excursion to Svalbard

The Zodiac

After read it you will have no more doubts but only certainties. Prior to any further examination normal people will exclude what is one of the most beautiful excursions to Svalbard after have seen only few moments of the video. Instead crazy people like us won’t miss for anything in the world the thrill to be in the cold weather, in the wind and wet through on a Zodiac jumping at top speed in the Arctic Sea.

excursion to Svalbard

For me get on this dinghy, the Zodiac, and run around the Arctic was adrenaline. One of the most beautiful excursions to Svalbard people can do in Summer. But you know, these islands give their best about “extreme” above all in Winter.

About prices

As you know, Svalbard are very expensive. Here you spend crazy amounts, it’s true, (a part from the fuel costing 1€ per litre) but we never have to forget to be in one of the most expensive countries of Europe – the Svalbard islands belong to Norway – and that this is the last inhabited outpost before arriving at North Pole.

excursion to Svalbard

When I say North Pole I mean just it, the northernmost point of the globe. I write this because in the common meaning all what is northwards Denmark is often considered North Pole and people often mistake it even with the Arctic Pole which is really more southwards.


We talked about prices: look directly on the official tourism website, also translated into Italian and you will realize it. Don’t hope, as we did and how usually happens in almost every place of this world: we arrive there and then we’ll find some tour less expensive.

Up here people do everything online, whether Norway is ahead and due to weather conditions. The excursions to Svalbard you can do are all and only that ones you book on the website.

excursion to Svalbard

Arctic clothes

Once made the booking we go to the appointment. We are fully dressed and a minibus take us at the berth.

I have got something against clothes. They use the same tracksuit, glasses, boots and gloves they use for the snowmobile. In Winter with snow and temperature falling to -50 degrees they are certainly perfect but in Summer on the Zodiac…they keep you warm only while you are dressing!

After a bit of Arctic, the gloves get soaked of water and the water enters from the tracksuit. Even if it was Summer you can think after half an hour what were our conditions, above all Valeria and me which didn’t want to miss the first row!

excursion to Svalbard

Excursions to Svalbard

During the excursion you’ll see many birds, beginning with puffins. If you are lucky also seals and even whales. They are really many in these waters despite every environmental discourse and we met quite a few swimming in the fjord the day before, during our excursion to Piramyden.

excursion to Svalbard

A surreal place, a memorial to the greatest man stupidity at the time of the Communism apex in Russia.

excursion to Svalbard

Here we got past even the 79° parallel and this was our armed guide due to the bear. It can be everywhere and it’s a real danger.

excursion to Svalbard

What else? The excursions to Svalbard are one more beautiful than the other, anything you decide to do. Now enjoy the Arctic with us, this so distinctive and unique as well as delicate ecosystem.

Note: It’s the original audio so shoot it at the top to realize about the wind whistling in the ears, about the water’s squirts run over us and about the emotion to be there, a very small little point in the vastness of nature. Towards the end of the video, the satisfied and happy guy raising his hands behind me is my father, who is almost 70 years old…because genetics doesn’t lie!

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