Festa della Rete: I met Quintarelli!

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Returning from the  blogtour “Paths in Eastern Venice” I had the privilege to attend the “Festa della rete” at Rimini.

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Festa della rete

For me it was a fun and educational event. A Rimini I had the chance to find a completely different reality from that of Alessandria in which I live.

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There I met web expert people who knew of computer and a lot of web and internet. People very professionally prepared from whom I learn so much from.

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Meeting with Stefano Quintarelli

One of these is definitely Stefano Quintarelli . Unfortunately, his interventions are too difficult for me and with all the good will that I had to listen to it, I must admit that I did not understand much. What struck me from our meeting was definitely his humility. It a famous person that everyone is looking for, he was surrounded by thousands of people and has had time to stop and talk with me.

festa della rete rimini dedication quintarelli

Dedication thesis

Do you think that not only greeted me, but I also made a special dedication on my  in thesis which I quoted his post . The funniest thing is that he had just concluded his speech by saying that he does not take any paper file and transforms the whole paper to digital. When he saw my thesis … He asked for a hard copy!

He even gave to me a kiss and he introduced me to some people who were with him. I was somewhat surprised when some of them have claimed to know me from the web!

festa della rete rimini instagram and instagrammer

These two days have been very important for me because I learned a lot and I listened to the different panels, from those who spoke of cyberbullying in which he talked Barbara, a mentor Coderdojo of Milan, those who spoke of social networks and even jewelry made with photos of Istangram in which he talked Gianpiero, another mentor of Coderdojo that I already knew.

festa della rete rimini cyberbullismo coderdojo


There was also the food, thankfully, otherwise my dad would be bored to death! E was great when he took part in a showcooking and he had cook, what he likes so much.

I was disappointed that it there wasn’t for nothing this part of the travel blogger, but never mind, maybe next year I propose myself!

festa della rete rimini showcooking daddy

In the evening we also met Simona, a dear friend travel blogger and her husband and we had dinner together!

I’m glad to be able to convince my parents to do this “small” deviation because it was truly a unique experience!

They enjoyed them, next year I’ll definitely less effort to convince them!

festa della rete rimini showcooking

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