Finland in winter. Breathtaking activities!

Finland in winter valeria

Finland in winter

After meeting  Santa Claus in Finland, Rovaniemi to be precise, I would like to tell you about other activities that I was able to try during my trip, dwelling in particular on several laps who we did snowmobiling, and dogsledding and reindeer.

Finland in winter valeria husky in the forest

What I liked most was the ride with the sled pulled by huskies. They are beautiful, I found them very friendly and happy to take us around.

Finland in winter valeria husky

Puppies husky

When we arrived in the structure from which we organized the tour, we were given the heavy clothes. The temperature was really low, do you think we got to -30 ° C.

Upon our arrival we were made to visit the farm. The cages with puppies husky fascinated me. They were very tender. We then moved to adult dogs. When they realized they were going to be attached to the sled they started to make a lot of parties, while those who were not chosen wailed and wept. These animals have the run in the blood and can not wait to get out and run.

Finland in winter valeria husky in the forest

Sled dogs

I went on the hot shoe of the owner of the dogs that had the husky faster and I enjoyed it a lot because we were always ahead of everyone else, and we gave the speed. I have a little ‘sorry not to be able to try to drive, but I was too small and didn’t have the strength to push the brake, scraping the ice, the sled stops.

Do you think my mom and my dad risked to take away and sled dogs. Just get distracted for a moment and pull them … and run. What a laugh when I heard them scream!

Finland in winter valeria snowmobile on the ice lake

Snowmobile in Finland in winter

The snowmobile ride I liked it a lot, especially when I went with my mom. On the frozen lake has launched a snowmobile at full speed. It was a cold absurd but it was really beautiful!

Finland in winter valeria playing with snow

I loved to try to ride it and then when we stopped and I jumped in the snow that was really high. At least a meter and a half, I could not get out and they continued to tease me!

Finland in winter valeria reindeer sled

The reindeer

The reindeer I liked a little less. They are very flat and are a bit boring. But when it rises above the sleigh, we enter the forest, the silence surreal … it seems to be a little Santa Claus, even though these reindeer do not fly.

Finland in winter valeria reindeer sled

Go into the woods, completely covered with snow, in the untouched nature is one of the most beautiful experiences that you can do in Finland. Whether one goes there with only the hiss of the sled, or whether we go with the roar of snowmobile that goes much faster and you decide what you always let him do.

Finland in winter valeria wild reindeer

Finland I always liked so much every time I visited and in all seasons.

Mom, Dad … when we go back?

valeria Finland in winter helsinki view

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