The Florida Everglades: really lots of wild animals!

Alligator at Everglades

Alligator at Everglades

The Everglades

The Florida Everglades are a state nature preserve: they are very marshy and mostly they can be crossed only by canoes or other boats. The most part of the Everglades’ area  is completely unpolluted and the man never set foot in.

Vulture at Everglades

A preserve at farthest south Florida

The Everglades are reachable by two roads. From Miami you arrive to Flamingo; while going down from the west coast you reach Miami from Naples, going along the 41 Highway which wholly skirts the Everglades in a unique scene. It really deserves to be crossed.

A raptor in the forests of the Everglades

Birds, vultures and storks

It will be easy to sight many all size of birds, even vultures and storks. The park offers several opportunities along the route: you can take part in boat, canoe and kayak excursions.

Waterways troght mangroves in the Everglades

We took part in the boat excursion: actually I didn’t like it so much since you cannot see many animals but only all sorts and size of mangroves…I didn’t interested in them too much!

A manatee swims in the waters of the Everglades

The manatees in the harbour

After the excursion we stopped a short time in the harbour to admire nature. You can’t imagine our astonishment when at a certain point we saw several manatees and even a mother with its calf get closer to the quay. A unique emotion! You should know that they are called sea cows because they feed on seaweeds.

Look at them! How wonderful they are! And how curious they are!

You think they even came try to lick the Gopro!

A manatee picture in the waters of the Everglades

41 Highway is the most beautiful

41 Highway is the most beautiful without any doubt because we were able to see really lots of animals directly from the car.

Next to the road there’s a little river: inside and on the bank there were really a lot of crocodiles (from 50 cm as far as 3 metres length). Do you realize? They were huge!

Actually, they were alligators. Seeing them so close with their big teeth it was really exciting. Please, pay attention when you get off the car!

Indian village by the 41 way in the Everglades

Always along the 41 you can meet even an Indian village. I didn’t like it too much: it seems whole reconstructed in an exaggerated manner only for a tourist aim. Furthermore it’s very expensive.

Along the road there are also many areas equipped with pick nick tables and barbecues where you can stop to eat completely deep in the nature. Of course, you have to take everything you need with you since there is nothing there!

An alligator along the way in the Everglades

We have seen the bear!

At a certain point while we were passing by one of these areas, my father turned and shouted to stop. He was sure to have seen a bear. At first, we didn’t believe him so we teased him but to be sure we turned the car and came back.

You can imagine our astonishment when we found it really in front of us! It was huge and very beautiful, just few metres by us!

Unfortunately we couldn’t take many photos because after have seen us it went towards the forest and disappeared letting us gaping!

A bear sighted along the way in the Everglades

Actually, before that moment, we didn’t know the bear existed in the Everglades. But they exist: unfortunately it’s almost impossible to see them because they are very shy!

We were really lucky…considering we had gone as far as Svalbard in vain and we couldn’t see it there.

Valeria and alligators of the Everglades

The most beautiful thing of this journey to Florida it was find out technology, comfort and innovation live together with wild nature and the possibility to see animals free along the roads. They have a very efficient system of nature protection and….yeah, we have to say, American people comply with the regulations much more than Italian people, beginning from the highway code!

A curious manatee in the waters of the Everglades

So, I have decided my next goal:

the Silicon Valley!

Mum, Dad…do you agree?

Crocodiles in the clear waters of the Everglades


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