Google Destinations: how to plan a DIY journey

Google Destinazioni come organizzare un viaggio fai da te

Google Destinations has just released this moment its novelty about destinations and we as people fond of compulsive journeys…could we perhaps don’t taste it immediately?
But let’s start from the beginning. The new Google Destinations function promises to help people planning their own journey in a quick and direct way for the searches by mobile devices, as only the great colossus can do.

Searching for information while travelling

All of us know well what means going crazy when we are searching for the information we need in that moment, in that place and really in a hurry during the journey, by limited connections, with very few time at our disposal and by using our Smartphone.

When there’s a problem there’s always a solution and Google thought about it. From now on it will be enough searching on Google for the country (or even the continent) we are interested in and then add the word “destinations”.

Google Destinations: how to plan a DIY journey

It will open up a world. Does the system aim to answer to the endless questions we wonder to plan a journey? What is the most interesting destination? When is it better to leave? How much does it cost? How do the hotel prices float during the year? What are the most interesting attractions to visit? What are the flights to reach the destination?…and even much more.

The system allows to choose and find the attractions to visit, the destination’s photos, the flights fares and hotel prices, temperature and climate all over the year.

Our test begins. We use a 128MB I-phone 6S of  typing very easily “Norway destinations” , since I’m dying for the North.

The surfing is quick and handy and the user experience at the top: Google Destinations how to plan a DIY journey always beats everyone about it!

Oslo and Bergen lord it but running you find many other towns. The destinations are described with 5 words/tag which sometimes describe them very well from the tourist point of view, but other times less.

Google Destinazioni come organizzare un viaggio fai da te in Norvegia

Attractions and routes

The towns indicated both for Norway and other countries, maybe less known like Nepal, are really many. It’s a very good system to search for and understand immediately what are the main places and attractions which deserve to be visited in that place.

It’s really very handy and very useful when a destination isn’t in our mind, yet, or we are simply dreaming of the next journey moving by train or waiting in a queue. Google Destinations is the top!

We select Svalbard with Longyearbyen which has in the description “polar bear, polar light (polar?), glacier, camping, mining industry.

A middle-length description tells us about the place. It’s very interesting and useful the underlying section “When leaving” giving the place’s middle temperatures all over the months, the precipitations and the popularity of the place.

Immediately you have in a flash all information as regards the best time to go there (and so much expensive), the climate and the best period to find the low cost without run into rainy seasons, monsoons or other things. Very useful and immediate.

Every destination and attraction shows a series of photos: it’s enough to run them quickly to understand what it is and decide whether we are interested in it or whether we have to go to the following word.

At this point all the near places to visit are given. Creating the next journey routes will be a real fun and we’ll save a lot of time always using the same ways.

If you are interested in a route to Norway, the quickest way is to read one of my dedicated posts!

The flights section allows to choose and have a look on fights duration, stops number and flights fares. The same thing happens for the hotels where the results given are from Booking,, Expedia and many others portals. It’s the same thing for restaurants. Very easy to use Google Destinations.

Unfortunately here the flexibility decreases and the filters layout is less precise. But the advantage of this section is to have immediately within reach the price of the night compared among the main search engines hotels with also points and reviews.

If you find any errors it’s possible to suggest a modification. This really gives exponential margins of improvement.

For each step is also possible to select at the bottom of the desktop the possibility to search for that specific result on the web. It is very handy: by a click and without typing anything.

Google Destinations come organizzare un viaggio fai da te

We weren’t able to use the section suggested by Google using researches as “skiing in Norway” or “surfing in Spain”. It always addresses us to the classical research on the web.

The system’s results are always in Italian language and geo located. Also typing in incognito mode “Norway destinations”, the system addresses to the Italian results.

This makes us think that acting on the geo localization and modify our own surfing position can give different results as regards the return of the hotels and flights costs.

We didn’t go on with this type of test since the prices indicated are very good to have an idea about the travel costs in general and about the cost of living in the place of destination, but I don’t advise to use it for the research and the choice of flights and hotels.

The prices it gives are the standard and “normal” ones. It’s possible to run the tendency of the costs on a graphic divided per month and days, but a bit like Google Flight, the offers at few Euros of the low cost companies, the standard offers of the companies and above all the price errors are not returned.

Google Destinations come organizzare un viaggio fai da te norvegia

The filtration of hotels according to the tastes, to the preferences and to the costs isn’t easy and quick compared to all the rest.

As regards low cost fights and hotels our tip is to use the classical low-cost tips we give in our Low Cost Travel Guide, at least until the system won’t be properly implemented.

The top of the top of use

Do you have a weekend in a capital got purchasing the flight with few Euros thanks to an offer and you don’t know what to do?

Type the capital or town name and in a flash you’ll have in front of you the list of all the attractions: it will be enough to click on them for further information. The Google file will open: it gives open times, website, telephone number. It’s also very good the saving of the data consumption which is often a problem when moving.

Absolutely perfect!

Google Destinations

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