Low Cost Travel Guide (Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost): travelling spending less

guida ai viaggi low cost liliana monticone

I often publish posts about journeys where I give specific information about low cost prices and it often happens I receive emails and messages or that people contact me in chat above all in this period before summer holidays asking me help and tips for this one or that booking.

in crociera alle Bahamas spiaggia guida ai viaggi low cost liliana monticone

Do you remember when I posted from Florida that I had found a 5 days cruise to the Bahamas, all inclusive (beverage included, too), at 100 Euros?

florida key e key west cosa vedere e cosa fare guida ai viaggi low cost

Or do you remember when I explained that the Sunpass in Florida costs 5 dollars at the supermarket and it’s not necessary to hire it at exaggerated prices with the car?

cipro cyprus guida ai viaggi low cost

I went to Cyprus spending 40 Euros for a return flight and before leaving I wasn’t able to find any useful information about crossing the border between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.

Then on my blog I explain how easy and cheap is everything.

Low Cost Travel Guide

So here it is how the idea about this Low Cost Travel Guide was born. A handbook where collecting all the tips, the tricks, the websites, the resources which allow to travel with your own family saving.

Because travelling isn’t free but it can cost much less than you always have thought.

guida ai viaggi low cost liliana monticone roberto cagnina valeria cagnina

This Low Cost Travel Guide is a really treasure trove of useful, real, directly tested tips and you can use it immediately to travel.

In the last section you’ll find all the direct links to the websites that, in time, published sensational offers and pricing errors, as well as all that ones by which I usually buy or I have bought.

An eBook that in the intentions had to be a starting point but at the end it revealed itself a good tome! Look at the final pages number to realize it!

Valeria, too, has written six chapters of the Low Cost Travel Guide. People always ask her – and us consequently – the same question when we talk about our journeys: And what about school?

So she has decided to answer explaining how she does, how she get organized and how she studies to recover the lost time.

Who better than her can try to make understand the way she makes it work? This year her school report was the best of her class in spite of her 50 days of absence on the 51 allowed before the failure in accordance with the law!

The photos are Roby’s, of course, and the aim of my eBook is trying to destroy the myth that travelling is stuff of rich and that doing it with our own family is impossible.

Today with 30 Euros flight ticket you can reach all the European capitals: it costs much going to the airport. So who want to travel with the financial resources of a normal family as we are, doesn’t have excuses anymore!

Click on Low Cost Travel Guide and download the free preview.

But remember: the promotional pricing is on launched offer only until July 20th 2015.

Enjoy your reading and…I’m waiting for your comments!

guida ai viaggi low cost liliana monticone roberto cagnina valeria cagnina

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