Helsinki in winter. We walk in the town.

helsinki in winter from ship of viking line

Helsinki from this particular perspective from which this photo was taken, it looks like any seaside town with a bit snow, as there are many in Italy.

helsinki the catedral

If you go trought and walk, you realize that it isn’t the same.

The cold is extreme, several degrees below zero, night and day.

helsinki the catedral in winter

The snow is very abundant, as you can see going up to the cathedral.

Cold and snow, don’t causing inconvenience to people. The efficiency Finnish is at the top. Note on the left side the long stairway perfectly clean.

helsinki the Orthodox cathedral

In a few minutes of walk you arrive to the orthodox cathedral.

helsinki the Orthodox cathedral in winter

At the sunset, the cathedral is illuminated in a suggestive way and the contrast with the whiteness of the snow, in this long dark arctic winter from infinity, is very special and fascinating.

helsinki the harbour with snow in winter

It ‘s time to go down to the harbor, one of the most interesting places of the city, both in winter and in summer.

helsinki the harbour with snow aqnd ice in winter

The harbor waters are ice-free, not for the temperature, but for the constant coming and going of ice breakers that allow the access to the harbour even in the most extreme cold conditions. It ‘s a wonderful spectacle to watch their and stop to hear the sound of ice that breaks and reforms immediately after passages of ice breaker for low temperatures.

helsinki: the fish market

Now we are at the fish market.

helsinki: inside fish market

An explosion of tastes. Raw fish, cooked, marinated, smoked and so many other. All fresh and good.

helsinki: inside fish market, smoked salmon

Impossible not buy to take home. Unfortunately, any stock will end too quickly.

helsinki: inside fish market, smoked salmon

What are photographing, so absorbed, Valeria?

valeria take a pictures in helsinki in winter

The comings and goings of these huge vehicles scattered throughout the city. The snow is too much for simply being shoveled. Shall be collected and taken out of the city. Mostly at night they work all time. It’s funny to think of the hardships that often bring some snow in our city!

how they move the snow in winter in helsinki

The darkness arrives fast. It ‘s time to embark on the Viking Line. Yes .. what many of you know how “fall in love ship”. It ‘absolutely true that on board, especially in some days of the week, it happens all, but it’s the quickest and cheapest connection between Helsinki and Stockholm and I assure you that is also frequented by many normal people who just try to board like a transport.

We embark in an instant and there is even a double cabin for us.

helsinki the harbour and the sea in winter with ice

The city moves away quickly in this rigid night and we remain on deck just long enough for some photos.

helsinki: the cathedral from viking line

Great photos that remain in our memory at first and only one thought and target in our head.

helsinki: the cathedral from viking line

We have to go back soon!

leaving helsinki to stockolm on board of viking line


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