Hotel Alpenhoff in Tux. Austria. Perfect relax for family.

Do you like spas and health centers? If the answer is yes, you should not miss this hotel. Alpenhoff in Tux, Austria, near Innsbruck. Its wellness area is simply perfect.

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It’s right! My husband and I are big fan of spas, wellness centers, thermal area and all type of this relax. Saunas, steam baths, whirlpools, waterbeds, Kneipp and any other sort of crazy idea, are made for us. It ‘a visceral connection. The only problem is that now I’m insatiable. 

I tried the wellness area of each part of the world in which I was in my travels. A little stop to discover this aspect of the places I visit. Now I became so manic that I always try only perfection! If in one the music is techno, in another the Kneipp is too narrow, in another, the sauna is not hot enough or the turkish bath does little steam … I immediately wanted to leave, maybe to suggest to the owner a little trip to a true spa!

For this reason I’m expert about and I love forever the wellness area of South Tyrol, Trentino, Austria and Bavaria. They really are the best in the world, at least that part of world that I visited! I believe that there isn’t another place where they able to combine so well the perfect wellness in all other aspects of the holiday dedicated to all ages.

Today come with me in Tux, Osterreich, in a valley near Innsbruck, at the Hotel Alpenhof. In this area, all hotels are competitive to offer the best in terms of wellness and more. The hotel Alpenhof, a 4-star superior, is certainly one of the best in its class. It is not the best of the valley, there are several hotel 5 stars and it is difficult, if not impossible, to establish a ranking. try to make a classify and assigns 14 points to this hotel!). I highly recommend this web site if you are looking for the ultimate in wellness, relaxation and treatments.

We arrive at the hotel Alpenhof in February to spend a long weekend. The hall welcome us, warm and spacious, with beautiful Christmas decorations that, as in the whole area, will be removed only to prepare decorations for carnival at first and for Easter then. Christmas is particular here, with athmosphere, markets that we all know, and decoration in every home, hotel city and corner.

We are greeted warmly and immediately we receive the yellow token to enter the garage which, considering the enormous amount of snow present, it is essential. We are told not to lose it, something that we will promptly! The amount we pay for that yellow token is 20 euros … we sincerely believe that too much and a little bad for this structure.

The rooms are made of wood, warm cozy and spacious. Clearly we’re not talking about a cheap and common hotel, but I assure you that here, as in other hotels of a certain level that I describe in this blog with good and bad news, the amount worth every euro paid.

Our room had even the loungeroom and the stube. It’s interesting as the perfection of every detail make everyone feel a king. Every time, the scene is always the same: I enter in the room, leaving the bag in the middle of the way for the happyness of my husband, a quick turn in the room and then a dip in these wonderful, fluffy and fragrant bed!

Food is the same level of rooms: an exaggeration! Only the breakfast in the morning is enough for three days. From sweet to savory, from local products to the integral diet … everything you can think, is here!

Lunch will be served a buffet of salads that impossibile to call them only salads. In the afternoon there are also snacks and endless cakes and sweets of all kinds.

At evening, dinner is based mainly on eye pleasures, perhaps because some guests may not have still hungry!

The spaces are all elegant, spotless of course, and adorned with a thousand candles.

The warm wood everywhere adds what that only the mountains can give to the guests.

Also areas are available for after-dinner of welcoming the guests. Intimate and suffused.

And, as in the best places, can’t miss the wine cellar.

The day after wake up early. Go to ski at Zillertal 3000: simply the best!

The location of hotel is maybe the only aspect a little negative, as is also clear from the comments on the web. In this location the shadow comes soon enough and is a little bit far from the town center. Clearly, this aspect is not crucial for such a nice hotel, but it’s one thing to know.

Skiing is not the only activity that can be practiced, even if the area, with its 3,250 s.l.m., is certainly remarkable and unmissable, even for those like me who are not fans of fitness activity! The pointview at the top is wonderful and offers long ski descents.

There are many routes we have tried to make pleasant and relaxing walks in the woods, trought the frozen streams and snow.

It’s easy and nice to admire the wooden sculptures typical of these places.

When you come back, a short stop, however very shameful, to afternoon snacks. But they were so good and sport equal a great hunger! Does not matter … if our quiet and relaxing physical activity can’t be called sport!

And finally here we are in the spa! The main reason we chose to try also this place.

Let’s start by saying that the wellness area can make alone the whole holiday. The relaxation that you can enjoy is absolutely and you don’t want to go outside in the mountain! And for me that I’m feel imprisoned if I don’t go for thousands of kilometers a day … this is already great!

The sauna is enormous with a glass window to view the snowy mountains. The wood essences are sprayed automatically, at regular intervals, with different fragrances. All is perfect.

The large tepidarium mosaic allows to relax of the mind. Personally I would change the background: isn’t very elegance … but it’s clearly just a personal opinion!

As in all better spa the towels are always available to guests to change. It is not clear why this practice is so common and normal here, not at all able to be absorbed in our mountains, where at best it need an expensive extra cost. Even in the spa’s most popular and famous.

The steam bath is one that I like as a color and as power. A lots of steam baths make steam, but not heat, with cold feet and a lot of problems that is often to found. Here, the steam bath (the small one) is perfect.

Attention to detail is meticulous, as throughout the area.

Beautiful the relaxation area with heated water beds and chairs that, thanks to the position with legs raised, allow to spend hours and hours of relaxation without even realizing it. Maybe their skin is a bit too retro, but the small light to read and the soft music are perfect.

The indoor pool is large and spacious and equipped of a whirlpool from which, again, you can enjoy, by the large windows, the views of the surrounding mountains.

The imperial steam bath is simply the best. It ‘s the wonderful of this wellness area. Perfect music inside. Each seat is big and the inclination is comfortable (this is not often obvious). Every throne has a shower and chromotherapy is at the right speed.

A various decorative stones and illuminated panels complete the  relaxing atmosphere. I assure you that only for stay in this imperial steam bath I love to stay here. Do not miss this opportunity. Subscribe to their newsletter and stay tuned about offer of low season.

I want to say you that I have no personal interest in this structure. I tried it at my own expense and, as always, whenever I’m free host of the structure, I write it in the post for accuracy and reliability to you who read me. However, if there are, I write about defects and problem, regardless of whether I’m free-guest or not.

I assure you that this hotel is wonderful. If you try it surely will become demanding as me when you come into all wellness area.

I have alert you about!

Versione italiana.


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