Hotel Jaghdof: Neustift in Stubaital for a dream break.

There are only a few hotels in which I stayed that are perfect. In Austria there is one. The Spa Hotel Jagdhof in Neustift.

A five stars hotel near the glacier of Stubaital and aprox at 25 km to Innsbruck.


At our arrive they served us immediately a cocktail of welcome, fruit and prosecco, while a worker parking our car and brings our luggage in the room.


Room? Suite? No. It’s a king’s palace! There is also a spacious balcony with a direct view on the Stubaital and on the small river. It’s just real relax in Austria!

Sun loungers, chairs and this soft carpets on the floor that allow us to walk without shoes. Really comfortable.


A giant heart welcomes us.

Just Valeria see the bathtube says peremptory: it’s mine!

But before she tasted fresh apple and dehydrated fruit from Austria. How can you be hungry?

A quick shower and through the stair we see the spa and the pool of Jagdhof.

All place are elegant and refined, tipical in Austria.


Everywhere the style remember the classic and traditional house of the valley.


Warm pillows give the right comfort in the passageways of hotel.

Baskets of fresh fruit are everywhere for all guests.


The dining room is a pleasant surprise. The compositions of apetizer’s buffet it’s very art.

Our table is in a private corner very quiet, obviously with candle.

The dishes are very particular.

Also their are showed in a really superb way, superb like the ingredients used.

In the same room is served the breakfast buffet: it’s exaggerated.

Like all other meals.

It’s very difficult go away from this sweets.

We go outside for a short walk after dinner and we discover an explosion of lights.

It isn’t Christmas period, it’s April, but in all of these valley is always holiday!

Other space are available for the guest and every night the hotel organizes some different entertainment.

The piano bar with live music (the singer is italian) or thematic exhibitions.

One evening there was even roulette with real croupier. Obviously don’t play for money and the winners are extracted. I assure you that also this time Valeria wins all!

For those who want to keep fit, the gym is the perfect place.

Ehmmm… Roby! Actually, I was joking! You know that we love you even if you’re just a bit fit!

Everything inside the hotel is free available for guests. This is an aspect that I would like emphasize and it’s true in the whole Tyrol and Austria. The price that you pay is really all-inclusive and you can have access to everything you see in this post and more, without spending.

This will allow you to plan at the best your budget. It’s clearly that it isn’t a cheap hotel, but many time it’s easy pay more for accomodation that, proportionally, is less comfortable then this.

Here we enter in the SPA where fruit juices and beverages of all kinds are available for the guest.

It’s better that the managers of wellness center and spa in different place of the world visits this place to understand how the guest here is cared!

The heated water bed area is warm and the view from the window is directly to the pool and to the glacier.

The big area downstairs is realized all in stone and wood.

In the center a big whirlpool with different jets and underwater music.

Over 2.000 sqare meters dedicated to relax of the body and spirit.

Original decorations are everywhere.

There are infinite number of different places where you can have a relax.

Laconiums, Steambath, salts room, tepidarium, aqua meditation,… are only a few of spaces available.

The soft herbal sauna is equipped with a mechanism that alternately sprinkles of water the three different essences that release their delicate aromas inside. An idyll!

The kneipp

…and the ice fountain. Valeria loves it!

Nothing is left to the case. There is also a dedicated and exclusive area for women in some hours with sauna and outdoor space with sun loungers where is possible to stay naked at sun in the warm summer days.

The heated benches and the soft music… I don’t want go away!

This mechanism is fantastic. The old system that was used to extract water from the well.

It’s turns automatically and it’s really functional!

Another curious mechanism is in this sauna: the box with hot stones is heated on the fire. At regular intervals the arm moves and the stones go in the near place and they’re sprayed with water to maintain the right humidity inside.

Obviously – and contrary at what usually happens in the spa around here – the towels are always available for guests for all changes.

Nice wooden bridges and mills with water.

I would live here!

For children and all other guests are available indoor and outdoor pools. There are also a whirlpool inside and another outside.

A photocell allows opening and closing glass of separation the two parts of pool: inside and outside.

The day that welcomed us was really fantastic, warm and sunny, unusual for this period.

Of course also in this area there are tea and all kind of herbal teas. A samovar provides to maintain hot water at all time.

Who has cold, can relax on the chairs inside in the warm sun through the glass.

In summer the outdoor place with cushions and towels is perfect.

Obviously we don’t like relax, right Valeria?

Remember that hot tub isn’t relaxing if you stay inside just a minute!

In summer there is also a playground with animations for children.

I don’t believe? Valeria is stops??? I suppose that she must deliver at school the book report the day after tomorrow, right? You read only ten pages!

Do you think that’s all? No! Now we go together in another paradise.

What is the better way to celebrate our marriage’s anniversary? A couple’s treatment!

The location is fantastic: private steam bath, infrared, herbal bed, whirlpool,…

Fruit and prosecco wine served at the end to complete relax.

The foam massage is really superb!

The room are many and offer a good choice of treatments.

You can booked it at the spa reception or choose prior to arrival.

Do you like stone therapy?

Or do you prefer the bell?

The “shell” then is a indescribable relax. Do you know what I mean? No? You have only one way to discover it.

Book a wonderful holiday here!

For more information:
Disc 44
Neustift – Tirol – Austria
Cap 6167
Web site:


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