Hout Bay (South Africa) with seals, penguins, ostriches and whales.

Do you know South Africa? Follow me!

Cape Town. A few kilometers from the town is located Houth Bay. The hike in this interesting peninsula, was purchased a few days ago on the waterfront of the city, where there is a wide choice and offers are numerous. With a little patience is easy to buy the most suitable proposal.

With one of many solutions that I’m describing, the guide arrive to the hotel in the early morning to pick up the tourists. To reach the destination descend along the peninsula near the deserted beaches in this season. Fortunately, the strong wind of yesterday has calmed down, but nevertheless some brave and fearless surfers play on the waves.

The two most popular beaches are those near the town: Clifton and Camp Bay, all with  sand, unlike the rocky beaches of the city. The ride is relatively short and you arrive very soon at enchanting Hout Bay. It ‘s a place simply charming and lovely. Born all around the bay, as the name suggests, has also, in the right time of year, the passage of whales can be spotted directly from the shore.

The pier is full of frenetic activity: fishing and tourism from the many souvenir sellers, mostly in wood, fabric and beads, and ostrich eggs, carved and painted.

Here of course the craftsmanship is very developed, but the most important activity is fishing.

The fish showing in plain sight and is exposed even during processing.

By boat you can reach in about twenty minutes, a large colony of seals that are behind the bay, somewhere unreachable by land due to the high and steep sea cliffs.

There are seals really everywhere! Many out of the water, heating in the sun or on the round rocks.

Many seals swim in water.

They are relatively small and are very quiet and peaceful.

Is very impressive the huge number of seals.

And the day gift even a beautiful rainbow in the background of the colony.

The tour is very special and the amount of pictures is absolutely exaggerated! … But this is nothing a news!

It’s the time to returning to the harbour and leave them to their lives.

By the way back, the tour includes a stop at a ostriches’s farm.

The tour is interesting and out of the ordinary for the Europeans. Then continue towards the Cape of Good Hope to reach Boulder’s Beach, near Simon’s Town, a large seaside town.

The show that is presented in front of us is fascinating. The beach is full of little penguins that walking quietly on the sand.

They playing, fighting, chasing them with the funny gait.

You could stay for hours watching them, they look curious and not  intimidated by humans.

A puppy chasing a white butterfly fluttering.

Others puppies come in and out of their holes.

The sea here is fascinating with all shades of blue.

The gaze is lost.

It ‘s time to go towards the Good Hope’s Cape. At some point along the way and looking absently the sea, a snort. Seem waves at first, in this part of the sea so rough … but no!

Here it is! A huge whale jumping in and out of the water in all its majesty!

A show some unexpected for the season says the guide, which obviously was the first to notice.

It’s abnormal to see so, from the road.

Time flows. Some jumps, some pictures … and passed over an hour! The high head emerges from the water with a loud thud, audible even from a great distance and plunges back into the water.

It’s better to leave this magnificent example to his stunts and continue towards the destination: the Cape of Good Hope. Mistakenly considered to be the most southern point of Africa, although in reality it’s not.

The area is populated by an infinite number of these funny and very nice animals.

And by their “first cousins”, slightly different.

From the top of the lighthouse is observed the sea on both sides.

And if you want to know how far you are from the world … here you are satisfied!

The walkways meander down to the water.

The area is populated of many baboons and are also dangerous. The signboard explains : it’s normal for tourists to witness the scene which is stolen them lunch or even valuables.

But baboons are not the only animals. Even these enormous ostriches walk undisturbed. There are so many animals in this free and peaceful place.

And… here is the Cape of Good Hope!

It ‘a very special and particular place to describe.

Particularly for its historical significance and its geographical location.

Particular what it means this end.

Particular for the sea so blue, with its waves that emanate at the same time power and relaxation.

Especially for all these animals around that make the environment pleasant …

…particular and interesting.

Maybe some a little less “nice” than others …

The landscape changes and the last steps, to the beach, are made of wood.

The rugged coastline in some ways with jagged cliffs,

and sweet near to the beach of fine sand.

It ‘s another places where you never want to leave.

It is pleasant to spend hours and hours to getting lost in the immensity.

I forgot to tell you about the road to get there … ooppsss … perhaps it is better not!

But no road and no bend, it’s able to deter by this spectacle of nature.

But like all good things … comes to end.

And the sunset on this part of the world, reminding us that the journey continues.

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