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Valeria, your path in the middle school is finished and another piece of life is over. You quickly packed in a box, with the desire to grow typical of your age. The secondary schools’ll open their doors, a new journey begins and I dedicate you this post, watching you grow, proud of you, but with so many doubts.

Your training is important, are your bases. Dad and I we asked ourself a lot of questions from when you were born. Hard to find the right answers and unambiguous and even more difficult to find them in this little piece of the world in which we live, so full of certainties and dogmas not questionable, but so often wrong.

You now know very well that enought a few hours by plane to get into worlds where our certainties of affluent western countries (which now, however, no longer have even the opulence), aren’t worth anything.

  • I dreamed for you a school that doesn’t teach you the notionism that you can learn by itself and faster with your computer, but that knew that convey the enjoyment of learning. You have discovered that the multimedia whiteboards in the classroom only serve to shine who put them there, not as a means for more knowledge.
  • I dreamed for you a school that will teach you how to think with your head. You find a school where only those who always says yes, achieves maximum results.
  • I dreamed a synergy with the school to achieve a common target: your maturity. I found certainties proclaimed from above and the contrary in facts, but never the courage to say so openly and accept the comparison.



  • I dreamed a school that valorise the result as a target achieved. You find a school that counts the hours and ignore the result, especially when – all too often – the school don’t understand it. Now you can only trust me, but one day your customers (yes, customers I don’t want to think that you’ll decide to waste in the alienating statalism your skills and your qualities!) want results, not badges, numbers and certificates issued.
  • I dreamed a school that teach you that Monday morning is strength, planning, satisfaction, accomplishment, construction, … In your every Monday at the entrance in the school, you have found only frustration, failure, dissatisfaction, discontent, irritability and a sense of inadequacy.
  • I dreamed a school where reign meritocracy, at least now, at age 13. You discovered too soon that the “sons of” can afford don’t be always prepared, to be examined the next day, even to know in advance the texts of the state exam.
  • I dreamed, I really dreamed to see, the day when a teacher told me: “I’m privileged. They pay me to learn from the guys.” That day I dreamed a school that could learn. We discovered together that those who should be suited to teaching is the most obtuse to learn. If you mention your blog, seo or java (such monstrous blasphemy!), I was a mother who threw her daughter in the hands of pedophile and you were childish because you don’t conform in make-up and Violetta!

coderdojo milan school


  • I dreamed a school that would help you to manage your emotions when at the oral examination you said that you wanted that all hear how you were well prepared, but not mom and dad, “because it’s too easy not to be afraid, if you are there!” . You found that who had to be more prepared than you, with the support of the school didn’t want anybody to hear, but the “door was open” because no one dared to question the utmost transparency!
  • I dreamed of a school where authority and authoritativeness coincide. You have discovered that the exam can be almost dictated by the teacher, but not all. Then a guy maybe a bit more sensible than others, with normal results, for these things feels inadequate and incompetent, then limps, then discouraged, then rejected and abandoned even the school … things you see every day . So judgments in search of the causes, causes that are before the eyes of all. But how is possible to fend with only a 6/10?
  • I dreamed a school that would enhance the extra knowledge. In your classroom there were so many added values ​​in addition to your travel: passion for mountain climbing, or who was adopted said touching things in its path. But the target has always been constant and pursued: the flattening of the brain. W football and W Violetta, much easier to manage.
  • I dreamed of a school who help you to integrate your technical predisposition with the art. We found that the whims of a music teacher are crucial and thay have the approval of colleagues and managers who, perfectly integrated into the system, they always say yes.



  • I dreamed a school that correct your mistakes and was educational, but your teacher, always in conjunction with each of our trip, sais, UNIQUE among a lot of professors and educators with whom you interfaced, “You understand anything and you’re rude.”
  • I dreamed a school to suppport you in making you grow and mature, but I had to settle of  factious notionism. Remember, (I remember with horror!) when they have studded the brain with the morning-after pill that isn’t abortion but birth control?
  • I dreamed a school that valorize your knowledge obtain during travels, school life at the highest levels in certain situations that you have experienced. You find a school that reply, “I would like to leave and be on holidays, rather than here, with you, to teach.” But it was never said to me that I could suggest them to open a VAT (within 24 hours) and to be free from arrogant boss to whom always have to say yes to live in peace.

Yes Valeria. It ‘served. Today you can’t understand it, but these injustices are served to strengthen. Don’t conform to the mass and don’t always say yes have a price to pay, but it’s a workout to face the challenges of life that sooner or later will come. You’ve chosen a side and it’s a fortune that no one can ever take away.

  • Finally, I dreamed a school, yes Valeria, you’ll not believe but I really dreamed, that penalizing your absenteeism taking position in the light of the sun, because sure of their actions. Today you, giving an exaggerated value to a number that has no value, are dissatisfied for your 8, because you deserved more.

I wanted a 6. Yeah, a 6.

Which noble life lesson!

It would teach you that the choices are paid. Always.

And that in the life there aren’t shortcuts! Never!

Also the right choices are pay. 

Is it not so for a doctor in the emergency room alone, which shall decide which of the two patients save or for someone in an accident, those who choose to help first?

Choices most just and noble, but all with a very high price to pay.

But you know that the school isn’t able to teach you the value of the choices, it isn’t able to take position openly, nor to take responsibility.

I dreamed a different school … and thanks to the few, fewer, teachers I have met in my life, really good and prepared, that they knew to be educators at the highest levels and not merely transmit notionism, I will continue to dream it all my strength, with the hope that you might one day find it …

at least for your children!

coderdojo milan school

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