An just published interview: it hits the bull’s eye!

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An exchange of emails asking for a phone interview.

If you read the page of this blog “Press”, About us, there are a lot of links including interviews with me or Valeria, guest blog, quotations, attendance or other things

But this email is a bit different from the first speech, yet. Sometimes it happens. We don’t know why but with few words we can strike the right chord.

Paola Rinaldi is a very kind and a very professional journalist. It’s a pleasure to be asked and get comments by a person which not only want to publish something about you but she also read the posts so she doesn’t ask me predetermined questions having nothing to do with the blog.

We meet each other by phone and we chat a bit among the chaos of my office due to endless coming and going of the people and the telephones always ringing.

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But nothing disturbs her. Paola is very patient and the interview from a simple phone interview becomes immediately an exchange, a nice confrontation.

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The email she sends me after the publication tells in advance the heart of the interview, yet:

I hope I understood everything in the best way. I heartily thank you for the time you gave me. It’s always a honour for me to meet people feel like doing, listening, watching, get excited instead of giving up to the “grey” world that is spreading, unfortunately.

But I am delighted to read the following lines:

Your photos speak for themselves: your daughter has a so happy smile letting really few doubts…your husband and you are really wonderful parents! There’s a such harmony in your pictures that it makes us more happy only looking at you!

She leaves me gaping literally as she gathered the meaning of my journeys…that is not the blog! People, no offense means, but who already follow me knows it, yet! It’s not the journey with an end in itself, even if it’s wonderful, neither the out-of-the-way place on the other side of the world, even if it’s fabulous.

The real heart and the real strength is to share what we do and what we experience with the people we love, in a time dedicated only and exclusively to the three of us.

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The last email she sends me it ends like that:

In your photos, in your stories, in your journeys we can breathe a so strong family air that’s impossible not fall in love with it!

Really compliments: you will have other millions of travels but you will find the bigger and the most perfect achievement you did in your life only and always looking your husband and your daughter in the eyes.

I think it exists nothing more exciting than to be the artificers of the happiness of the people we care.

I am moved really very rarely but reading the phrase “to be the artificers of the happiness of the people we care”…I can tell I have tears in my eyes and still today reading again those words after a few days I have gooseflesh!

Read the final result in Paola’s interview and…let me know what you think about!

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