Lillyontheroad in Cape Canaveral at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

The visit at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral is really a unique opportunity to discover space and get closer to the explorations’ world.

I knew I’d love it but I didn’t think it would have excited me so much. This is why I decided to write this ontheroad post entirely dedicated inside the long ontheroad in Florida you’re already following (15th – 21st December 2014).

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (1)

Valeria is really excited and she makes us get up at dawn! One hour before the opening we are already here outside!!! She got her press accreditation and she’s really proud of it!

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Here the day begins singing the national anthem.

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The first American man in space was launched from this place. This is a perennial growth garden, other ones will continue to add to this one.

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How does a place, a destination, an activity…set the world buzzing online? It excites and gives a quick and working Wi-Fi you connect to by a click! Why do we don’t understand it in Italy?

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To understand, discover and know people have to stray from the known and have the courage to go towards the unknown. This is what people did walking this gangway! It’s touching listening to these words directly from the gangway.

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Even if you have a good command of the English language however I suggest you the audio guide that you can hire at the entrance for a few dollars. It will allow you to get the poetry of the words, much more difficult to enjoy in second language.

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What’s the key of the American success? The boldness to always go towards the future! This huge spaceship had a unique task: take on the moon three astronauts and take them back home. It’s simple, isn’t it?

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (9)

“A huge manpower with legendary talent, this is the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center”.

They give themselves airs and not a little…but they have a lot of reasons!

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (10)

At NASA people often say: we are on the shoulders of giants. Engineers, design engineers, entrepreneurs, adventurers, activists and dreamers. Men and women which have carried out these machines making then the history.

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (18)

The most powerful ever designed machines took the man beyond the great frontier.

Now over our heads there’s the most safely airspace in the world and you won’t realize another one in a different place.

American people will always explore the space and they will always leave from the Cape Canaveral Space Center.

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (17)

No dream is impossible. Money was earmarked, the right people was hired and was gave them the opportunity to make the impossible! Okay! After this…I cry only think about Italy!

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (12)

I think I have signed my sentence with this visit. Valeria started talking with a NASA’s retired person which was working here in 1969 when the man landed on the moon. She asked him what was his job, if there are any Italian people working at NASA and what type of studies a person has to do.

The guy answers her: “Scientific and technological studies and the computer scientist, too, are much sought-after.” She thanks him and leaves overjoyed.

I heard the talk behind the pane…I tremble!

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (13)

At the Kennedy Space Center this, too, it’s possible! Don’t forget to touch the Moon!

Here at NASA you touch the Moon! Really!

It’s impossible to describe the emotion touching this little rock. As Valeria says: “I understood what Luca Parmitano meant when he was writing that he had no words to describe space. For me it’s the same thing here…would we believe up above?



This is an alligator. Here you van see many of them, together with turtles, birds, dolphins and much more.

It’s incredible how the nature is brought out in each moment and in every room. Did you know the Shuttle was made entirely by recyclable material?

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (7)

Who would have ever said that Valeria’s short dissertation with Luca Parmitano and the Space Station would have found here its deserving ending?

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (14)

The filmed sequence about the international space station is smashing! An international project bigger than the single states agreeing to it. The program allows to reach new excellences’ levels.

Avant-garde researches and technologies that will be tasted in space but above all it’s the first time that a stately project doesn’t aim to weapons but the research, progress and the humanity well-being!

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (15)

Okay! With the robot that will be sent in exploration…Valeria also found what she wants to do!

Furthermore everywhere it’s written “We want you!” Then: “Towards Mars. NASA waits for you!”…Mah…I don’t think just me but I think someone is taking it a bit too literally!

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (16)

I still could talk to you about lots of things: the landing’s setting on the Moon, when loosing communications set the heart pounding, the unfortunate missions remembered during the memorial…but it would be all useless and it would not convey the idea at all. You have to schedule a visit here at Kennedy Space Center.

In a perfect world every child and every young person should have the opportunity to see the excellences of science and technology applied. As for me, Valeria already did the list about the ones in Europe that will have to be our next destinations…fortunately, there’s Italy, too!

Potrei ancora parlarvi di tante cose: l’ambientazione dello sbarco sulla luna, il batticuore del momento in cui si perdono le comunicazioni, le missioni sfortunate ricordate nel memorial,… ma sarebbe tutto inutile e non renderebbe per nulla l’idea. Qui al Kennedy Space Center si deve programmare una visita.

So, there is nothing left to do but say to you a good…See you soon…ehmmm…I meant See you later! Ah no, okay…maybe it should be only See you again…

cape canaveral nasa kennedy space center (19)

Lillyontheroad in Florida continues with Orlando and Disney’s parks!


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