Lagoon of icebergs in Iceland.

lagoon glacier

I would like to tell you about the lagoon of icebergs in Iceland, where I went a few years ago with the Norona and in no time we shot a lot of this country:the lagoon of the iceberg at the south and  a sort of blue lagoon in the north.


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We arrived in Iceland with the Norrona, the ship departed from Denmark and arrived in this wonderful island after reaching the Faroe Islands. Docked early in the morning, we started off with the car and we reached the lagoon towards mid-day.

lagoon ice

There we have admired for a while the iceberg and we saw several seals of the water we looked a bit curious then go back underwater.

lagoon amphibious vehicle family travel blogger

Use the amphibious vehicle, a type of boat with wheels, to snoop around the lagoon and admire the icebergs up close is really beautiful.

lagoon iceberg amphibious vehicle

On board they have illustrated to us the history of the lagoon, because it is formed in this unusual ecosystem, the movement of the currents and the different colors of the pieces of ice that vary according to their age: the clearer are the youngest ones while blacks are the oldest.

lagoon ice valeria family travel blogger

There, the boat made ​​us even touch and taste a piece of ice with which I played a lot and I wetting throughout.

lagoon ice beach

Then we went across the bridge on the beach made ​​entirely of  very black lava sand.beach ice valeria family travel blogger

On the beach there were some smaller icebergs on which we took pictures but you had to be careful to escape when arrived bigger waves, just not to get wet even more than it already was.

 iceberg seal

I loved seeing the seals swim free, it is definitely the thing that I liked about this place so strange.

Even these huge blocks of ice giants, as well as Iceland in general has unique landscapes that resemble those of the moon or Mars.

 iceberg valeria ice family travel blogger

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