LillyOnTheRoad for a day in Florence! Tuscany.

a day in florence the cathedral

A day in Florence

9 june 2014

A free half day after the weekend in Pistoia and we don’t go home for dinner time.

a day in florence the ponte vecchio old bridge

Ponte Vecchio

Absolutely not! So here’s a quick stop in Florence. Parking in the center, very little time (as usual) and walk away. Obviously at first the Ponte Vecchio.

a day in florence

Then the photos must!

a day in florence uffizi

Who does not recognize some of the most famous landmarks in the world?

a day in florence the cathedral

The cathedral

Here it is! Him! Majestic and elegant.

a day in florence the cathedral

The bell tower has obviously just closed…

a day in florence the cathedral

So we admire it from down here!

a day in florence the cathedral

Cool tour in Florence

A fast ice cream and it’s time to come back to the parking. It very late and we expect several hours of travel. Roby! You’re always the same! But … I have to admit that we have used it only to let us back to the parking, but they also make the tour of the town is very cool!

a day in florence cool tour of the town

Obviously obligatory stop at Piazzale Michelangelo. Doesn’t go here? Unfortunately, the sunset isn’t the best time to take some beautiful pictures: all against the sun! The show is still great.

a day in florence

Start towards home and Valeria every time he sees the sea... big stress! It doesn’t matter that it’s very late, that now is dark, that we should go home.

swimming in the night

She want to take a quick swim in the sea and so … exit from motorway, run on the beach and we jumping in the sea in the moonlight like ​​many many years ago, when we were young!

I must say … it was great! How many years since I last made ​​a similar madness! This time I really have to say… Good Valeria and thank you!

swimming in the night


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