Lillyontheroad in Florida second part. West Coast

florida ontheroad parte seconda (6)

29th December 2014

This is the second part of our one month ontheroad in Florida. You can find here the first one.

Today we move from Jacksonville towards Florida west coast. It takes me 15 days but at last I could be able to find a defect to these Americans: driving along some thousands kilometres through huge often semi-deserted highways and always doing it at 90 km/h is really stressing! Please! Increase these limits!!!

florida ontheroad parte seconda (4)

We arrived in Destin. Now I love the sea, too. This America is overturning all my prejudices and convictions!

florida ontheroad parte seconda (3)

Here they are! The very white sand dunes on the beach! A wonderful place. Endless sense of liberty.

florida ontheroad parte seconda (1)

People define Grayton Beach the most beautiful beach of the whole of Florida. I don’t know if this is true but I can tell you it’s fabulous. People suggest to come here at sunset and we did it.

florida ontheroad parte seconda (2)

Even if the day is a bit cloudy and it isn’t the best, it’s really a privilege walking on this very white sand and admire the very white dunes.

florida ontheroad parte seconda (7)

Tonight our room is certainly one of the best ones since our arrival. Directly on the sea with the rocking chair, too: two steps and the very white sand.

florida ontheroad parte seconda (5)

The sea and its sound on the background and next to us the warmed-up swimming pool and the hydro-massage warmed-up, too,  where get the working and quick Wi-Fi. A dive in the sea at the moonlight and then total relax. I should update the posts but I really can’t get my backside off here!

I tell you still that: this wonderful hotel was reserved in the parking in front, online, by a 60% off at 5.30 pm for this very evening (often it happens that very good hotels sell off rooms at last). The ontheroad with some little trick is the cheapest way to travel. It cost 55 Euros all inclusive for 3 people!

I forgot…with warmed-up swimming pool and hydro-massage super warmed-up on the sea! So, what else?…Good night from Florida!

florida ontheroad parte seconda (8)

30th December 2014

Today this is our awakening at dawn. The dawn and sun say Good Morning to us with this view opening doors and windows directly on the sea.

florida usa costa occidentale (3)

How can’t we love this place? The sound of the sea and the warm sun. We run to the sea right now.

florida usa costa occidentale (1)

For people who feel the cold very much…there are the warmed-up swimming pool and the hydro-massage which are still deserted at this time in the morning. They are perfect!

florida usa costa occidentale (2)

This morning it’s hard to leave again but we cannot stay longer. Other discoveries are ahead of us!

florida seconda parte ontheroad (5)

A walk on the Mexico Beach Pier, a long quay used for fishing.

florida costa occidentale (3)

The beaches follow one another one more beautiful than the other.

florida seconda parte ontheroad (1)

Transparent and very calm sea. Very fine and very white beach.

florida seconda parte ontheroad (2)

What are you doing? Are you admiring?

florida costa occidentale (4)

Ah, okay. I thought as much!

florida costa occidentale (2)

I would buy a little house like this with great pleasure. What about you?

Remember not to ruin the dunes, of course. You always and only have to use the walkways.

florida seconda parte ontheroad (6)

We arrive in Apalachicola, the oysters’ town. Oysters everywhere, dedicated festivals, mountains of shells everywhere.

florida seconda parte ontheroad (4)

We went round all the places of the town. No one serves them raw! Only fried (someone au gratin). 

How can they ruin them like that?

florida costa occidentale (1)

The most wonderful corners are always at Valeria’s!

florida seconda parte ontheroad (7)

I say Goodnight to you from Florida! What’s the better than reserving a very cool motel in the parking, scrounging off it the Wi-Fi and spending 60 Euros on the room with a time limited offer…to find out that 5 minutes later the same room is sold off for 130 Euros? Olé!

florida seconda parte ontheroad (3)

31st December 2014

Our last day of the year 2014 it opens in Cedar Key.

florida on the road seconda parte (1)

Did you know this very place is the land of the really famous Faber colours?

florida on the road seconda parte (2)

A few release and we continue going down Florida west coast arriving at Hunter Springs.

florida on the road seconda parte (5)

The manatees come to winter in these warm waters and it’s very easy to sight them.

florida on the road seconda parte (4)

Here they are guarded and protected. Here in the USA progress and development get along with the protection of nature and animals once again.

florida on the road seconda parte (13)

At the quay we lose ourselves looking at fishermen. This just caught fish was fillet by a few seconds.

florida on the road seconda parte (11)

These crab chelae are blue.

florida on the road seconda parte (15)

The fisherman had a crate full of them. The photos are not touched up. The blue colour are absolutely natural and bright.

florida on the road seconda parte (9)

Then the beaches are full of all sorts of clams’ shells: this town is celebrated for this product.

florida on the road seconda parte (8)

Do you know what are these? Tarpon Springs is the sponges’ town.

florida on the road seconda parte (7)

It’s beautiful admiring the whole of the town centre full of all sponges’ shapes: I have never seen some of them.

florida on the road seconda parte (10)

Some sponges have lengthened shape and a white colour. I never saw them.

florida on the road seconda parte (12)

I never saw them.

florida on the road seconda parte (6)

At the hotel here is my favourite blogger at work. Is she doing her homework perhaps? No, she is twitting our ontheroad post to Kennedy Space Center.

florida on the road seconda parte (3)

By this snap we wish you a very Happy New Year 2015. It can see come true all your dreams but above all you have good health and peace to be able to realize them!

1st January 2015

Today it’s the first day of the year 2015 and we continue our ontheroad always southwards along Florida west coast.

usa florida costa ovest (4)

Siesta Key Beach is defined the most beautiful beach of the whole of the United States. Actually its length and its very white fine sand are remarkable but there are too many people since today it’s a holiday and we don’t like it.

usa florida costa ovest (7)

We prefer the deserted beaches we met the last few days.

usa florida costa ovest (2)

Here are the snowmen people do here in Florida!

2nd January 2015

Still beaches, sand and sea. Today the temperature exceeded 30 degrees. It is not to my taste…it’s too hot, yet!

usa florida costa ovest (1)

It’s always incredible how nature and tourism live together here. The beach is crowded and crossing the walkways which protect the sand’s dunes you can see manatees, turtles, storks, pelicans and thousand other animals.

usa florida costa ovest (6)

The sunsets westwards are absolutely remarkable.

usa florida costa ovest (5)

Their beauty and their poetry are beyond description. By these ones we say Goodnight to you from this little part of the world that we have explored also today!

usa florida costa ovest (3)

3rd January 2015

Good morning world! Today this is the view from our room…but no, we didn’t take up golf! On the other hand…we don’t have certainly enough time!

florida costa ovest ontheroad (11)

A wonderful beach, hot weather, a calm sea and a gentle breeze…

florida costa ovest ontheroad (5)

Also here the sand is very white and very fine.

florida costa ovest ontheroad (8)

Lots of pelicans on the background! The best!

florida costa ovest ontheroad (10)

Adults and children are very active here!


Today we’ll get hurt here!

florida costa ovest ontheroad (1)

Our room has the microwave and the barbecue.

florida costa ovest ontheroad (3)

I have to tell the meat, too, is not bad at all.

florida costa ovest ontheroad (9)

Help!!! I can’t be able to carry away Roby and Vale from here!!!

florida costa ovest ontheroad (12)

After the fatigue of the beach, we need some relax!

florida costa ovest ontheroad (2)

Our last sunset on the west coast.

florida costa ovest ontheroad (4)

Tomorrow we’ll go again to the Everglades, then towards Miami where we’ll sail to Bahamas.

florida costa ovest ontheroad (6)

It’s no use saying it was wonderful! Don’t you think?

florida costa ovest ontheroad (7)

It is certainly not as you were here with us but does this video convey the idea at least a bit, doesn’t it?

Other tour, other run. The hydro massage and the warmed-up swimming pool. I have a feeling I already lived this scene. Here there isn’t the beach just at a few steps but there’s the golf course. And a piano bar with live music on the background! Now, after became a sea lover, I become a night bird, too!


4th January 2015

Our day starts in Naples and it had to be a day of transition and travelling. We have to reach Miami, where tomorrow we’ll go onboard to the Bahamas cruise: we drive along the Everglades we already visited partly.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (4)

We have the whole day on our hands so we decide to take Highway 41: a few deviations allow you to “enter” the Everglades.

Immediately we find out the environment is very different from the Everglades we already visited getting to them from Miami. We are in Everglades City. Unlike what we thought after have visited Flamingo, the town on the other side of Everglades, in this town we can spend a few days, explore the 10thousand islands by boat (yeah, you got it right, 10thousand and it seems the beaches are very white and wonderful) and all the activities linked to this land. Of course we don’t have enough time and we have to continue.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (6)

At a certain point we reach Loop Road. Here it is. This stretch of road alone it worth the journey. It will be just like a film. A surreal land, now and then spooky for miles.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (3)

In this season there are very few cars, despite it is Sunday today, and we meet really lots of animals.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (1)

Turtles, birds, storks, herons, squirrels and really lots of all size and really close at hand alligators.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (2)

It seems to be in a great safari and during this season there were very few people. If you arrive in Miami, push on to here, listen to me!

florida on the road everglades animali orso (8)

Pay attention when you get out of the car. The alligators camouflage theirselves very well.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (5)

At a certain point Roby risked to tread on a huge alligator as he was looking at a turtle to photograph few metres further! I’m not joking.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (12)

It’s no use saying we were always standing and took thousands of photos.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (13)

We took them in all position and admired them during their calm proceeding as well as in their stillness.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (14)

From far and near. Very near. Too near. Valeria kept shouting Roby to pay attention and stop getting closer so much!

florida on the road everglades animali orso (7)

We didn’t take only them, but we let our mind wander for a bit and then…we started gain!

florida on the road everglades animali orso (15)

Then directly from Highway 41 it arrives the encounter par excellence.

The wonderful encounter, the one you don’t expect, the one you look for journey and journey and you don’t meet. Then one day by chance you find it in front of you, as happened today.

It was there in an open space on the edge of the road searching in the grass. At the beginning we cannot believe our eyes. As far as Svalbard we looked for it in vain without can be able to see its “first cousin”. A few moments, the time to take a photo, just one unfortunately. It looks at us, it turns and disappears among the trees.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (10)

I read all the guides I had in my hands and no one reports the bears of Everglades. But today we saw it, very beautiful and very big: it looked at us astonished as well we looked at it.

florida on the road everglades animali orso (11)

A few moments but it was a unique emotion. The ones you can’t forget beyond the photo.

We look at each other disbelieving while it remains only the noise of the broken up branches it did going away. The photo is here and testifies we didn’t dream it.

This is the reason why I love the on the roads. People who know me tell me they are tiring, that these are not holidays, that we are always in a hurry, that we can’t change hotel every evening and other thousand objections of this sort…

…here it is. This simple photo explains what is an on the road and what it can give. No other type of trip, holiday or rest it worth this to me. What about you?

florida on the road everglades animali orso (9)

I say Goodnight to you from here. Miami is wonderful without doubt (even if here in Florida I found lots of places more beautiful to my taste), but when you are travelling, above all for a month, you have to pay attention to the budget, too!

So why leaving tomorrow from Miami to the Bahamas we don’t stop just outside (25km) and have a very good clean motel, microwave, barbecue (and Vale wants going to Publix again: this supermarket is ruining us!), swimming pool and the peace of a little town? 60 dollars for 3 people! Ah, I forgot: a super breakfast included, too! See you tomorrow for the third and last part, unfortunately, of our Lillyontheroad to Bahamas!

5th – 6th – 7th – 8th – 9th January 2015

Our on the road has a rest since we go on a cruise to Bahamas. We are spoiled while we are exploring the beaches of these wonderful islands.

miami florida outlet shopping (1)

Ah…I forgot…here it is the last little animal for Valeria!

10th January 2015

Shopping at Miami Outlet.


These Americans are too ahead: kindergarten schoolbags with Ipad stuffing (while here we are still discussing the basis, the world is getting on!): charging stations near to comfortable armchairs and even computers to be connected for husbands waiting for their own wives while they are going shopping!!!

Here near the recharges (and if you forget the cable they give you it free) there’s even the TV!

I only tell you that our Outlet in Serravalle here is inside one of the “branches” and this one has about ten branches and exits.

miami florida outlet shopping (7)

I never spent so much time going shopping during my entire life and I never spent so much money! Here I have to hope the credit card is stopped! Help!!!!

Of course, needless to say the connection is free and very quick.

miami florida outlet shopping (5)

We found out another thing about USA sales. Today a few shops open two hours before than the scheduled time: only in those two hours they give an additional 15-20% off on the sales prices! Today here I think no good will come of it!

miami florida outlet shopping (2)

Americans make their life easier. Here it is a kit absolutely essential!

miami florida outlet shopping (6)

Okay. These are only a few purchases (in the car I have still two little things and I still will buy other two ones): we have to include them in 3 bags! We will never do it!!!

…and yet I have cut down quite a lot! Ahahahah!

Never mind. We have another day to think about it. Good evening form Miami Beach!

miami florida outlet shopping (3)

But…whether you two decide to go out from there since it’s dark, yet…what do you think?

miami florida outlet shopping (4)

11th January 2015

Our journey comes to an end. Unfortunately today it’s the last day. Tomorrow we go back.

miami florida usa ontheroad (4)

Who would have ever said that a person like me will miss these beaches?

miami florida usa ontheroad (10)

Tractors clear the beach of seaweeds.

miami florida usa ontheroad (5)

It’s hypnotic losing ourselves in watching the kites’ evolutions.

Hours and hours fly away while we are here gaping watching them on the beach!

The public parks are opened and free from dawn to sunset. They overlook the beach which has dustbins punctually emptied (several times a day at the weekend). Tractors pass and keep the beach clean of seaweeds.

miami florida usa ontheroad (8)

Under the palms there are tables and barbecues with a non-stop people turnover. People keep clean and the personnel complete the work. Also today even if it’s Sunday: they pass, smile, exchange a few words with us and continue to work (on Sunday!).

Is it still not enough?

If you want to understand the civilization level of a nation, have a look at the disables people parking. Everyone knows how they are in our country. Here they are occupied only by the people whom they are entitled to. All the swimming pools have the facilities in order to let them bathe and ALL the playgrounds have the swings for the wheelchairs!

Okay! Now I’m waiting for the comments of the people who are not agreeing! Tell me what are the real symptoms of an advanced civilization that I have to watch! (Quick, please, I have only still a few hours!)

miami florida usa ontheroad (12)

I’m posting scrounging a Wi-Fi from somewhere, she is studying, Roby is taking photos of kites…tomorrow I won’t get the flight!

miami florida usa ontheroad (1)

Did the ocean wear out you a bit perhaps? Even the rubber dinghies!!!

miami florida usa ontheroad (6)

We have not finished to pamper ourselves, yet. This is a real banana split!

miami florida usa ontheroad (11)

I don’t just comment Valeria’s “superman” colour flavoured!

miami florida usa ontheroad (2)

12th January 2015

Bye bye Miami…I hope it is just a “See you soon!”

miami florida usa ontheroad (7)

 13th January 2015

Berlin before the dawn.

miami florida usa ontheroad (9)

Flying over the Alps it’s always fabulous but during clear days like this it’s still more!

miami florida usa ontheroad (3)


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