Lillyontheroad in Miami Florida USA

15th December 2014

We leave early in the morning to discover the USA. Our flight lands directly in Miami for a hot Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

This is the situation in front of us at Milan Linate Airport. Unable to check-in online with Alitalia and the queue is more than 150m long at 5am, yet. There isn’t the staff to support us and the finest thing is the automatic machine for the check-in. You enter the data, the passports, the flights and all the rest. Then clicking “print the boarding card” the system answers: unable to check-in, please, refer to the desk”.

01 usa miami florida-001

Here I refrain from telling you that by a reservation “Air Berlin Flight operated by Alitalia, the Alitalia staff, when it arrives at last, make you refer to the Air Berlin desk that knows nothing, doesn’t find the flight and other similar pleasantness (the only clerk arrived couldn’t even speak English to give information to a foreign group!). But I tell you all about this in a dedicated post on my return! We took the flight at last …if this is the terminal for the Expo…

We leave Alitalia, we take aboard Air Berlin and we arrive in the USA at last! Miami is waiting for us!

02 usa miami florida-001

We leave Alitalia, we take aboard Air Berlin and we arrive in the USA at last! Miami is waiting for us!

16th December 2014

03 usa miami florida-001

Do you like our red little car? A tip here, too: some rental car companies want several dollars a day for a sort of necessary telepass on some roads, that multiplied by 30 days we need……it makes a lot of money. Also here, please, refer to a dedicated post. The USA are too ahead! You buy a sticky-label for less than 5$ at the supermarkets or at the chemist’s, you record online, you load it with 10$ so you save a lot of money, above all if your stay in the USA is very long.

04 usa miami florida-001

Miami beach is wonderful. I really didn’t think that I could like a seaside so much. It’s 23 degrees early in the morning, yet…if I think about cold and rain we left home…but here we are 2 hours far from Bahamas by ferryboat!!!

05 usa miami florida-001

We manage to carry away Valeria from the water and sand! A tour in the downtown, among modern skyscrapers that bewitch her. This release below is hers. Wonderful with this blue sky.

06 usa miami florida-001

I tell you that she make us have the tour on the Metro Mover three times!!! Fortunately it’s free!

07 usa miami florida-001

But it bewitches us, too. The little electric and without driver train goes through the skyscraper: it’s very particular. I never thought a big and a chaotic city and even a seaside could bewitch me so much.

Tour on the opposite side to admire the skyline. Keep in mind that for the ontheroad post we always and only use the photos on the mobile so the quality is never high.

08 usa miami florida-001

The view we are admiring by this beach is unique and we are astonished by seeing how modernity and nature live together safely. Here we can admire all sorts of birds, even vultures, running squirrels and here in Florida there’s the third coral reef in the world by extension and beauty.

09 usa miami florida-001

We move on to Key West through secondary roads. Also here the nature lord it and we go into the “normal” American life a bit. The big skyscrapers and the very luxury houses gave their place to normal houses, without fence almost all, a sign of safety: the thing that most strike me is the comparison with our “middle class” and the American one. Their purchasing power cannot certainly be compared to ours. You feel quite the well-being. A guy on the plane we were chatting with defined it the land of opportunities. Nothing more true!

10 usamiami florida-001

The road towards Key West, the furthermost border, is on the sea both on the right and on the left: going along it at the sunset is certainly the best moment.

12 usa miami florida-001

The villages we meet are one more beautiful than the other and to be explored calmly they should need a week each at least.

11 usa miami florida-001

Boats, peace, wonderful colours,…

14 usa miami florida-001

Here I think tomorrow we’ll have to hire it, us too!

13 usa miami florida-001

The electric cables are full of sea crows: they are relaxing and spreading their wings to the last sun rays.

15 usa miami florida-001

Kilometre after kilometre the sunset arrives. It’s time to stop: it’s useless to go on in the dark since we would miss the beauty.

16 usa miami florida-001

We had a good seafood hearty meal and…tomorrow morning we’ll leave soon. Key West is waiting for us!

coda alitalia a linate


17th December 2014

Today it’s a busy day. I want to say first of all that it took a minute to me to fall in love with Key West, too!

usa miami key west stati uniti (4)

But let’s proceed in order. Good morning from Key!

usa miami key west stati uniti (2)

The long road is an endlessly scenery (it’s long also due to the speed limits a bit absurd for our rules).

usa miami key west stati uniti (25)

The views follow one another. From the most tourist views to the most unpolluted ones.

A surprise at the petrol pump: here it takes 30 euros to fill up a middle car. Don’t do like us: just arrived we thought the petrol was very expensive…it took a bit to us to realize that the cost isn’t per litre!

usa miami key west stati uniti (21)

So if you will let yourselves a campervan like this…maybe I revise the idea of camping here, too!

usa miami key west stati uniti (22)

The meetings we have on the roads are particular. The air you breath here is beyond description and tell, you have to experience it!

usa miami key west stati uniti (13)

Along the quay you could see even a manatee swimming. We couldn’t be able to photograph it but it was a unique experience!

usa miami key west stati uniti (5)

The jet skies speed, boats and motorboats, too, free and very quick Wi-Fi so a click it’s enough to be connected, the water is really clean and the manatees are swimming.

usa miami key west stati uniti (7)

Progress and nature can coexist: if you don’t believe it…come and see here!

usa miami key west stati uniti (6)

The excursions suggested are really endless. The venues one after another overlook directly the water and in this one, at midday, a group played live music that rejoiced even the people who were walking in the harbour.

usa miami key west stati uniti (19)

Wonderful atmosphere!

usa miami key west stati uniti (9)

Look at here who you can meet on the harbour roofs!

usa miami key west stati uniti (16)

These pelicans are really beautiful.

usa miami key west stati uniti (12)

Of course you can pick and choose and above all for all pockets!

usa miami key west stati uniti (26)

Having a tour on the island you can meet wonderful beaches and the temperature is perfect both to sunbath and to have a swim!

usa miami key west stati uniti (17)

Valeria! Bathing was hypothetic. We haven’t time!

usa miami key west stati uniti (23)

Okay, I got it. The most beautiful and comfortable places are all yours today!

usa miami key west stati uniti (24)

On the other hand what’s more beautiful than admiring this wonderful sea and these colours?

usa miami key west stati uniti (18)

Going along we admire the endless Christmas decorations. It seems so strange to think about Christmas by this hot weather…

usa miami key west stati uniti (3)

The little shops, too, aren’t less and seeing the low prices if compared to our rules…I’m very dangerous here inside! They are one more beautiful than the other!

usa miami key west stati uniti (10)

It’s time to move on towards the mainland again.

usa miami key west stati uniti (20)

At a certain point a little harbour: the fishermen returning from fishing are cleaning their fishing boats and the scenery is unique to us!

usa miami key west stati uniti (14)

They are really beautiful and really many. They don’t fly away and we can take photos by all ways!

usa miami key west stati uniti (11)

Valeria! What are you doing inside the shark’s mouth?

We sight the Key deer, too, but… unfortunately today that’s how it is: we can’t photograph it! Never mind!

usa miami key west stati uniti (1)

A stop at the little lake where we can admire these pink waders.

usa miami key west stati uniti (15)

The day comes to an end giving us a wonderful sunset once again! See you tomorrow!

18th December 2014

If the sunsets in Key were wonderful yesterday…take a look at this dawn!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (18)

It isn’t certainly less than them.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (9)

Colours are fabulous.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (8)

Of course, we are placed early in the morning, right Valeria?

florida stati uniti costa orientale (17)

It seems she got to enjoy finding the most relaxing places. But for her relaxing is always and only the moment of a photo!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (8)

When the first sun’s rays illuminate the sea and the boats, the view changes again!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (2)

Wonderful it’s the right word for these colours!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (16)

This is Key Largo and we stopped here because on this island there’s the first undersea park of the United States.

usa stati uniti miami florida barriera corallina (2)

The third coral reef in the world, behind Australia and Belize, here is sheltered in a unique park we are going to explore.

usa stati uniti miami florida barriera corallina (3)

What’s the better way than snorkelling onboard catamaran?

usa stati uniti miami florida barriera corallina (1)

When we go out first we are among an environment of mangroves, typical of these areas.

miami stati uniti barrieracorallina (5)

Then we go into open sea to explore several areas of the reef where we dive into. 

miami stati uniti barrieracorallina (2)

They are one more beautiful than the other. The photos don’t render enough!

miami stati uniti barrieracorallina (3)

Did you have ever feel the thrill of snorkelling among really many and enormous barracuda? Nor do we!

miami stati uniti barrieracorallina (1)

Here the rangers assure us that they are really friendly! If they say so… In Maldives the sharks were friendly, here the barracuda and the medusa are. Mmm…

miami stati uniti barrieracorallina (4)

The day slips by: it’s wonderful admiring a seascape sheltered by each way. You think that we saw and touched the exact copy of San Fruttuoso Christ of the Abyss. It’s exactly alike but more accessible thanks to its lesser depth.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (14)

But we don’t have had enough of swimming, yet, and we finished our day like that! A good swim at sunset…and in the evening, too! We won’t be able to carry away Valeria from here to go to bed!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (21)


19th December 2014

Today we go to Everglades. One of the most famous park. Just after entered it the fauna we meet is really particular.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (24)

A paradise for the bird watching lovers. Here, too, you should take a month to explore them calmly.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (15)

The deviations allow to admire relaxing and dark blue colours views. Today it’s 26-27 degrees and there’s a light and nice wind.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (23)

Really a few people admiring these wonderful views.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (22)

Valeria! Here it is forbidden to feed animals and you are fined 5.000 $. Please, try not to be eaten by alligators because then we have to pay!

The ranger assured us that American crocodiles eat only at Mc Donald’s, so we don’t have problem with those ones!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (4)

We are going to discover Everglades by boat tour.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (13)

We meet many alligators. Which was the one eating only at Mc Donald’s? I don’t think we should hire the canoe…

florida stati uniti costa orientale (7)

Just came back from the tour a surprise is waiting for us. Do you know how to sight a whole manatees family plus several littered elements? There’s the little one, too, but it always stays under water and it’s more difficult to sight.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (10)

Really simple! It’s enough to take Valeria with us. She’s always lucky and when she decides to see a thing…she always can do it without fail!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (20)

Take a look here…and you always think that these photos are only from mobile…on my return I’ll post those ones of GoPro. It’s a very curious animal!!!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (3)

They were near there for very long time and we took really a billion of photos!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (1)

Also this day comes to an end and we have a place to sleep! See you tomorrow!

20th December 2014

Today it’s a relaxing day.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (19)

We go up the east coast calmly and we explore some beach.

A tip: if the rental car company you refer to gives you really high prices for navigator, do as us. Before leaving download the app and all the maps of the area you are interested in. Then it will be enough an iphone or an ipad even without connection since they work offline perfectly!

As I always repeat, travelling isn’t free but by the right tricks we can save a lot of money and travel by the normal economic resources. Unfortunately the most part of people don’t understand it: the most frequent statement is “how much money!”.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (12)

Palm Beach area is something really beyond description. Pharaonic large houses one more beautiful than the other, directly on the beaches and with endless boats. During all day I asked myself what job they do to afford all this!

But we aren’t interested in these things. We go towards Jupiter Beach, the beach famous for the turtles.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (5)

Unfortunately this is not the right period but…we’ll be satisfied all the same. Warm temperature, not too hot, windy at the right point…perfect as always!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (6)

Above all really a few people!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (25)

This day dedicated in discovering east Florida comes to an end, too, and we treat ourselves well.

We haven’t had enough of swimming, yet!

florida stati uniti costa orientale (26)

A little suggestion: at the weekend the business hotels give additional discounts, so allow to rise in class without getting off the budget. Furthermore, they have always very quick and working Wi-Fi! Keep in mind when you travel #ontheroad.

florida stati uniti costa orientale (11)

21st December

Today it’s a relaxing day on the beach… relatively (with Valeria relax is always relative!)

florida usa stati uniti  (7)

Don’t think that these wonderful oceanic beaches are always so empty. Even if we are in the low season usually there are a few people. But Valeria made us get up at dawn and we are always the first coming!

florida usa stati uniti  (1)

This is the beach in normal conditions and in a normal time.

florida usa stati uniti  (5)

Paths cross the mangroves and here, too, during the season, the beaches are crowded with turtles.

florida usa stati uniti  (6)

Today we have seen only it and a manta ray in the water.

florida usa stati uniti  (4)

Manta ray that Valeria mistook by a shark and it was followed by a mad shout!

florida usa stati uniti  (3)

The oceanic beaches are nice and jumping on the waves with the typical and intense sound of the ocean is even more beautiful!

florida usa stati uniti  (2)

Our day comes to an end in Cape Canaveral: tomorrow a busy day at Kennedy Space Center is ahead of us. But I say you Goodnight with a reflexion that is going on in my head seeing their detached houses. Tell me what you want, talk me about crime in the US, about crisis, about gangsters…but in Italy we can’t allow ourselves even at the mountain up to 3000 metres these houses without fence and with large windows as far as the ground! Here you go along thousands of kilometres and they are all like that! And if this one is not the quality of life…

22nd December 2014

Lillyontheroad continues in Cape Canaveral, Florida, at Kennedy Space Center in a dedicated post.

23rd – 24th – 25th – 26th – 27th December 2014

Orlando Parks, Disney World and Universal Studios in a dedicated post. A ravishing world carrying you in an alternate universe. It’s impossible to resist its call and don’t extend the scheduled days.

28th December 2014

Good morning from Daytona Beach!

Do you note we are a little bit tired and cannot get our backside off at dawn as usual after the last few days hauls?

usa florida ontheroad (8)

The ocean! The relaxing and restoring ocean. The ocean with its unique and distinctive sound. You can recognize it even only by its sound. Really long beaches and the first surfers.

usa florida ontheroad (2)

Here in Daytona Beach you can come to the beach with everything like in Denmark!  Anyway the most beautiful thing is wasting hours admiring the surfers’ evolutions!

usa florida ontheroad (7)

Valeria still can’t resign herself! You cannot experience surfing. The sharks will eat you! Help! Take her away from here!!!

usa florida ontheroad (6)

What’s the temperature in Alexandria? Because here today it’s roasting hot!!!

usa florida ontheroad (4)

It’s easy spending hours and hours in raptures admiring the surfers. Then just the perfect wave arrives everyone stands up catching it by wonderful evolutions.

usa florida ontheroad (1)

S. Augustine. The oldest town of the United States. How smashing these Americans!

usa florida ontheroad (5)

In the evening at the hotel we decide laying a claim on five days holiday! Why we don’t have a tour to the Bahamas while we’re here? 
Even the cabin with the balcony! On the other hand to do something you have to do it well! Here prices are really ridiculous.

This evening we end our ontheroad post on Florida east coast. Tomorrow we’ll go to the west coast and we’ll continue there our Lillyontheroad in Florida second part. Continue to follow us in this wonderful destination!

usa florida ontheroad (3)




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