LillyOnTheRoad in Norway and then as far as Svalbard

lillyontheroad norway navigation fjords Svalbard. An idea born quickly from nothing. An unscheduled holiday, a friend asking for help to buy a ticket for another destination, Iceland, a sudden change in the programme and here we are leaving for a journey towards the great north we really love. Follow me on my socials and by the hashtag:

#lillyontheroad #norway #svalbard

We make a change and to these ones we add an idea of Ezio: we’ll join all Italian traveller bloggers. The hashtag is:


and…if it is a competition, we’ll win certainly for the northernmost tweet. Only an arctic expedition can beat us! Whether the connections will allow us to send it!

6th August 2014 – Departure

A few hours before the departure…this is the situation. I’m a hopeless case…but I’ll make it!lillyontheroad norway navigation fjords

Here we are! Did someone perhaps doubt we would make it?

lillyontheroad norway navigation fjords

7th August 2014 – Awakening in Oslo

A quick tour in Oslo. Obviously after a suited salmon and smocked herring-based breakfast!

suited salmon and smocked herring-based breakfast

It’s always a very beautiful town and for the first time we savour it in summer.

town hall oslo

Today it’s very hot! The very famous town hall.

inside town hall osloInside and outside.

inside town hall oslo

Someone plays at being the Norwegian Juliet.

relax in the oslo harbour The harbour central area is more and more beautiful. Since the last time are added a series of urban furnishings that allow you to live the town.

norway beach oslo

Someone is sunbathing and the other ones take advantage of this sun to enjoy the beach.

norway beach oslo

Did I already tell you it’s very hot today here?

fishermen at the harbour of oslo

At the harbour you can taste all sorts of delicacy.

Oslo-Bergen panoramic train: you can admire some of the most beautiful landscapes of whole Norway! Our new GoPro worked all the time!

gopro working Arrival at Bergen and…to all goodnight! See you tomorrow to explore the fjords by boat!

Bergen hotel goodnight

8th August 2014 – Awakening in Bergen

Good morning form Bergen!

Good morning form Berge

We leave right now! Navigation among the fjords.

Navigation among the fjordsWonderful views and absolute peace.

Wonderful views and absolute peaceSome clouds in the morning…

weller fjords boatHow you exaggerate! It isn’t so cold!

bergen bridgeThe photographer is always working.

photographer is always working norwayAt last exaggerated sun! We are all sunburnt from the first night yet!

sun fjords norway bergenHere are the kayaks. It took me all day but at the end I managed to convince Inge alias Sampei: tomorrow I’ll try!

kayaks norwayWe are waiting for the Weller at berth.

norway weller fjords

By the next photo I’ll finally convince you that in Norway it’s hot!

swimming fjords norway

Arriving by boat just under the double waterfall. How wonderful.

 double waterfall norway fjords

The navigation continues among unique views!

norway fjords

Inge takes the first kayak class. I’m ready in five minutes! Tomorrow we’ll see some good!

norway fjords kayak lesson

It’s better to think about something else. Here it’s easy to distract and think about something else, right?

smoked salmon bergen

smoked salmon bergen fish

These were delicious!!!

smoked salmon bergen fish

We go to bed. Even if here is always light it’s time to go. Tomorrow we’ll have another busy day ahead of us! Good night! This is the view from our room. Perfect location, right?

bryggen bergen from our hotel

9th August 2014 – Bergen

We leave Bergen harbour early in the morning!

bergen harbour

Spotlights and islets.

islands fjords bergen navigation

Shining sun and blue sky.

islands fjords bergen navigation

Colours are fabulous.

islands fjords bergen navigation

Did you think to take the bus today? Maybe you got something wrong.

islands fjords bergen navigation

Let’s go fishing!

valeria youngest travel blogger fishing in bergen boat

Valeria, we trust you to eat something!

valeria youngest travel blogger fishing in bergen boat

Meanwhile I enjoy these little places since I’m not patient to fish. Not bad at all!

valeria youngest travel blogger fishing in bergen boat

At least we could be able to provide the baits!

valeria youngest travel blogger fishing in bergen boat

Feverish works are under way…but are these carrots?!?…

roberto cooking fishing

Ah no! Fortunately…there’s even something else so….

valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway

Well done, Valeria! At least you allow us to eat!!! One!!!

valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway


valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway


valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway


valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway

And the biggest one!!! Well done!!!

valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway

Don’t you believe it? Here are the catch of the day!

valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway

With our exceptional chef…guaranteed result! Well done, Roby!

valeria youngest trvel blogger fishing norway

You are too ahead. Considering the means you had! Let Valeria fishing!

norway fjords navigation surfing

Meanwhile the navigation continues among wonderful views…even if we are a bit too busy eating instead of admiring them…

10th August 2014 – Bergen

Bergen in the morning is always wonderful.

norway fjords navigation surfing bergenWhat better day to climb the funicular railway to go and admire the town, the fjords and the islands from the top?norway fjords navigation surfing bergen

It’s a clear and sunny day.

bergen funicolarsThe giant troll. A photo is de rigueur! The giant troll

Roby! Stop it! You can’t eat the trolls!!! The giant troll

That’s better!

The giant troll

A tour in the old Bryggen part of Bergen. old Bryggen part of Bergen.

Wood coloured little houses: it’s lovely to walk among them. old Bryggen part of Bergen.

This wonderful sailing vessel has arrived at the harbour. 7 days cruise towards Scotland. You must try it! old Bryggen part of Bergen.

We went on board, of course. We certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity!

old Bryggen part of Bergen.Last sunset in Bergen. Night train to Oslo and go!

11th August 2014 – Oslo

We are again in navigation early in the morning. Very beautiful views by sea! 

navigation early in the morning

Direction: Icebreaker Fram Museum, Arctic Explorations Museum, Navigation Museum…one more interesting than the other.

Icebreaker Fram MuseumOne week for each wouldn’t be enough to visit them well.

Icebreaker Fram MuseumBut my favourite is always the Fram one.

Icebreaker Fram Museum

Explanations, reconstructions, settings…you can pick and choose!

Icebreaker Fram Museum

You can go on board and venture upon the first explorers’ life. Icebreaker Fram Museum

At the Navigation Museum guaranteed fun, too, for all age groups. Icebreaker Fram Museum

But my boat was always screwing! Icebreaker Fram Museum

Now, do I convince you that in Oslo is hot? The school took the children for a swim…I’m always in short sleeves but today I’ve worn the anorak…  school took the children for a swim

Why a Moai is in Oslo? Find it out atMoai is in Oslo Kon-Tiki!

The day slip by visiting all these museums.

Moai is in Oslo

It’s time to go to bed even if the steady light does not make us want to go back. Tomorrow we’ll fly to Svalbard! See you on the next updating!

12th August 2014 – Towards Svalbard

Wideroe flight from Oslo early in the morning.

Wideroe flight from Oslo

Svalbard destination!

Wideroe flight from Oslo svalbard

Flying above Norway is simply smashing!

Wideroe flight from Oslo svalbard

From on high you can admire it in all its glory.

Wideroe flight from Oslo svalbard

Here they are! Wonderful Svalbard!

Wideroe flight from Oslo svalbard

Snow and glaciers where the man never set foot in.

13th August 2014 – To discover Longyearbyen

walking svalbard

Walking in the town.

Walking in the town

On the seashore. Do you want to have a swim, Valeria?

Snowmobiles parked in the town

Snowmobiles parked in the town. Look well at the case in the back…


Warehouses along the road. Bears? Reindeers? Boh…


Valeria, where would you go with that?

It doesn’t get darker

It doesn’t get darker than this. To have 24hours light can stumble a bit but it’s beautiful!

14th August 2014 – Tour by boat to Pyramiden

Shining sun and clear sky in Svalbard. The ideal for a day on boat!

clear sky in Svalbard

The harbour is very busy this morning.

harbour is very busy

These can be defined geo-located signs road!

geo-located signs road
Here it is! Hurtigruten! Next time you won’t miss!

hurtigruten svalbard

The glacier front on the sea is simply beautiful.

glacier front on the sea svalbard

Unique colours.

glacier front on the sea svalbard

Sky and sea blend in a dark blue that makes the ice blue, too.

glacier front on the sea svalbard

Beyond description and wonderful.

glacier front on the sea svalbard

A rumble. A bit of ice come off and fall into the sea.

glacier front on the sea svalbard

To leave speechless. Small icebergs are floating in front of the stately glacier.

Salmon and whale svalbard

We have lunch as kings under this glacier: unique scenery. What do we eat? Salmon and whale. I’ll arouse many people’s anger but whale is really good!

Salmon and whale svalbard

The lunch on boat is a buffet lunch. We ruined them!

 pyramiden svalbard

Here is Pyramiden from far.

walking pyramiden

Here you walk like that. Yesterday a polar bear was swimming at the quay.

pyramiden svalbard

You take the bus, too, with the gun. Obligatory to stay in group and not go away.

pyramiden svalbard

Today Pyramiden counts 15 inhabitants!

 pyramiden svalbard

Stay in group, don’t go away, stay closed. The bear can be everywhere. This is not a game.

pyramiden 79 parallel

Here we are at the 79th parallel. Got past! (Even if…these Russians have cheated a bit!).

The northernmost playground

The northernmost playground in the world. Nothing exists more over!

uata group boat svalbard

Here is our Uata group in full force to end with a flourish a wonderful day. Where does the name come from? Impossible to explain. Only hereabout they could understand it…

15th August 2014 – Today by Zodiac in the Arctic

Certain that there just would be a beautiful tour by snowmobile. Uff! It’s too hot!

tour by snowmobile

Then what about a beautiful tour by limousine? Here are 50km roads that can be travelled over, central streets, too!

limousine svalbard

The views are always delightful everywhere you turn!

quad svalbard

We are ready and harnessed on board Zodiac. Don’t you know what is it? Pretty cool!!!

 zodiac artic sea svalbard

By Zodiac in the middle of the Arctic…guaranteed adrenalin! Very beautiful experience…but not for everyone!

 zodiac artic sea svalbard

It’s evening now but because it never get dark we don’t go to bed. We have a walk to the abandoned coal mine that actually it’s out of the pink zone yet (bear free) but it’s so near that we venture.

 out of the pink zone yet bear free
Roby says not to worry that…he think about the bear…with the stick! No! That one was for the tiger in Nepal!

 out of the pink zone yet bear free

The place is desolating and a bit worrying.

 out of the pink zone yet bear free

Do we go away a bit too? We hope not.

insides are untouched and deserted

The insides are untouched and deserted. A surreal place.

insides are untouched and deserted

Worrying and charming are the perfect adjectives.

insides are untouched and deserted

insides are untouched and deserted

It’s better to go down after have taken a billion of photos. Come on, Roby, it’s getting dark…ah no!

teddy bear svalbard

Another teddy bear!

light svalbard

Impossible to think that we have to go to bed with this light. But it’s very late, yet!

16th August 2014 – Trekking on the “Sarcophagus”

We are ready to leave. Sarcophagus is the name of the mountain we’ll climb!

trekking svalbard

What am I doing here up? Don’t ask me! I even don’t know why I drag myself in these so difficult things!

trekking svalbard

Here we are at the edge of the first glacier!

trekking first glacier svalbard

What do you say? Could I become arctic guide and stay living here in Svalbard? No! It’s not for me! How wonderful! I visit them. I’ll come again if I can…but not living here!

trekking first glacier svalbard

The view from the top of the Sarcophagus is really remarkable, even if actually we didn’t climb so far: less than 600m.

trekking first glacier svalbard

Other glacier.

trekking first glacier svalbard

Another one. In winter this become a snowmobile track. Absolutely I must come again.

trekking first glacier svalbard

Moss and lichens. A sun ray is enough to nature get wonderful colours.

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

Always unique and different views…but how strenuous.

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

Okay! For her there’s nothing difficult! Never! And she is always complaining that has always to wait us and that here she cannot go on alone. Ah! Then you are afraid of bear!!!

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

How do we cross this one? I’d exclude swimming

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

Come on, Roby! Okay…the photos…but you can’t fall behind so much! The bear eats you!

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

Above and under the glacier. What a sight!

Moss and lichens svalbard trekking

A walk on the glacier. Here there’s not crevasses danger and it’s a very beautiful feeling the ice creaking under the boots.

A walk on the glacier

Then seeing together fjords, sea and ice is very particular.

A walk on the glacier svalbard

The only crevasses are these one full of water. You have to know that exist some crazy people that walk the glacier uphill dragging the kayak and then go down inside these crevasses when they are full of water. It seems it’s a unique experience. Unfortunately this, too, is not for me! Too strenuous! Uff!

A walk on the glacier svalbard

We are satisfied with walk.

A walk on the glacier svalbard

Fossils on our way back. There are many of them and you can collect them. It’s stunning to think that here in these deserted lands had existed plants, too!

Fossils svalbard

We go back. But how far still is it???

trekkiing svalbard

Not all flavours are mint! Here in this tent lives a man all year. In summer and in winter. It seems he is a very highly-regarded arctic guide…I can well believe it!!!

tent lives a man svalbard

Flora and moss at the edge of the glacier.

Flora and moss svalbard

0.18 am in the night by our window. If I am always active, the never-ending light makes me want to stay always awake! What a sight!!!

midnight sun  svalbard

17th August 2014 – Rental car

reindeers svalbard

Today reindeers. First meeting of the day.

Very multicoloured views

Very multicoloured views, even only moving far a few kilometres.

Very multicoloured views

This is another abandoned coal mine.

abandoned coal mine svalbard

Here is evident the collapses danger. It’s impossible to go inside. At Svalbard there’s a law: all that is dated before 1946 can’t be touched.

geo-localized roads signs

Here are other geo-localized roads signs.

Things to Svalbard

Things to Svalbard.

Mums (bloggers and not) listen to me! Share this photo and help me to make understand that we can travel with children, the little ones, too, almost everywhere! It’s enough to get ready!!!…In this case with the gun for the polar bear danger that here it’s true and real! Parents and child were playing happy on the beach a few metres far.

polar bear svalbard

Polar bear. True or false?

Last midnight sun svalbard

Last midnight sun…for this time!

18th August 2014 – We come back to Oslo

Last flashes of Svalbard

Last flashes of Svalbard, a few souvenirs…

admire the landscape from on high svalbard

What’s better than find out the flight provide for a low flight above the archipelago for over a half hour to admire the landscape from on high?

admire the landscape from on high svalbard

Great Wideroe!

admire the landscape from on high svalbard

Svalbard say good bye to us!

admire the landscape from on high svalbard

I would be here to admire them from on high for an entire day. Bye bye.

green Norway Intermediate stop in Tromso

We come back to the green Norway. Intermediate stop in Tromso.

green Norway Intermediate stop in Tromso

Actually I have not coming here for a bit.

green Norway Intermediate stop in Tromso

We would see to it. Landing Oslo.

norway train with wifi

This is the Norwegian train from which I’m posting: it has TV and free Wi-Fi. Just like us.

oslo dinner salmon

Tired but very satisfied we end with a flourish: a dinner in Oslo in a beautiful location among green a few far from the town hall! Recommended! 

oslo dinner salmon

Here we have tear!!! When you are very hungry…

oslo dinner

Well…The dishes really deserve and the price is very lower than the venues hereabout!

oslo dinner salmon

Of course, salmon can’t miss!

walking night oslo norway

Last movida hours in Oslo.

walking night oslo norway

Always very wonderful.

walking night oslo norway

I know it’s late but…just still a few steps!

19th August 2014 – At home

We come back home with the certainty to have set foot in so farthest places that most of the people even don’t know.

A fortune and a responsibility. The Earth is really wonderful, it’s our duty to preserve it. Svalbard are unique and they are beautifully still untouched because tourism is minimum. We always travel being fully aware of the fact that tourism destroy everything in the place where it arrives. We try to do it the least possible!

Soon I’ll give you the updating with the report of this wonderful journey!

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