LillyOntheRoad is leaving for Paths in Oriental Venice.

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Here we are. As I told you in my post of some days ago, we are leaving to discover a land that has “a lot to offer, but it’s famous only for the city of Venice very often”.

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06th September 2014

Let’s go! Bevazzana destination!

See you soon.

iveblogtour bibione venezia orientale

I like the Lagoon yet.

iveblogtour bibione 03

Who wants to come with us?

iveblogtour bibione 04

Maybe…do you prefer this one?…on the road meetings…

iveblogtour bibione 05

Let’s start #IveBlogTour. Interesting and busy program.

iveblogtour bibione 06

Authorities’ welcome at the council’s room.

iveblogtour bibione 07

We’re arrived in Alvisopoli. Yeah! It really exists! It’s a hamlet near Portogruaro.

iveblogtour bibione 08

Large house, park, barns…what a sight! Very interesting history: it was named from Alvise city and it was built so that it was independent.

ivebolgtour bibione valeria 01

Visit at the church where aristocrats and the common people sat separately.

ivebolgtour bibione valeria 02

ivebolgtour bibione 09

Enjoy your meal!

ivebolgtour bibione 10

Academy concert at St. Christine in Gorgo Church.

ivebolgtour bibione 11

I can tell you that I regret a bit to understand nothing about music in this location tonight.

See you tomorrow! Good night to all of you!

07th September 2014

We arrived at Concordia Saggitaria!

venezia orientale (1)

The swastika was a sign of life from Nepal to Concordia Sagittaria. Not of death.

venezia orientale (2)

It’s really beautiful to discover the town walking along its streets calmly.

venezia orientale (3)

Cathedral and baptistery.

venezia orientale (4)

The remains of an ancient Roman bridge which had three arches. Concordia is full of remains everywhere

venezia orientale (5)

We move to Portogruaro for the 12hours bicycle race.

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Is this the perfect place to have a spritz after a tour by caorlina, isn’t it? What is it? You will find out about it very soon!

venezia orientale (7)

Portogruaro has wonderful views. The roaring of waters freshens the air.

venezia orientale (8)

Lunch break. We eat some very fresh and excellently cooked seafood dish.

venezia orientale (9)


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We have a tour at Belfiore Mill’s Museum.

venezia orientale (11)


venezia orientale (12)

This is the venue for the Wine’s National Exhibition.

venezia orientale (13)

Visit to local wineries. One more beautiful than the other.

venezia orientale (14)

The sun is going down. Let’s go to the vineyards!

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Some wineries have dedicated programs for children so they can have some experience, like tread the grapes.

venezia orientale (16)

Here are mills working perfectly.

venezia orientale (17)


venezia orientale (18)

8th September 2014

Caorle old centre is whole restored. It seems to have a tour at the outlet! Wonderful!

venezia orientale (1)

Everything is so beautiful that it appears artificial!

venezia orientale (2)

The bright colours don’t belong to the history of Caorle: in fact, they gave a unique touch to the old centre recently only.

venezia orientale (3)

Mr Paolino makes these masterpieces by himself and he wants you know that. He wants to hand down his own knowledges.

family travel blogger

While the guide is explaining all bloggers take photos and twit. Two ladies walk near us after did the shopping and they talk to each other shocked: “Look at that! The guide is explaining and they are using their mobile phones!”

venezia orientale (5)

The medieval style of the Cathedral of Caorle. The insides are interesting. They all have their own history.

venezia orientale (6)

This is Caorle promenade. Every year the Scogliera Viva contest takes here lots of artists from all over the world. It renews the stones by sculptures and works of art under the open sky.

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The little church on the beach of Caorle. The bell tower still acts as a lighthouse. Just on the beach. You must have a tour here. The place deserves it!

venezia orientale (8)

The cross is above the windows’ level…Since in Alessandria politics doesn’t work …we could build this one! It would be not bad at all!

venezia orientale (9)

Some frescos in the town.

venezia orientale (10)

We are at the museum! A temporary exhibition accompanied by an archaeological story for the summer audience.

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It doesn’t stray from the historical truth but it deals with topics in a light way.

venezia orientale (12)

An interactive museum that bewitches adults and children.

venezia orientale (13)

Look out! If you want to visit the exhibition, don’t forget it is falling due! 

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On board bragozzo, the typical two master trawler, sailing across the oriental lagoon’s canals in Venice..

venezia orientale (15)

We are sailing among casoni (fishing huts), some of them restored in a luxury way, other ones more classic and distinctive.

venezia orientale (16)

Sailing the narrowest canals among reeds and then going out in reverse because we can’t turn at the back.

venezia orientale (17)

Warm sun and ideal temperature. Simply perfect!

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This type of relax allows you to spend a lot of time admiring these views.

family travel blogger

Many other casoni: you can go into quite a lot of them.

venezia orientale (20)

You can admire once garaging places, still used today.

venezia orientale (21)

You can arrive there through bridges, canals, roads and cycle ways.

venezia orientale (23)

Just like this one where we had lunch. 

venezia orientale (22)

Typical atmosphere and wine in floods!

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We leave again.

venezia orientale (25)

You can also experience the tourist fishing.

venezia orientale (26)

Keep admiring oriental lagoon’s sights in Venice.

venezia orientale (27)

This is the point where “the sea discharges”. A place of treasure for all children.

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The navigation proceeds calmly.

venezia orientale (29)

Now it’s time to come back.

venezia orientale (30)

We say goodbye to the last casoni and…

venezia orientale (31)

…we admire lagoon’s reflections. We move towards Brussa beach.

venezia orientale (32)

In this area there are reclamations and salvages.

venezia orientale (33)

At sunset: this is the perfect time to take photos.

venezia orientale (34)

The shadows are lengthening…

venezia orientale (35)

…and someone doesn’t miss the opportunity!

family travel blogger

It’s late.

venezia orientale (37)

We finish off the day seeing this very beautiful aircraft flying at sunset. See you tomorrow!

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9th September 2014

Early in the morning we are ready to cycle and discover the lagoon.

01 laguna in bicicletta

Let’s go!

family travel blogger

We go for a cycle ride along the canals.

03 canali in laguna

To get to the typical and distinctive Lio Piccolo village.

04 borghi e paesi

You can walk up on the bell tower. And we don’t miss the opportunity.

05 laguna dall'alto del campanile

The view is fantastic up here! The lagoon appears wonderful.

family travel blogger

This is the square where there are our bicycles.

07 lampadario di murano originale

The little church is full of little treasures you should discover like this Venetian glasswork chandelier.

08 navigando in laguna

We load on board the bicycles. Let’s go towards another destination.

09 navigando nella laguna

Lagoon’s colours are very distinctive.

10 fotografo all'opera

On board we take photos all the time.

11 scorci in laguna

The fauna is interesting and distinctive. A paradise for the lovers of bird watching.

12 pranzo in laguna

We have lunch at a lagoon’s farm holidays.

13 navigando nella laguna (2)

You can also hire out all sorts of little boats here so you can row across the lagoon and even get to Burano.

14 paesaggi

In the afternoon we visit a fish-farming so we can find out all the techniques they adopt  in the waters here.

15 panorami

Sailing, cycling, walking, loading on board the bicycles again. We’ve got to berth.

16 attracco

These views are even more beautiful at sunset.

17 navigare in laguna

Some bloggers are saying goodbye to you. See you tomorrow!

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10th September 2014

Today we are going to discover Portogruaro.

ive blog tour (1)-001

Canals, water and views are very beautiful that you should take photos of them.

ive blog tour (2)-001

The swans are everywhere. They are only waiting for someone feeding them.

ive blog tour (3)-001

They swim among really big fishes.

ive blog tour (4)-001

The water freshens the air and its roaring gives rise to unique environments.

ive blog tour (5)-001

We are ready for the tour by caorlina (the typical boat).

family travel blogger

You can arrive at Concordia Sagittaria from here.

family travel blogger

It’s easy to get lost among alleys, calle, paths…

ive blog tour (8)-001

Don’t forget to admire the leaning bell tower.

ive blog tour (10)-001

It’s strange to go into the ancient library among all sorts of books.

ive blog tour (11)-001

The ancient trees in the park of Portogruaro. The area is covered by free Wi-Fi.

ive blog tour (12)-001

Some other photos…

family travel blogger


ive blog tour (14)-001

Very nice venues on the water where you can taste an aperitif or a spritz.

ive blog tour (15)-001

In the afternoon we go to Bibione beach.

family travel blogger

Today we are learning play beach tennis.

travel blogger

Group photo!

family travel blogger

Now…let’s go to Bibione Thermae.

ive blog tour (19)-001

A suitable place for the whole family. You can relax and swim.

family travel blogger

We don’t miss anything, of course.

family travel blogger

In the evening you can admire the fountains in their full bloom.

ive blog tour (23)-001

11th September 2014

Today it’s raining. So we changed our program. Now we move towards Sea Life Aquarium.

venezia orientale blog tour (1)

The Sea Life Aquarium is full of children due to the whether!

venezia orientale blog tour (2)

Carefully made setting.

venezia orientale blog tour (6)

It’s very beautiful to watch feeding animals. Did you know they eat in a very funny way?

venezia orientale blog tour (3)

We have seafood lunch in a very nice venue on the lagoon.

venezia orientale blog tour (5)

In the evening we are in Bibione: after the round table conference together with authorities Septemberfest is waiting for us.

venezia orientale blog tour (7)

Musical fireworks finish off the evening and our blog tour in a land you must discover.

venezia orientale blog tour (4)

See you in next posts!


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