Munich Spring Festival: the Little Oktoberfest

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera tendone

Did you know in Munich, besides the very famous Oktoberfest, it exists a sort of Spring Oktoberfest, too? After have given you some cues for your next amusements during the next Easter holidays, it’s time for another annual appointment not to miss if you are in Germany.

Munich Spring Festival: the Little Oktoberfest

When Spring arrives in Munich arrives the usual Munchener Fruhlingsfest, the Spring Beer’s Festival, known also as “Kleine Wiesn” (The Little Oktoberfest) and this year it’s the 51st edition: it’s a downright Spring Oktoberfest, maybe less famous and less crowded and for this reason definitely more real since it’s crowded almost solely by Germans. Tourists don’t have discovered it, yet.

It belongs to popular festivals (as the very famous Oktoberfest), it takes place every year in the second half of April and it lasts two weeks.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera tendone decorazioni

On the occasion, two marquees housing 8000 people each are prepared: one it’s Paulaner’s brewery and the other one Augustiner’s brewery, Munich mainstays on good beer.

Spring Festival program

The festival, the Spring little Oktoberfest, starts on Friday at 4pm: after the traditional line of breweries’ floats drawn by quadrilles finely hung, people start the celebrations with the tapping of the first jug at the usual shout of “o zapft ist” (it’s uncork!).

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera carri allegorici

On Friday evening in the wonderful scene of Theresienwiese take place the traditional fireworks offered by the managers of the attractions which are installed for the festival on the great flat area.

It seems incredible how a such huge funfair can stand and then be removed in a such short time, but here it’s like that: from the adrenaline attractions (roller coaster worthy of the best amusement parks) to the children’s sweet merry-go-round.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera ruota panoramica

A festival for everyone and for every age group

Yeah, since it is a popular festival, here families are always the centre of the attention. Every age group has its moment of attention: on Sunday inside the marquees where on Saturday night hordes of young people ran wild (not completely sober), families with kids get together to watch puppet or cabaret shows; instead on Monday, the marquees house seniors and the orders cost half.

During times of crisis like the ones we are going through, also the merry-go-round do their part: for example on Wednesday attractions until 6pm cost half or cost 1Euro.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera tendone

Not only beer but also good food

On the background of the great flat area dominate the huge statue of Theresa of Bavaria. Next to it is mounted the highest Ferris Wheels of Bavaria from which you can enjoy a takebreathing view on the festival and on the wonderful Munich skyline.

Every year inside the marquees, besides very good Mass of Beer (the typical jugs), really very good traditional Bavarian dishes are served, first among equals roast chicken, followed by lavish meat dishes and very good wurstel.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera tendone

Also the desserts have found here the right place: the unfailing Apflestrudel, the apple strudel, served lukewarm with vanilla sauce and ice little ball it’s the indiscussed king!!!

But above all people come here for the genuine, fresh and (above all) good Bavarian beer which is served with a lavish froth layer. Do you think the jug has too much froth and too little beer? No problem. The beer grows before your very eyes when the jug “rests” on the table.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera boccali di birra

The atmosphere is overheated by orchestras: with their typical music make sing and dance (on the benches) almost all those presents. It’s practically a law dancing on the benches with the jugs in their hands at the shout “prosit” but if you dare to dance on the tables…in a second the security arrives (present and vigilant in every marquee): the first time it invites people to go down and the second one accompanies people to the exit…they are German and respect rules!


Prices are not the same of the towns’ breweries; during the festival in the evening they are lightly increased but if you are thereabouts it deserves to spend a few Euros more to spend a unique night.

Keep in mind admittance to the festival and the marquees is free, of course.

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera

Useful tips to save

Useful tips: the tables’ booking is heartily not recommended since it’s very expensive and useless, unless you want absolutely sit on Saturday evening. On the other days, at every hour, going around a bit, you can always find a seat and you pay only the order.

So, save the date 2015: from 17th April to 3rd May, in Munich, the Spring Festival, the 51st Fruhlingsfest, waits for you to sing all together “Eins, Zwei, Drei, Prosit!”

Monaco Oktoberfest di primavera


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  1. Erin Kiely says:

    Ah this looks incredible, I went to Oktoberfest in 2017 and am pretty ready for another beer festival. How does it compare to Oktoberfest?

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