Loano 2 Village – A wonderful touristic village in the Ligurian coast (Italy)

Loano 2 Village beach italy

A casual meeting on Tweeter as they happen every day, a common interest, a contact on Facebook and the subsequent talk in chat. The unraveling of a discussion that gradually becomes more interesting in that sort of exchange of ideas that only the web can offer and now we are here, at Loano2Village Loano (Savona – Italy), guest of this village that can really impress. It’s located no far from our house, about 120 km from Alessandria, in a coast that we have visited a lot of time but we never knew that this village exist.

Loano 2 Village italy evening

Loano 2 Village

The Loano2Village is a true resort than we usually imagine in Sardinia or more likely on a remote atoll in the Caribbean beach and its placement on the Ligurian coast makes it quite unusual and, for this, very very interesting.

Loano 2 Village italy pool

The Loano2Village is located just out of Loano, with a nice landscape above the city and the sea, this allows you to benefit of a marine climate ventilated and therefore perfect. But the most striking thing is that the structure, even if it isabout 1.5 km from the sea, it’s perfect also without the sea.

Loano 2 Village italy

The reception is large, bright and elegant and you will be greeted by professional staff who will explain, completely and rapidly, the life at the village. The comfortable sofas already introduce the quiet and relaxing time of the slow days ahead of us here. You are ready to be spent the time to restore yourself with a necessary break from work of every day.

The bracelet on the wrist, as in every village that respects, to identify rapidly and without hassles for guests, the type of holiday you choice. And now… go to the room.

Obviously, the relax is for us adults. Valeria (11 years old), is very excited and only the vision of the enormous pools it’s amazing for her. He has already decided to try them all! But the best thing is that she doesn’t really know exactly what to expect her, because, despite his 11 years, has never been in a true village.

Loano 2 Village italy pool

Whoever follows me, knows very well that the holidays that we spend normally are different, more adventurous and with many shifts, and we seldom spent in structures of this kind our time because we loving cold places of the planet relative to sea life. However I must admit that with Loano2Village it’s a very love at first sight.

Accomodation at Loano 2 Village

The car is parked in the garage of the hotel and the elevator takes you directly to the floor of the building where the room was reserved. Our accommodation can be described as fabulous without the risk of exaggerating.

Loano 2 Village italy room

The pictures speak for themselves. The room is all warm wood that gladdens the sight immediately. The parquet allows you to walk barefoot and a beautiful soft carpet will be happy all little guest.

Loano 2 Village italy room

Valeria and I immediately go to the huge basket of fresh fruit like welcome and strawberries are eaten immediately, while my husband keeps telling us to wait to enter and do not move or touch anything, because it must first take pictures!

Loano 2 Village italy room

The room features a large living room with sofa, large TV that will not find the time to turn on, desk, which I place my web location. The wifi, an appropriate speed, is available everywhere. The heaven. Finally there is a structure in Italy, who well knows the importance of this vital service for guests!

The bedroom is even more intimate of lounge, with the wooden bridge and the two practices, super-quiet sliding doors that separate the two areas. it’s a shrewdness that all parents will love to create in a moment or a single chamber where their offspring will fall asleep convinced of being in the room with parents or, just as quickly as, two very comfortable bedrooms completely separate.

The air conditioning system, which is also appropriately sized (something not so obvious where someone prefer to save rather than focus on the welfare of guests) and with two split into two rooms, satisfy everyone with the temperature more pleasant. A balcony to relax in the quiet summer evenings, completes all.

Meals and buffet

Meals are all buffet, and forget you all diets, even the most health-conscious, with an endless choice and exaggerated every day.

Loano 2 Village italy lunch

For those who do not opt for full board, are available to guests pizzeria, snack bar and mini market. Yes, mini market, because the village also has rooms with kitchen to allow the choice between different options of hotel or residences. Choice that is extremely apt for those who, perhaps with large families, do not disdain saving, and especially for those who go on holiday with very young children or with special problems or allergies.

Loano 2 Village italy lunch

Swimming Pool

The most funny of Loano2Village is the pool area that it’s able to please everyone, even the most demanding. Do not believe? The little ones have the swimming pool of 40 cm. of deep to swim quietly with mom and dad.

Loano 2 Village italy pool

The young people fun in the pool  with two funny water-mushrooms where, thanks to the height of one meter of the pool, they can also play ball.

Another deepest pool of mt. 1.50 for those who love to swim freely. In the days where we stayed in was occupied by a fun-filled attraction: the Avantball ! Kids and adults have uninterrupted queue to try it. The fun is very amazing!

And for lovers of fitness and wellness there is a semi-olympic swimming pool for daily exercises.

Loano 2 Village italy pool avantball

Think it’s over? No. There is still a covered pool with a glass structure that allows you to swim even on days when the sun is not warm and the water is still too cold to allow for maximum enjoyment.

Loano 2 Village italy pool

The spacious and relaxing whirlpool completes the area of water.

Loano 2 Village italy pool

I assure you that only the view, from the comfortable loungers of this huge water park, of the blue palms and of children playing and running around everywhere and of the more peaceful and relaxed areas, by itself is already being felt on holiday .

Loano 2 Village italy pool

Water activities that Loano2Village offers are extremely various. The animation is attentive and professional, which I greatly appreciated, not overly invasive as unfortunately often happens.

Loano 2 Village italy pool fitness

Aerobics, acquagym, water competitions, water-games, diving competition, … In short, everyone can surely find what likes. The desperate situation for my daughter was that she couldn’t understand why some activities were at the same time and she was thus forced to choose when he wanted to do everything! I’m tired just to see she run so much!

Loano 2 Village italy pool fitness

For those not love aquatic activities, there are all others! From the playground for children, with the huge dragon on which they climb together.

Loano 2 Village italy play

Oasis and relax at Loano 2 Village

Patients archery instructors and adeguate and comfortable shade plants place from which to watch the performance.

Loano 2 Village italy play

A green oasis where to relax.

Loano 2 Village italy

Tennis courts where to play or simply approach this sport.

Loano 2 Village italy play tennis

And then the sand place in which to entertain the children, the club where the Ottokids engage in the most frenzied activity and animation the adolescents with activities designed for them. A shuttle is available to reach the center of Loano withouth parking problems and affiliated beaches complete the offer.

Loano 2 Village italy walking

Night at Loano 2 Village

In the evening the village changes. The lights adorn every driveway and the nightlife arrive. You never sleep! .. but only for those who do not want to sleep.

Loano 2 Village italy walking by night

Elegant and refined spaces.

Loano 2 Village italy walking by night

And the theater becomes the heart, with babydance immediately after dinner.

Loano 2 Village italy theatre

Here the star is Otto the Polpotto, the mascot.

Loano 2 Village italy theatre

The evenings entertainment spends with the most original music, dance, comedy, …

Loano 2 Village italy theatre

And here, at last but not least, the real engine of animation Loano2Village: Graziana and Daniele. Their explosive ideas, passion for what they do, the skills gained over many years of experience, … There are no words to describe their incessant and frenetic daily activities, attention to the customer, the dedication with which they work on stage, with guests, like the backstage where we had the luck and the honor of being able to look!

I invite you to look other photos and I wish all the best holidays at Loano2Village!

Per maggiori informazioni:
Riviera delle Palme, via degli Alpini 6, Loano Savona Italy
Cap 17025
Telefono +39 019 67911
Internet site:

Loano 2 Village italy Graziana and Daniele

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