Maker Faire Rome: take the future home!

maker faire rome 2015 Valeria Giovanni and Arianna

Do you know those sci-fi journeys into the future we see only in the films and we read on the books but that are impossible in the real world?

Here it is. Some days ago I managed to have one!

Don’t think about an unreal journey, it was really real!

maker faire rome 2015 roboticsOn 16th – 17th – 18th October took place in Rome the Maker Faire. A European event all we makers and everyone who is interested only in innovation and future in every field are waiting for every year.

maker faire rome 2015 reporter maker tv

All starts when I receive the invitation by Riccardo Luna to participate at the Opening Conference to tell about the world I would and I would build. Imagine my happiness!

On early Friday morning I flew to Rome and my adventure started.

You have to know I opened the Maker Faire 2015 since I spoke just as the first one! I spoke about the world I would, the net creating relationships and defeating wars and above all I spoke about the school I would for everyone in my ideal future.

Yeah, you have to know that I spoke about school, of course: it’s our world. We as students must speak about it.

But I spoke about a school I haven’t told about here on the blog, yet. It’s an innovative school I have been attending for a while, the TAG Innovation School. It has really changed my life and I am REALLY, REALLY HAPPY! Since it is a pilot program there are some privacy clauses. I will tell you well about this as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can have a taste in the complete text of my discourse at the MFR15 directly on the StartupItalia website.

maker faire rome 2015 opening conference with Riccardo Luna

People liked my discourse very much and many people congratulated me. You cannot imagine the emotion I felt when I was on that stage.

The Main Hall of La Sapienza University was really full of people which were even sit on the floor. I was really happy to open a such important event but at the same time I was a bit excited.

maker faire rome 2015 robots that thinking and learn

In the afternoon and in the following days I visited the pavilions, one more beautiful than the other, with the most different and interesting subjects and all innovation theme.

There was even a pavilion whole dedicated to school where some high-school students with their “enlightened” professors explained their projects. How I would like to be able to take my school here next year! At the moment I suggested it to my Headmaster. Who knows!

maker faire rome 2015 robots that thinking and learn

The Maker Faire it’s not a normal faire. Here you breath technology, change, innovation…in a few words…future will!

Then you meet a lot of people and the most beautiful thing is that you realize not to be alone, a thing that often happens in our fields.

People transmit you really much and not only in the technological field. You find out something…In the normal life you are alone speaking about Coderdojo, app or smart city improving life. Then at school no one imagine even the mean of didactic 3.0, didactical innovative approaches, “change of educational paradigms changing and overtaking the transmissive teaching”…But here at the Maker Faire everyone is like you.

They have the same idea and the same will of future, thousand different ways to practise them and above all they have the same problems with their colleagues, with their school mates, with teachers.

maker faire rome 2015 La Sapienza

At the Maker Faire I met live Paolo Mirabelli who together with his team was able to create inside La Sapienza University the biggest aviary for drones in Europe.

maker faire rome 2015 drones

In some moments of the day they made experience the drones both to children and adults. In other ones the drone’s experts made races and shows. They were able even to make pass them through hanging circles. How wonderful!

maker faire rome 2015 panel with other students

I have also told about my experience as a maker at a panel which took place on Saturday afternoon together with other 4 young people. We told about school from our point of view as students and about the school we would.

The day after it was interesting to find out at a very interesting talk also that teachers like Domenico Aprile and Paola Lisimberti have in their mind the same idea of changing school.

They spoke about edumakers and radical change of the learning school system. They did it as teachers bringing their own experience with supporting graphics and applied methods. While they were speaking I imagined them in the Main Hall in my school talking about these things to my teachers.

maker faire rome 2015 virtual and augmented reality

Then the Maker Faire to me meant the possibility to meet people around in the pavilions.

I met who invents, who realizes apps, who makes robots, designers and many normal young people like me who experience what I experience and with whom creates relationships lasting at distance, too. I think about Arianna, Giovanni, Vito, Simone and many others.

maker faire rome 2015 robots

Domenico Aprile is a teacher I had already met on the socials and with whom I had several exchanges. It was a honour to meet him live.

He believes really much in the change of school and every day he tries to involve more people he can in his revolution to transform this so complicated and static school world.

maker faire rome 2015 valeria cagnina and mimmo aprile

Paola Lisimberti is an Italian and Latin teacher who is able to contextualize her subject and to link it to the actuality against the dogmas of the traditional school. With very good results.

maker faire rome 2015 paola lisimberti and domenico aprile

I liked very much to have the chance to meet a girl like Arianna. She is really able to make you understand what it means to be transformed after have met teachers like Domenico  and Paola.

maker faire rome 2015 giovanni and arianna

Immediately Giovanni is able to make feel you at your ease with his words and above all he has already very clear the idea about what he wants to make of his future. How create it and how make it unique.

maker faire rome 2015 school panel valeria cagnina leonardo falanga cesare cacitti arianna moro carlotta balena

Vito is a boy who doesn’t love to show himself but with a few words he is able to make understand his great ability to follow the change and his will to learn and transform his own life every day.

maker faire rome 2015 robot that thinking and learning

Simone, the last but not less important, had the chance to meet Domenico Aprile at school and he keeps following him. Every day he transforms his reality!

maker faire rome 2015 domenico aprile

My experience at Maker Faire Rome is done of discovery. Projects, innovative ideas and really many aspects which can be reproduced here. Now I have a lot of new ideas for our Coderdojo!

maker faire rome 2015 intoino

The Maker Faire is a chance for all age groups to enter the future, to live an adventure changing our mind and giving hope in the difficulties we meet every day to bring a bit of innovation in our realities.

An event not to be missed. I wait for you at the next edition in 2016!

maker faire rome 2015

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