In Marostica…but not for the Chess Game!


Marostica… why?

An explosive idea of Monica, an invitation born a bit quietly by publishing a status followed by a great enthusiasm and a dedicated post where we are listed in details together with our blogs…here it is how we pass from virtual to real in a second.


#duemoriopenday, a meeting accessible to all, blogger and not, accommodated in the setting of Boutique Hotel Due Mori Marostica: Monica and Riadh are not only two very good masters of the house which quickly made us feel a family but above all…do you have any idea how many completely alternative ways you can live a weekend in Marostica?


Quick Sirmione

Actually we started our weekend by a tour in Sirmione early in the morning, the castle, take a stroll in the town centre just to the end of the wonderful strip of land, just in Catullo’s places.


Then go towards Marostica. After a quick aperitif at the hotel, just the time to group and to label with our names on the jersey to relate quickly the names to the people and here we are having lunch.


We are at Osteria la Madonnetta, a warm and comfortable place integrated in the historical places of Veneto. If you have a tour around here, a dinner is absolutely de rigueur! I still dream now that huge dish of pasta with duck.

The Boutique Hotel is a stone’s throw from the very famous square. Its rooms are really beautiful. Our room was on the last floor with the wood mansard roof: it had a very particular glamour.




















The following day the program provides for the tour at Villa Godi, the least Palladian of all Palladium villas. Do you know why? Find it out here.

Treasure hunt

People who don’t love museums and monuments and think about the guided tour as usual…well, they are quite wrong.

Do you know what Monica invented? A treasure hunt just inside the villa! Yeah, we are quickly split up in teams (we chose the name “The Winner” and the hymn “We are the champions” so…we already know who will win, of course!) then by several tests somewhere around the villa…she forces the children, too, paying the greatest attention to the piece of information on purpose just about the Villa’s history.

It’s just as well the children were in our team! We weren’t able to find all the details without them!

















This is the gong by which the children had to  put their name down for the answer during the last test.

When we come back to the hotel for lunch, aunt Roby’s jams already make a fine show. She has got a thing about explanations, about the matching (don’t mistake the term because she gets angry!). But if you are not interested much in these things and you prefer to pass to the point…remember they are very good!!!

And where is my husband? Roby already took possession of the kitchen, of course. On the other hand they have to prepare everything for the lasagne competition. At the end the winner wasn’t awarded but they were one better than the other!




















Chess game in Marostica

In the afternoon we have a tour at Marostica Lower Castle. People who though surprises were over with the treasure hunt…they’ve change their mind! Do you know what Monica has done this time???

Flag wavers and characters in period costume, directly from the Chess Game, exclusively for us!

The children became court characters while the figurants were showing us the ways by which the banquets were served.

People didn’t use the cutlery, the glass was shared with the neighbour and the aphrodisiac food was really much and funny!

This is the tower used for the game.

We move from the dining rooms to another wing of the castle, where the knights were trained.

Here, together with the children considered as cadets, the fathers measured themselves in a sword fight to defend their country, the honour and their own lady.

Fortunately nowadays we needn’t to be defended by our husbands dressed-up like that but I can assure you everyone wanted to dress-up. They enjoyed themselves really much more than the children!!!

Finally when we managed to get them back nowadays, we go up the outside walls and the tower.

The landscape is very charming from here, with the walls starting to light up at the twilight.

And this is the bell. Just one stroke, just one wish: if it is a heartfelt wish it will come true. My heartfelt wish was a pile of money…will it come true?

The atmosphere is really full of charm when it’s getting dark.

We go for a stroll in the lighted squared which takes a particular charm…

…and we are having dinner again.

At Pizzeria Icio e Paola you have no idea how many billions of different pizzas you can taste! It’s a shame to be so far and can’t reach it twice or three times a week!

Do you forget perhaps the treasure hunt’s winner is not awarded yet? Here it is…after checked attentively the tests and the score…the winner is…The Winner! And it could not be different! We are the best!

But the most beautiful thing…do you know what is the prize for the 1st classified? Here it is! A pile of money! So…I won the treasure hunt and also my dream came true!…Certainly next time I’ll try to be more accurate in my requests!

Bassano del Grappa

The morning after we go to Bassano del Grappa.

The little town is very nice and Monica’s explanations, between Canova and Tinto Brass, make us smile. She realized too late our tweets were on air by now! Do you know how is it possible a such matching? Read here!

A tour in the town is not complete without the walk to the Bridge of the Alpine troops.

From this perspective it’s even more beautiful!

From here you can admire it entirely.

Still the time for some tweets while the children look for the geese and the other ones take photos.

Then everyone on the bridge to try this very famous mezo-mezo. It was enough a tasting to make everyone sings the Italian anthem, with also vocal excursions from Tunisia to Thailand!

But I assure you that listening to Riadh speaking perfect dialect of Veneto…it’s really priceless!

And whether the aperitif is not enough, here we are at Poli Distillery. Here you can smell, just a real aerosol, all the available essences of grappa. After smelt the first two ones I had some problem only even to find the button!

And here we are having lunch…just for a change.

After all the fatigue in the organisation and the faultless support, when the first bloggers come back home, with a bit of sadness, finally Riadh has a right and deserved break, plunging into his land’s scents.

It’s time to go for us, too. Thanks to Aunt Roby asking for a lift to the station, we add also a quick touch and go in Vicenza.

Despite it’s coming down in torrents and the water forces us to have a super quick tour, the town is very beautiful.

But without Monica’s explanations…our tour doesn’t worth!

It’s certain. We have to come back here with her as a guide! She’s the best! So…now everyone is warned!!!

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