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I’m Liliana. I love travel, especially to unusual destinations and little-known. Roberto, my husband, my life partner since we was very young (I was 17 and he 19) we decided our future together, takes pictures. We organize our travels around the world, strictly DIY. Since she was born, our daughter Valeria, she always traveled with us. There fascinate the remote places of the world and we love the cold destinations. Don’t scare us any inconvenience if what we are going to discover and learn is unique and fascinating.

Our best trip? Obviously the next.

Our daughter Valeria was born in 2001 and began at 11 years writing on the blog in its section the “Valeria mini-blog”. She is the most young italian travel blogger. Writes of our travels from the particular point of view of someone who has always traveled: 14 months had been in 14 states, although unfortunately it wasn’t possible to maintain this trend! For her it is normal to sleep, eat and move in the most extreme place of our wonderful planet, which is probably at the same age no Italian has ever seen, and it does so in a natural way, with curiosity, thirst for knowledge and the adaptation of one who has always breathed the pursuit of discovery and diversity as a resource.


Avalon Relax is my main activity. An e-commerce Magento platform that I manage directly, where you can find products for home and garden, hotels, B&B, spas, ethnic objects from around the world. Import / export and drop ship.

The blog

You found post and reports of our personal journeys and, only occasionally, some guest posts, always towards particular and unusual destinations. Real travel and real experiences, sometime real adventures.

With to my main business, initially as a passion when I told our yourney and I published our photos of trips, has over time become a point of reference in Italy for those few who like to destinations that aren’t found in the windows of travel agencies. 

Even fewer are those who have the courage to live these trips with their children. A target then well-defined for a narrow niche but very special. For this reason I write in Italian and English, so I have the opportunity to broaden users who throughout Italy is probably relegated to a very restricted numbers. 

Over time it has become enlarged and focused the objective of promoting destinations and inspire them, until you get to choose them, which happens quite often to my readers, thanks to the beautiful pictures posted that occupy a large space in the post, to the stories of unusual experiences lived and the many local facilities recommended by the direct links in the post of our travel blog. Structures which have all been tested directly from the three of us and that generally try to suggest local structures and not the big names that guarantee without a doubt the most comfortable, but too often at the expense of the economy of the place. We don’t disdain, at times, destinations and luxury facilities, which are always lived with an eye to this troubles.

I also write and manage my author’s Fanpage. An italian blog that has a lot readers, thanks to more than 3.8 million subscribers to main Facebook Fanpage.


Blog Liliana Monticone 

Page View: 50.000

Visitors: 13.500

Session: 2.80

Sito Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost 

Page View: 28.000

Visitors: 12.000

Session: 1.10


Our digital identity:


Liliana Monticone  4500 contacts

Valeria Cagnina   2000 contacts

Travel Blogger Liliana Monticone 39.000 fans


@lillymonticone   3.600 followers

@valeriacagnina   1.300 followers

Google Plus

Liliana Monticone   740 followers 

Valeria Cagnina 2.000 views

Youtube Channel

Liliana Monticone 100 followers – 80.000 views

Valeria Cagnina (new) 8 follower – 300 views


lilianamonticone   18.000 followers

valeria_cagnina   2.000 followers

roberto.cagnina   11.000 followers


Liliana Monticone

Valeria Cagnina


Lilly Monticone

Klout: 71


Given the different and varied quotes of our travel blog I have created a dedicated page, Press, constantly updated.

Portfolio. Events, company and collaborations.

Even here there is a page dedicated to the events in which I participated over time and to companies with whom I have worked, with my full portfolio, click to access it.

family travel blog liliana valeria portfolio


Write me if you’re interested in my detailed media kit.

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