Morocco: 20 tips low cost to travel do it yourself.

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Morocco. Gate of Africa but little european. Morocco, where where different cultures meet. Maybe just in a tent camp.

I think this pictures represents very well Morocco. I love it. This Moroccan young boy looking away my daughter and her German friend while they chat in english. I find it very impressive.

Morocco it’s very easy to visit low cost but you must have two necessary things:  patience and adaptability. Let’s start with patience. You should know that if you’re traveling alone like us and therefore not “protected” by a guide or tour operator, people know really be exhausting. Do not get caught by the nervous. Please, don’t underestimate it and your journey will be fascinating. Here are some tips to live a best journey in Morocco.

1 – Sleep in a riad inside the medina. Choose it carefully online, evaluate well and book at last minute to have the best price.

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2 – Observe, on holiday days, women at work in their daily activities.

marocco (774)

3 – Buy local ceramics. Beautifuls but produced with traditional methods terrible in terms of health for those who work there. If you leave the main way and you stray a little bit, you’ll be able to have excellent prices, maybe even helping some cooperative development. You must enter alone in every shops. Any guide who will accompany you, gain a percentage that you’ll get paid in addition to the cost of the item.

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4 – Sleep in a tent camp in the desert. Choose it carefully in a main town. There are agencies everywhere and if you walk by the way backpacking you’ll be flooded of proposals. Ask everything carefully, don’t forget anything, contracted until exasperation and never be afraid to refuse an offer that doesn’t satisfy you completely.

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5 – The desert. It’s the most beautiful experience that, in my opinion, you can do in Morocco. The sand dunes are spectacular, especially at sunset and sunrise. Walking barefoot and slide on the dunes. Simply wonderful playing like kids.

marocco (3170)

6 – At the gates of the desert sleeping in a wonderful location. Book here at last minute, but before you get, to have best prices: you’ll be surprised how little you spend to sleep in a fabulous place. Don’t arrive without having agreed on everything before: once you are in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, you certainly don’t decide the price.

marocco (3221)

7 – Have fun to experimenting pictures without perspective. Your guide or your driver will think that you’re crazy when you ask him to stop there, in the middle of nowhere.

marocco (3439)

He’ll look at you with disconsolate face all time of your performance and he’ll make a small smile when you make him see the result on your Nikon. But no matter. Take the time you need. The result is guaranteed.

marocco (4193)

8 – A traditional tea in a Berber house. The tea calls beer Berber, Berber whiskye and in a thousand other colored ways. Often it’s only an attraction for tourists but for us, accustomed to every comfort, is already a sufficient experience. Make sure that the water is boiled. Don’t ask how to wash the glasses before and after, as there is no drinking water. Simple answer: they use the sand.

marocco (3537)

9 – Visit an oasis. They are really beautiful. Just a little water to suddenly transform the environment. Small crops very tidy and even thriving, which are divided a trickle of water in the center. It’s beautiful and relaxing walking along the paths and see the people at work.

marocco (3890)

10 – Watching people with his strange habits, like have a rest in the middle of nowhere or women who leave the village to go to chat in the sun in the middle of the desert.

marocco (3914)

11 – Telling stories from all over the world in the evening around the fire on the camp, reached by camel.

marocco (4797)

Don’t forget to get away from the fire to enjoy the beautiful starry desert sky.

marocco (4810)

12 – Jumping in local markets, those that tourists don’t visit. If you arrive completely alone, walking inside will be heavy. Get ready. You’ll be attacked by thousands of guides who will offer you their – mostly useless – services. You must resist.  When you are able to send away the firsts, others will understand. They’ll surely curse-word against you, especially if you are a woman and you have dared to say no to them, but you can walk quietly to enjoy these glimpses of real life so far – thankfully! – by our standards.

marocco (2573)

13 – Buy the camel head in the market or the legs of camel. They are there ready to be sold at a discount for excellent stews.

marocco (5162)

Just kidding of course! But you have to admit they are impressive.

marocco (5526)

14 – Make you a hennè in one of the many squares. It’s really beautiful even when you come back to school you’ll be the proof that you have lost school for a trip and you have also done it with approval of your parents. It’s obviously not please to the teachers.

marocco (6011)

A tip: when the girl will pull out a syringe with a paint hennè, don’t make the shocked face that made my daughter, terrified that the syringe will use, with needle in her hand!

marocco (6015)

15 – Absolutely not miss visit Fez. Enter in the city in the same way like market. Now I will explain how to reach the tanneries without pay guides.

marocco (5203)

Don’t go in the alleys to searching. You will not find ever (and if you find them, go immediately to the casino!). Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the medina admiring it. At one point, walking around, you’ll have the good fortune to meet donkeys with a lot of leather on backs.

marocco (5251)

Well, follow them at full speed in the medina and not miss it. It will be very difficult, but they will take you straight to the right places. At this point you just have to be more able to get out of the shops without buying anything. Almost impossible!

marocco (5287)

16 – After all this work you deserve a good lunch on the roofs, quiet and away from everyone. The food in Morocco is really yummy!

marocco (5562)

17 – You should enjoy the tajin. It is served everywhere. Go out main street, move away from the center. Choose the restaurants where tourists don’t go, look for the cleanest and go inside. You’ll be amazed about ridiculous prices on the menu and how good it is.

marocco (2543)

18 – The gorges of Dades and Todra. Unfortunately, today very touristic and little natural, but if you go here, just a hit and run is a must.

marocco (2881)

Obviously you don’t have to suffer from vertigo. Not even distract your driver, which is better! Needless to say, it’s strictly forbidden buy souvenirs here: crazy prices!

marocco (2932)

19 – Take the train and travel with locals. The railways are poorly developed but the trains are comfortable and the stations are new. There may happen to have the numbered ticket and find the place occupied. The girl who sits in first class (very low price) in your seat not speaks English and will endeavor to explain incomprehensible things, but from which you’ll understand that this isn’t your place and you were wrong. We found accommodation elsewhere, when arrived controller will tell you that the one where you sit is not your place. He’ll take you from the first girl that, even at the urging of the controller, absolutely will not want to get up. Quarrel good for fifteen minutes, raise the tone, you’ll continue to look at all, and finally, as the train slows down to get into a station, the girl will get up and leave you free to get off your seat … because she has arrived at her destination!

marocco (5610)

20 – Don’t miss to visit a school where you can give teaching materials that you had previously brought from home. They’ll appreciate it so much, they need all and sweetness of kids will really endless.

marocco (5421)

21 – Going to the local dentist. This is one of many signals and their business card is a big vase outside the door, in full view, where are collected all teeth pulled. Obviously, more they are, more professionalism is guaranteed! However, this is advice that I haven’t tested directly. If someone wants to test it, I host it with pleasure for a guest post!

marocco (5117)

22 – The luxury of a resort. If you are thinking that we had decided to spend a little, don’t worry I will keep my promise. Let me explain you how it works.

marocco (5623)

Wait until the late afternoon, open from ipad one of the many OTA that are used here too (thanks to the web card that you have purchased on arrival in Morocco) and book by the same evening. The rooms remained empty will be sold at very low prices if you intend to stay only one night, for not having unsold. What better time to sleep in the most beautiful hotels? We did it for several days at the end of vacation and it was very relaxing!

marocco (5889)

23 – The sense of freedom of an immense ocean beach.

marocco (5749)

I think I don’t have to add anything to these pictures, right?

marocco (5810)

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