My short thesis!

tesina introduzione

As the most of you know, this year I sit for the exam at the Junior High School and I prepared my short thesis which then I made print and bind (online, of course).

Since I didn’t want make a thing mass-produced as the other ones, I thought to put beside the classical short thesis I did in a normal way, some extra parts developed by me, the appendixes.

Here you can see the Index, so you can realize how I organized the work but keep calm, I won’t bore you with Manzoni, History and Geography, partly because there were more than 70 pages total!

10 le nuove tecnologie elenco materie

Since most of you asked me, I will publish only the most interesting parts, the ones I liked a lot when I wrote them! It’s useless to say that the best part is the one linked to the web, of course.

40 le nuove tecnologie quintarelli

Unfortunately, I immediately tell you in advance, that my teachers didn’t think so. Yeah, they didn’t ask me anything about these parts and they didn’t make any comments.

Who knows if they read it! Anyway I must admit this thing disappointed me a lot, both for the care and the result that seems interesting, but after all, it didn’t surprised me since the web have been condemning for three years.

The first appendix deals with “I Promessi Sposi”.

100 promessi 2.0


110 promessi 2.0

110 promessi 2.0
115 promessi 2.0


120 promessi 2.0

130 promessi 2.0

140 promessi 2.0

150 promessi 2.0

160 promessi 2.0


170 promessi 2.0

My Art teacher gave me Marinetti. Analyzing in details the Futurismo, I found out that also this one lend itself even better than Manzoni to a “web” analysis. So, since I began to enjoy it, I developed another similar appendix even if more synthetic.

20 le nuove tecnologie sviluppo collegamento materie


520 marinetti 5

530 marinetti 6

Next to these appendixes I decided to publish also the part which was about Luca Parmitano, regarded Science. Space bewitches me and also my teacher was interested by this part.

280 iss

290 iss


300 iss

310 iss

320 iss


340 iss

350 iss

Luca Parmitano made part also of my Physical Education short thesis: I analysed the physical efforts the astronauts have to undergo to go in space and the particular ways to do exercises without gravity.

360 corpo umano spazio motoria 1370 corpo umano spazio motoria 2380 corpo umano spazio motoria 3390 corpo umano spazio motoria 4393 corpo umano spazio motoria 5396 corpo umano spazio motoria 6

That’s all. My post is already too long and I don’t know how many of you will have the patience to read it until the end.

What else? I hope at least you enjoyed it and it was up to your expectations. I wait for your comments (remember I am 13 and please, be good when you find some nonsense!)

Do you want to know how did it end? I think you already know this, anyway in this post there’s all, more or less! Even if, all things considered, I don’t care a lot any more. By now it’s old thing. In a few days I will start the first class at the High School and I can’t wait! Maybe someone won’t believe me but I really can’t wait!

Actually, while I was preparing this post I had an idea. It’s not the moment to close definitely the whole, yet. I would like to send the paper short thesis to Luca Parmitano, Stefano Quintarelli and Edoardo Poeta to made me a dedication by them and keep whole as a memory.

Who knows if they will accept?

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