My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale

“Good Morning to all! My name is Valeria Cagnina, I’m 14 years old and today I would tell you about the world I would like…”. By this way I began my talk at the Italian Digital Day where I talked about the world I would like and how meeting and knowledge can defeat differences and make us hope a peaceful world. Not a banal talk about peace but an awareness I established during my travels.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day

Then I talked about school, the school that today doesn’t work, that one working with the example of Salvatore Giuliano and its projects, first of all the boookinprogress, and I talked about the school I would like for everyone in my ideal world.

valeria cagnina and salvatore giuliano of bookinprogress

The school I would like

Then I told about a top school that is already a reality: I am attending it and it is really changing my life. An education and mentorship path, a pilot program at the Tag Innovation School di Milano in Milan directed by Alessandro Rimassa. A unique personalized program in Italy: Andrea Porcu is my mentor and the project’s coordinator.

A school which makes me sweating, that gives me great satisfactions, a school I would like in the public school and that I wish to all Italian young people.

tag innovation school milano calabiana

Venaria Reale

The event took place in the wonderful frame of the Diana Gallery in the Palace of Venaria lighted with the Italian tricolour for the occasion: it was wonderfully furnished with transparent chairs “disappearing” in the photos; furthermore there was a maxi-display where it was shown a picture of the room (when no one was speaking) continuing and widening its majesty.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day at Venaria Reale

On Friday 20th 2015 the event was reserved to Digital Champions to confront each other, to take stock of the situation, analyzing in group the criticalities and the strength points. Everything to improve and develop.

The results of Digital Champions

The results scored in this year by the net of DC are really many, as well as the transformations born by the bottom. Today Italy is the country with the greatest number of Coderdojo (information technology programming clubs for children and young people) and FabLab.

As you know well, also Alessandria has got its Coderdojo with Luca Pantano and the undersigned as champion. Instead, Alessandria is still waiting for the opening of its FabLab.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day at Venaria Reale

On Saturday there was the real Italian Digital Day, the event where people took stock of the digitalization in Italy with politics and wrote up a road map for next targets. During the day really many ideas were shown and the new government website was launched, too.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day at Venaria Reale

Riccardo Luna wanted my talk was put exactly here. I have readjusted the talk I had at the Maker Faire Rome and I had the honour to talk among the most important Italian political representatives: after Mr. Fassino and Mr. Chiamparino, who welcomed people, and before the Prime Minister Renzi and the Minister Madia.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale secretary of state Madia

It was interesting the talk of the AGID about what today people are doing for digitalization: in the room there was also Stefano Quintarelli, one of the most important Italian computer scientists. It was a great emotion to me meeting him again two years later: it seems so much time from my short dissertation in the junior high school where I mentioned his post.

It always affects me the happy welcome that a person of his calibre gives me every time.

valeria cagnina and stefano quintarelli

The applause after my talk was really large and I have lived as a star this day. After two hours I had already finished all the visiting cards I took with me. I had really many interviews, I was on all the socials and everyone was astonished I wasn’t NERD.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale with Riccardo Luna

If you want to listen again to all the talks at the Italian Digital Day, you can do it here you’ll find really many interesting talks, even more than mine.

This is the video of my talk, with the hugs of Riccardo Luna who encouraged me. Thanks to Angela Gatti for sharing.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale with Riccardo Luna

Gianpiero Riva, very followed instagrammer, took this very beautiful photo: it conveys how I was exciting on that stage.

I met really many people. There was even the Prefect of Alessandria who congratulated me.

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale

Then everyone who in the public school field every day fights to bring the real digitalisation and the real revolution. You can imagine my astonishment when Salvatore Giuliano, the headmaster of Majorana School, the most digitalized school in Italy, told me that they are going to introduce the Augmented Reality to explain Physics and Chemistry!

He kept repeating me going to school to him in Brindisi to study in an innovative way. I don’t deny I thought about it a little, at least I wouldn’t have any problems with my absences!!!

I finish my post with this very beautiful shoot by Riccardo Luna which holds the spirit of Venaria. The sentence on my sweatshirt is by Ernesto Olivero of the Sermig, the Arsenal of Peace in Turin, a place which deserves to be visited.

Even with only a sweatshirt you can bring a bit of contamination among different environments!

My talk at the Italian Digital Day in Venaria Reale

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