My travel’s dreams: three unforgettable places!

I participate with pleasure in the initative of Monica on her “Viaggi e Baci” blog: My unforgettable travel’s dream “I sogni dei miei viaggi”.

Here it is my three “unforgettable” places:

travel's dream

  1. The hottest and the most absurd place where I have slept is Kalpityia – Sri Lanka.

I have got a considerable ability to adapt but that night I really wondered “who made me do this?”

The following night I took all back and how I would have enjoyed stay almost a month in that cabana! Do you want to know why?

Find it out here!

travel's dream

2 – The second unforgettable place actually is the coldest place sleeping in: the ice hotel in Kemi – Finland.

Why it has still kept unforgettable it’s quite easy to understand!

travel's dream

3 -Third place, complete different: Hotel Jagdhof in Neustift – Austria.

This is really one of the most luxurious, beautiful and relaxing hotels where to sleep. 5 stars, the spa is beyond 2000 sm, marked with 3 lilies and 18 points by Relax Guide

Obviously, it’s not the only one and in the area there are really many hotels deserving a mention, for example the Alpenhoff in Tux but it would be impossible to list all.

But if you want to try the complete relax and the most exaggerated wellness…Austria and Alto Adige are certainly the places where the perfection reaches the apex!

Everyone have a good relax!


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