#nevadofiero (#Iamproud) Here are my three!

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#nevadofiero (#Iamproud)

Here I am writing another post a bit unusual to my standards. Recently they are becoming many: you can read them here in my blog’s miscellaneous section…maybe I should stop. Who knows! Anyway, I accept the initiative with great delight: Stefania – Di qua e di là – launched this hashtag and she named me immediately.

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I have to admit that it was quite difficult for me, too. Unlike what I read in other #nevadofiero posts where it’s difficult for people to talk well about themselves, I have the opposite problem since I have clearly a too high self-esteem (I have to work about it): I’m proud of really lots of things and I cannot select only three! Okay! Enough joking! I try to be a bit serious and I’ll show three aspects that make me say certainly: #nevadofiero (#Iamproud).

nevadofiero (6)-001An endless Danish beach where burn rubber free.

 1 – My family

Immediately at the first place without shadow of doubt. More than 20 years spent with my husband seem to be flew past but they are many. I was lucky, I know. But it’s not the fortune that many people think about, I mean “it went well”. I think I was lucky meeting very early the person who share values and projects with: I was 17 and he was 19. We both were very young but with very clear ideas and above all shared about what we wanted in a marriage (personally, it’s a sacrament first of all), as well about all we wanted in a life together and what basis we wanted have a family on.

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This was our chance, joined to the fortune of health. The rest is love: it means to us nature of a plan, undertaking, perseverance, character, patience, dialogue, comparison, understanding…and thousands other mixed things. Each of these simple words opens a world, really a life together.

After a few month we spent hours after hours talking about projects for the future, about what we thought and how we wanted to educate our children. We were never afraid of undertaking for life. When we were 20 years old we turned cement to build our house by a few money, while our friends went on holiday thinking we were crazy, the same friends today define us crazy because we go on holiday in our own way.

We never let extol to the evening the problems that risk to become huge rocks but we confront them even when the cold silence would be easier. We weren’t afraid of revising our plans and projects on the way when life hurled that it called the shots into our face. With the certainty that everything is easier when we are together.

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When I was worn out and I didn’t make it, I had a silently, present and patient husband next to me, that has put up with all, even if it took many years to return as (almost) before. There is nothing to be proud of than the certainty to have made the right life choice and to have next to me a person that is not afraid of the “forever”.

Then, obviously, Valeria, our real masterpiece: you already know everything about her. My family is really the thing I am more proud of in my life and I could close the post quietly sure to have better met the nomination.

But the request was three. So go on.

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2 – Halfway between the serious and humorous, in order to water down, I am proud of the patience I have every day.

People who know me in the offline life, certainly already fall about laughing reading the word “patience” close to me but they have to stay calm one second and let me finish the phrase. I was saying…patience I have in every offline life environment each time I heard talk about internet, here, in this remote village where I live, at the boundaries of the town: even though it is a chief town of province it is the antithesis of the technology, of the progress and of the vanguard (unfortunately!)

nevadofiero (1)-001The Mermaid by touch and go while we are going throughout Europe in the night.

Patience is certainly not one of my best endowments but in this environment I do my very best and always. My instinct would be always pushing the “bomb” button, the big one, the powerful one, that one in the videogames you always keep apart but when you decide to use it, it makes a so loud boom destroying everything and resets the situation completely.

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So #nevadofiero every time I resist this temptation: I practically bring about it by a great silence and an expression of pity that then no one understand – fortunately.

I mean that whether I stand in a queue at my daughter’s interviews (those few times I went) or at the supermarket checkout counter, either I am at the parish recreation centre or having a happy hour, whether I am in the airport waiting room (always great moments!) or queuing up at the doctor’s…when these discussions are about children or grandchildren, as almost always happens,  I put my I-phone in the pocket: in the world where I feel very well and where I forget the anti-technological dullness of my reality wearing my beautiful great target on the back that shortly after will be hit squarely by all people present, just I will have opened my mouth.

nevadofiero (10)-001Landed at the furthermost northern Faroe island inhabited by 8 people 

I never draw back even if the temptation is strong when people talk about children. I try to explain that FB isn’t the bogeyman, that to be connected to the web is not a symptom of paedophilia, that TW is not a monster and so on: I try to explain that in a world of jobless people the web can be a resource if used in an intelligent way.

I try to explain how many ways parents are blocking to their children by the prohibitions to be connected and mobile phones seized. I try to make them understand today be a teenager and not have a social profile, idiot beyond every limit, it’s possible. My daughter is an example. She entered FB when she was 5 years old, at the same time of her first literacy: now she is 13 years old and she doesn’t have any picture of bathrooms, toilets and washbasins on her profile, as well she has no pictures with her tongue outside and other worse pleasantness.

I try to explain them that if I as employer have some curricula to select and after have filtrated the skills (and searched on Google the names) I cannot be able to choose, I go into the social networks. Actually I do it before.

I explain that today for people who are 20-25 years old and don’t have a FB profile it’s difficult to find a job because it’s synonymous with being refused: “I don’t know what you are hiding but certainly you have something since you are not on FB and it does not matter what to me as employer.” We can debate thousands years about it is a right thing or wrong, but this is what happens since even to be hired as a shop assistant in a supermarket it sift through the social networks for information!

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I try to explain that since we know this “monster” we can even twist the argument in our favour: for example preparing a “suited” FB profile if we are looking for a job, as Helder Monaco explains in his post in a masterly manner.

I try to make understand these one and other million things that I don’t list because this post is too long, yet.

To avoid all misunderstandings I tell you right now I am never be able to get any result. It’s a lost war and an uneven struggle. I go out with my riddled target on the back and my daughter is looked by great pity. People who don’t know her are tempted to call the social services in order to take away the parental authority to my husband and me (one of the first questions is almost always whether I am separated and I haven’t got a husband stopping me!): on the contrary people who know her congratulates me for the great fortune to have been able to grow up a normal daughter in spite of my ideas and all that I do to ruin her.

This told, I think this is really a mission we have as people used to the web. The pure and real computer scientists cannot do it because the speak a language that normal people don’t understand: we only can be a link between these two worlds since we understand a bit but not too much about the web and because we aren’t real nerd. How patience!!!

nevadofiero (16)-001Fishing in Norway. The only fish of our family is hers 

3 – At last but not least, my travel blog, let me tell this

I’m not an expert computer scientist and I’m not a SEO expert, it’s not a perfect blog in terms of usage and code, it’s not a professional blog but it’s a genuine blog, let me tell this: actually we aren’t so many in the Italian outline, unfortunately.

It’s not a blog with fanciful economic ambitions. It’s not a blog writing about in-fashion things even if we never saw them. I don’t write for customers but I write for me and my readers. I write for me to stop the moment and the emotions about out-of-the-way places of the world. I write for people who look for information about a destination and I write to make you feel about a destination to whom never thought about that specific place. And I make it lots of times! I write about what I like and I prevent the useless and barren disputes about what we have to write or not – so fashionable and that bring a lot of traffic. Whether I like a thing you find it, if I don’t like a thing you will never find it. Period!

nevadofiero (15)-001Maira’s sources in spring. Perfect temperature…almost.

It’s a travel blog written by a traveller. I don’t travel only when people pay the journey to me in order to write about it, it’s more the opposite. The day I’ll stop travelling for any reasons I won’t write about travels anymore. I write to transmit the euphoria I feel from buying a flight ticket till the final click. Whether it’s a destination we have been dreaming for centuries (like Greenland: I never wrote about it because I cannot be able to go there, yet) or a destination found by chance and purchased in a nanosecond when the fair offer came out, as happened for Nepal.

nevadofiero (3)-001Norrona engine room: really very interesting.

My blog is written by a person who knows what are the emotions of a real journey, who knows what it means to organize a DIY journey always different and always creative according to the destination. Always different because different are the people we will meet, different standards, different lifestyles.

I have to accommodate myself to them because I go to their place. I have to adapt myself to them because they often didn’t travel and cannot know what there is just outside their borders, things that perhaps we count on.

It’s a blog written by who tries to rely on local facilities and guides when it’s necessary to get them, in order to support the local economy and not on great names that too often exploit and impoverish the place, even though they guarantee to tourist all conveniences. If a particular company/location/guide is suggested with a direct link in my blog it means I experienced it because I felt on my ease and often when it is indicated it means we have a subsequent feeling lasting in time with these people. Because we still call each other despite the distance, because in some way there was a meeting with the one who is different.

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I write about the pleasure of reading all about a destination. I write about the discovery and the taste to land in a place and know nothing about it. To be completely alone getting out the airport. Lost. Bewildered. Defenceless. A unique feeling of pleasure, euphoria and discovery. A sense of total ease. A journey that is a blank page to write completely as we like. The three of us with the times dictated only by what we like to do together and nothing more because we travel in three always and all the time since Valeria never stayed at home!

nevadofiero (17)-001The first Valeria’s snowstorm throughout Europe…she was about 15 days old.

So I try to make all worrying parents understand that every place in the world is suited for children and they are born and grow in every place of the world. We as parents are the ones that have to do the difference. A journey without my family is simply a journey I am not interested in.

Well, I can be able to do it without problem: mine is not a concept of mutual aid (or to be followed by the butler carrying my bag) as it happens too often when we are in couple. Someone wrote that to feel well in couple you have to be able to stay alone before. I completely agree. But when we are alone we feel the lack of sharing: this is what give a sense to the journey as to everything I do.

I think that to be in the most beautiful place of the world without sharing it with the people I love doesn’t worth anything.

nevadofiero (13)-001

We are in Corse. We don’t give up certainly to bathe in this wonderful sea only because we have an arm in plaster!

I don’t travel in order to write. In every place of the world I look for connections that allow me first to work at a distance then to share. I love the technology that allow to get closer to so far worlds in a release or in a published reflexion. I love watching the facebook status updates and the feelings on the heat of the moment of people who are experiencing something unique while travelling and I do the same sharing mine when I move.

While travelling I never published a post. A part from I haven’t time to do it, I think that a post has not to be written on spot but it has to be thought well, to be reword, the photos have to be chosen attentively and the form has to made with care.

I read and read again a post thousand times after many days to be quite sure that the emotions aren’t the ones of the moment I write but they are exactly the ones that after time that place gave me. I write often about the last journey but one or that one before for the same reason.

nevadofiero (4)-001

The places above all the furthermost ones need to be extolled. Too easy judging. Too immediate. But always wrong.

I feel a sort of responsibility towards people that today or tomorrow will read me. I feel not to give practical information that will be obsolete an hour after but the feeling, the emotion that moment and that place allowed me to feel. Since we know well that every journey and each person is different as the contexts are.

nevadofiero (11)-001

I talked at length too. Here is the moment of the nominations. Since I noticed that were nominated all women, a part from some rare exception, as the idea started on Women’s Day, now since much time has gone…ehmmm…a lot of time, I try to go against the general trend (women bloggers no offense means) and I nominate three men asking them to do as we writing about their personal life (a bit too???) beyond limits we had fixed in advance for the blog, as Simona wrote in her #nevadofiero.

nevadofiero (14)-001

My nominations are:

Patrick Colgan of Orizzonti, because he bewitches when he writes about Japan as about his other journeys to not common places.

Helder Monaco of LOL marketing since one of his post has been already named and he is not a travel blogger.

Asgeir Pedersen because he is a very good photographer and as a good Norwegian he is very discreet and now he will be forced to talk about himself a bit.

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