Northern Light. Tips for all!

northern lights

A post about the northern lights to answer at all questions that I receive often, especially in this period of year when the winter of the far north, with its winter sports and the ever popular Santa Claus, fascinates young and old.

northern lights in rovaniemi finland

Northern Light

I love extreme north like knows very well you that follow me, that’s why almost every day the questions I get asked are more or less always the same:

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? What is the best place to see the Northern Lights? Where can I go to make sure to see the Northern Lights? How long time is necessary to see the Northern Lights? And then the funniest of all: How much cost see the Northern Lights?

Northern LIght: tips

I don’t understand why if no one asking how much it costs to go see a sunset over the sea, a sunrise in the mountains or a monsoon in India, many people ask me how much cost costs the Northern Lights.

northern lights rovaniemi finland

The questions certainly seem trivial to anyone who has seen at least once in their lives, the Northern Lights. Why? We try to respond and especially to clarify.

The information found on the net are often discordant. Too many times the authors (and too many travel bloggers, forgive me for once polemical) write about things that they have never seen, so here’s a lot of inaccuracies, myths to debunk and often things that are absolutely false.

northern lights lapland

In this winter period when the Northern Lights draws so much, I read the most absurd thinghs about the Northern Light, like: never do it yourself, it’s a phenomenon difficult to see, you will find yourself spending hours in vain in the cold and don’t see it, it takes infinite patience, you must absolutely go in one of the places listed as the best in the world to have a chance, and – the best – the specialized agencies in the Northern Lights  in which you necessarily rely on.

Northern Lights is free

These are the ones that make me smile more, especially considering the prices normally crazy that these tours are sold (I think that Iceland is the most expensive).

northern lights lapland norway finland iceland sweden lapland

I have made ​​a lot of trips to the North – I miss the Greenland and I’ll have to remedy as soon as possible! – and I’ve seen countless times the Northern Lights.

How did I do? Very easy, no secrets and no shot of … luck. Simply I travel in the winter and I went out in the evening in the dark night.

Simply, that’s all, no more secrets.

 In all the places on the Earth over the Arctic Circle is visible … and even a little more down! Some areas outside Reykjavik are referred to as the best in the world for Northern LIghts. Try to check how many kilometers from Reykjavik is the Arctic Circle!!!!

– With the right weather conditions is visible almost all nights. Right weather conditions aren’t arcane triangulations eclipse aligned with specific constellations: it isn’t like to see the sunrise or sunset, but almost.

northern lights lapland norway finland sweden lapland

– If the evening is completely cloudy at 100%, go to sleep. This evening you’ll not see anything. But if there are so many clouds and between them you managed to see big portions of the sky, go out! Obviously more the evening is clear and serene, you’ll better see the Northern Lights.

– If the temperature during the day, is around -18/-20 ° C or less, stay to sleep. It’s too cold and you will not see anything.

northern lights lapland ice hotel

– At last but not least, there is a method very simple, foolproof, it doesn’t require expensive equipment or experience, don’t required smartphone or internet connections. It ‘a a secure method. Guaranteed. Ask at any locals people “tonight are there the Northern Lights?”. The answers will be reliable at thousand per thousand. They know very well and you’ll avoid unnecessary outputs!

One last curiosity: did you know that you can take great pictures  of Northern Lights  even when you aren’t see with your eyes?

Try to believe!

Update: as suggested in a comment Gianluca Vecchi, author of a wonderful blog of photography that I recommend you to read, there are also the Auroras that you can see over the Antarctic Circle and take the name of Austral Aurora.

I haven’t yet seen, so it’s a targt for the future, so I can write a post about it!

northern lights lapland norway finland sweden lapland


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