On cruise to the Bahamas

On cruise to the Bahamas gate

As you know, during my fantastic adventure in Florida I went also on cruise to the Bahamas.

On cruise to the Bahamas

At the Bahamas, besides the main islands, there are other more where there are only beach, sea and some little houses.

On cruise to the Bahamas sunset

The beaches are very beautiful, very white sand and a limpid water where you can do snorkelling in the reef barrier.

Snorkelling at the Bahamas

As regards snorkelling, a useful tip: the seas are certainly very rich and the reef barrier is among the most beautiful ones in the world, but the seas’ havoc is clear also at the harbour. But don’t plan your snorkelling from Freeport or Nassau!

There, people will take you very close to the harbour’s area, at very steep prices and they will make you see a really poor part of the reef. Do snorkelling only in the most out-of-the ways and remote islands where the seabed can be admired in all their beauty.

On cruise to the Bahamas fish and reef

We went on cruise to the Bahamas with the Norwegian Cruise Line, leaving from Miami and taking in a flash definitely a low cost offer: you think the price for 5 days cruise at the Bahamas, all inclusive, started from only 100 Euros each. Real prices!

On cruise to the Bahamas pool

The ship was very beautiful and it offered many swimming pools with different heights and warm hydro massages.

Our ship at the Bahamas

Despite it was January, the temperatures were very high but the warmed pools allowed to relax inside also in the evening and at night, when the deck emptied and it was more beautiful enjoying the ship.

Then there were a basketball court, a golf course and other American games on our hands.

On cruise to the Bahamas our cabin

Our cabin was very beautiful and it had also the balcony (since the price of the cruise was ridiculous, we chose the most beautiful cabin!) where we liked spend time the three of us alone. Every evening the staff made me find always different little animals realized with the towels.

There was also a playroom and a teen room. They were very beautiful as regards spaces and things to do, but since we were in January and since it is an out of season month a bit, unfortunately many activities couldn’t be done since the young people participating were not really many.

As regards food, the “free style” formula provided for a buffet with beverage included, available 24h.

If you paid there was also the possibility to eat in more luxurious restaurants.

On cruise to the Bahamas view from the top

Every evening there were different shows in the ship’s theatre, some of them rally fantastic with very particular costumes and performances.

One night there was a comic which was particularly funny to us, even if we couldn’t laugh always since we didn’t understand all what he was saying, or sometimes we laughed after everyone did!

On cruise to the Bahamas view boat

Every day we disembarked in a different place.

Visit the Bahamas

The first day we went to the private island of the Norwegian Cruise Line, a place full of comfort exactly like the ship, even if much different from the real Bahamas we visited in the following days, where unfortunately the poverty is very clear.

On cruise to the Bahamas Miami

It had a very beautiful beach, with beds in our hands and a really fantastic sea, where you could see many fishes and also some piece of wreckage. The colours with all their shades of blue are the thing that most struck me.

On cruise to the Bahamas beach

The following day we disembarked in Nassau and after had a tour of the town, we went to the beach.

In this town we saw with our own eyes the contrast extra-luxurious and tourist on one side and very poor on the other one. Seeing these two faces together at few meters far it makes you shudder.

On cruise to the Bahamas hotel

Then we visited Freeport. Here the beach isn’t very close to the harbour and you have to take a taxi to get there.

On cruise to the Bahamas Freeport

We chose a little far beach, really very beautiful even if that day it was very windy and the sand so fine run through everywhere.

We had to pay attention even to speak lying on the towel because it entered the mouth!

Bridge and engine room

During a moment of long navigation I asked to visit the bridge.

I bet you have already imagined that: it’s a thing I always ask!

Do you remember that one of Norrona? It was very beautiful to see the view from that height.

On cruise to the Bahamas bridge

But the thing I liked most it was to visit the engine room.

On cruise to the Bahamas engine room

We met the people in charge which are all Croatian and they told us a bit how the ship works, from the mechanic point of view and how they work.

On cruise to the Bahamas engine room

But I didn’t manage to see the downright engines because they said it was too dangerous. I tried to tell them that I had already been in a similar engine room but there was no way of convincing them!

But I was satisfied of seeing it from the cameras in the control room.

It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed myself enormously but if I have to tell the truth I prefer much more the on the roads holidays and DIY!

In this case, with a bit more time on our hands, we would have reserved a flight to Nassau and then move alone among the islands organizing by the website of the tourism board to explore them calmly and visit them at least a bit.

Never mind! It will be to the next time!



On cruise to the Bahamas valeria cagnina

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