On the sea with old boat at Cesenatico Bellavita.

I partecipated to blog tour internazionale #CesenaticoBellavita and we went to do a tour on sea by old boats with yellow and red sails.

In the morning we get up early and we go with first tour from Porto Canale of Cesenatico.

old boat

We wait other blogger who arrived after and I was impatient to go immediately.

Finally on the see! I was all time in front and I like this a lot, also if the adults didn’t want because I wet myself and they continued to repeat me tocome away. Lucky my parents left me funny. Great moment! Especially when arrived the wave. Back the view of Cesenatico.

The tour with big old boat was good also if sails didn’t open.

The sea was little rough and for this reason it was more great, also if  didn’t was as Faroe sea.

After only one hour we had to come back, because at the canal other group waits the boat.

My mum and I like to do another tour with second group, but it isn’t possible because there are against people.

Then mum decided to ask at the man of the small boat who followed we in first tour, if we can go with him.

He was happy to accept and we go with him, also if dad, like ever, was hesitant.

With this boat it’s more great and I funny a lot. More that big boat.

I lay down in front on boat (yes, this is my favorite location!) and I wet a lot because a big wave come inside. More I wet and more I funny!!!

It was an unforgettable morning,

you know why?

Because it was special and full of life!

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