Ontheroad: new section that will be posted during each trip.

ontheroad in morocco yasmina hotel

After a few exchanges of views with other bloggers in the comments to my post #nevadofiero, about to share or not ontheroad and during the trip, to stop some strong emotion, I decided to try it.

Ontheroad post

I decided, however, to keep these posts separate from the others that are designed and thinked, especially after strong travel experiences, like Nepal, where it’s easy to judge.

ontheroad in italy bassano del grappa

My posts need time, need computers and appropriate desk tools because I want to look after of them, as I always do, the choice of photos, beautiful photos from Nikon, not only from iphone or ipad. All things that during trip I never have time and opportunity to do.

How to write ontheroad post

So I’ve created this special section to make sure that the usual posts continue to convey the true emotion and not the emotion of writing’s time. Instead, this section will transmits the real emotions during I live it.

ontheroad in sri lanka markets

Were these and many other topics of comparison with other bloggers during #bloggerinbo, of which I’m apologize to haven’t still write. You can read here many good posts:

Monica. Alla ricerca di Shambala.

Francesca. Patatofriendly.

Giorgia. Priorità e passioni.

Annalisa. Guasti quotidiani.

So, in this section I will share one post for every trip or a large area of the journey that will be updated intermittently: every day, or when the connection will allow, or when something will happen to stop or interesting.

ontheroad in sri lanka dolphins and whale

First post ontheroad

I’ll start in a few days this new experiment: the next trip that I’m planning in last second, as always, will be something very interesting, the first part by car, in Europe and with little need to decant encounters with very different cultures, and then with a unusual transport that we’re going to discover for the first time.

Are you curious?

Stay tuned and follow me in the first #lillyontheroad!

I’m impatient to know what do you think!

ontheroad in denmark skagen


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